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  1. Really good spec lineup! But hill house eh no.
  2. Movies IP: NOES is 35 next year, and Halloween 2018 movie house. original: sequel houses spec: horror nights video. The why we love horror nights there’s a jack tattoo mentioned so maybe he’s back for 29 maybe...
  3. Missed 2018. Due to an expected new family member, and drama. I need to do 2019 bad.
  4. So scarezones... with the New leaked map is everything supposed to be everywhere?
  5. AHS, and Alien/Predator have been to Orlando. X-Files has unofficially been to the event back in the House Of Horrors in 96/97 or so(from dr. Jimmy). Buffy/Angel have been to the Hollywood back in 2000. When they had the weirdest list of IPs such as Undertaker, House Of 1,000 Corpses, and Buffy/Angel.
  6. Is it the man In a box(jack in a sneak peek)?
  7. Maxmoser

    This is a kind of house that they would’ve made back in the 2000’s(2003-2006 era).
  8. Maxmoser

    Pumpkin guts has a haddonfield reference(the composer’s last name)
  9. Maxmoser

    Anybody get the Hall n’ Oates reference?
  10. Too me HHN Hollywood never looked interesting especially after seeing the videos from last year... wow what a down fall. Orlando to me has always had more to it(space, and creativity). And an overall change every year! That’s very smart as well. Only plus Hollywood is IPs, but do you want an IP or the exact same IP over and over? Of course not! orlando knows when to do the Freddys, Jasons, and Leatherface etc etc. And that’s not to overuse their welcome like what happened in Hollywood. do an IP once or twice, just don’t do like The Purge, Walking Dead, or even People Under The Stairs.
  11. That seems like a house.That scarezone last year was very good! But.. it’s time to do something original.
  12. Maxmoser

    I didn’t experience Vamp ‘55. But I’m really excited for this scare zone! This should be very very good!
  13. That leaked line up map was pretty damn cool!
  14. So schlocky horror picture show? Something like HR Bloodengutz? Or Silver screams/all Nite Die In? Since snacks could fall in some of those(in my opinion).