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  1. IT wasn’t a red herring. But The Thing was a red herring. So the seven could be IT. The scarlet fish could mean The Thing. The 80’s could be either Freddy or Stranger Things or both. Strange little girl though...
  2. “The seven” possibly yes
  3. Could 80’s be Stranger Things or Freddy? The seven is obviously IT.
  4. I tried no luck on Ebay or Amazon.
  5. It’s time to do so! It’s the right time. ICU redux.
  6. That would be interesting! Honestly, I see that more as a silver screams or all nite die in return attachment. Since Phantasm 1, 3, and 4 now are distributed by anchor bay and starz(although ash vs evil dead was able to be around). But Phantasm 1 and 2 would work better in an attachment with an all nite die in type of house.
  7. It’s sll over the place. Last year, real stuff like Get Out and Split did big numbers. Old school throwbacks like IT did huge. Saw & Conjuring franchises both did well domestic and international. Happy Death Day did solid numbers. So honestly I think it’s just concepts and what satisfies people’s cravings.
  8. Orlando version. Psycho: Through The Mind Of Norman Bates, NOES: Dreamwalkers, Psychoscarepy: Home For The Holidays, Screamhouse:Ressurection, Lunatic’s Playground 3D(Chance dude ), All Nite Die-In 2, Friday The 13th: Camp Blood, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2016, and AHS 1. Others: Dungeon Of Terror Retold, and Castle Vampyr. Other than that, ressurect B&T and bring another fun as hell show!
  9. If the Conjuring is rumoured, The Nun is now coming out in the fall.
  10. Damn Hollywood has already got their lineup already! Hopefully Florida, gets theirs soon. But if The Conjuring works at Hollywood hopefully orlando Can touch it, and even though I don’t care for Cult it works better as a scare zone than a house
  11. If they do NOES I hope they do it with the old school version. And bring it to the table. IPs are the real grabbers either way, originals I kinda wanna be surprised like I hope they do something that’s insanely crazy but at the same time do something that is appealing like ressurect something from last decade like Psychoscarepy, Vampyr, or Screamhouse. Or like I’ve said like a broken record, make some original stuff. Like do four appealing ones like do something that can bring in a group of people like Scarecrow(although personally I liked The Hive and The Fallen better). Just keep it well balanced like IPs are that big steak, and the originals are the sides.
  12. Damn I thought this was the one in Louisville, Kentucky
  13. Kings island unfortunately are a one and done on their houses.
  14. This place sounds amazing! I may need to make a big ass trip to Vegas!

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