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  1. I hope we can have this now!
  2. Inside Universal has had a shit ton of speculation lately. So... Bloody Mary is rumored for a comeback. The Lost Boys is rumored as a scare zone(a la Trick R’ Treat hopefully): Probably @Legacy will say these are false. these are just from what I read. So hopefully I’m catching up
  3. Bloody Mary is in public domain I heard now since that licensing was in effect till this year. It would be awesome if The Director helmed this year’s event, he’s an interesting icon.
  4. Maxmoser

    Bill & Ted will probably return in some shape or form in the future. Academy Of Villains is Universal’s big show for horror nights, people love it. The show will probably be moved somewhere. If not Universal has other options. Hell they can ressurect Robosaurus or even Brian Brushwood
  5. They still have the costumes from ‘98? Hot damn!
  6. Harry Potter is now a problem and it being a bigger... way bigger park than Universal. It won’t happen for a long long time(if it does). And for the past 13 years, IOA has completely changed both park and attendance wise. This isn’t the time when you had Dueling Dragons or any of that stuff anymore. Plus people would get all shitty about horror themed things coming to their part of the park(I’m talking to you Audrey Geisel), or copyright issues(Marvel being like wtf with Island Under Seige and Maximum Carnage). Since 2006, Universal has been a more fitting area to have Halloween Horror Nights. Yeah Amity isn’t there to fill the entire park anymore, and Harry Potter is just a random block of the park. But Universal is Horror Nights home.
  7. What’s the next original? Meaty Meatz? hr bloodengutz? Screamhouse, All Nite Die In, or Silver Screams for the 2010’s?
  8. Maxmoser

    This interesting and quite ballsy for Universal even for ‘03 standards. But even then and in today’s day and age people would get shitty and want to make a lawsuit or be sensitive,
  9. So for IPs: Confirmed: Stranger Things Trick r’ Treat Maybe: Halloween AHS:Cult No way in hell: NoES Alien The Thing The Lost Boys Unsure about IT.
  10. 9 houses? So what really happened? $$$ related probably.
  11. Maxmoser

    This one doesn’t surprise me at all. After it being the best Scare Zone of last year, and all the buzz surrounding it. This was a done set deal. The scare zone was really good last year! And hopefully the house ends up being the best of this year too! I need to check out the movie, if I can find for cheap on dvd.
  12. Hmm.... VHS house confirmed
  13. This thread is dead. Any more announcements coming soon @Legacy