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happy bunny rabbit

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  1. happy bunny rabbit

    When’s the usual start on scarezone construction?
  2. happy bunny rabbit

    Yeah sounds like it could be Figure, too muddy to tell exactly which track though. I’d just check out his recent releases if you’re into that kind of shit, I’m a bit of an expert on dub tbh.
  3. happy bunny rabbit

    Well, to my knowledge, ToT wasn’t a surprise as much as it was a quick overlay after they lost The Conjuring, akin to Orlando’s The Hive.
  4. happy bunny rabbit

    Uhm...if the rumors are true...it could be bad.
  5. happy bunny rabbit

    Just because Stalin was insanely evil doesn’t make Hitler any less.
  6. happy bunny rabbit

    Ah, a fellow civilized NY zone fan.
  7. happy bunny rabbit

    Holidayz in Hell I believe it’s called.
  8. happy bunny rabbit

    Well, for example, last year most felt that Dead Waters was felt “too short,” and that was in...a soundstage. I see where you’re coming from, but location doesn’t affect a house nearly as much as you would think.
  9. happy bunny rabbit

    Pretty sure @Legacy said it’ll be in a sprung.
  10. happy bunny rabbit

    I was...ah...nevermind. So it was initially planned? What caused it to fall through?
  11. happy bunny rabbit

    No...like...Halloween 4...not that one. There’s always gonna be that one Walking Dead hater that ruins it for everyone.
  12. happy bunny rabbit

    Deserves more likes. Too bad 2017 killed this thread.
  13. happy bunny rabbit

    Akin to HoB + Insidious from last year?
  14. happy bunny rabbit

    Phew, thank god this was the one we didn't synergize with.
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonthompson/2018/07/12/the-first-purge-will-bring-anarchy-to-halloween-horror-nights/#7e1214976073