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    Movies (horror, war, comedy), driving, creative works like photoshop, sports (pool, cricket, badminton).
  1. There hasn't been much information on IMDB, some sources say it may be cancelled. What are your insights? Is is going to release in 2018 or later! Me too, there are many sequels and famous franchises' films including Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm street along with a Conjuring spin off The Nun. I believe 2018 may be among the finest year for the horror genre. What do you think on that!
  2. 2018 is going to be a great year for horror movies' fans because we will have sequels and films of cult franchises such as "A Nightmare of Elm Street", "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween". All these films in a single year, that is just "WoW". So, I have curated a list of 20 horror films releasing in 2018 that make a promise to the viewers. Before listing them, I went through all the elements in a film such concept, horror level and connection with prestigious franchises. Also, I gathered around 120 films from global cinema for our 2018 horror calendar. Most Promising 2018 Upcoming Horror Films A Quiet Place Deep Blue Sea 2 Firestarter God Particle Halloween Insidious: The Last Key Nosferatu Piranha JPN Suspiria The Grudge The House with a Clock in its Walls The Meg The Nun The Predator Truth or Dare Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built A Nightmare on Elm Street Dead Snow 3 Friday the 13th Part XIII Mama 2 One movie that has also impressed me is "Truth or Dare". There have been so many films on the same concept but the 2018's film is a Blumhouse production. So it is a enough reason to have high hopes from the film. Please do name a film that you have been waiting for! Catch the original article on my blog - http://www.filmyearth.com/horror-movies-2018/
  3. I have been so impressed with Halloween Horror Nights since this year. I just want to be a part of its live event. I hope they will come to India or I have resources to be at their place.
  4. Concept of the film is somewhere different, I like it. As it shows feelings and temperament of a kid, it makes me feel connected.
  5. Hmm, really nice work mate. I also edited an image in photoshop a year ago in my VFX class. It may not look scary but may be cool.
  6. Hello friends, I hope that there are some really fine scary discussions going on in this Horror section of the Forum. A few days ago I completed my article on 2017's Horror films and made it live on my Blog. I intended to create a fine source for the year's scary films. So, along with crating a Top list; I have also included the complete Horror films' list in the post. And, keep in mind that only those films that had horror as their base genre were housed in the list. You may guess some Top films of the year (IT and Annabelle), but here is the Top list: 10.Alien: Covenant 9. The Devil's Candy 8. The Girl with All the Gifts 7. Annabelle: Creation 6. Raw 5. The Belko Experiment 4. It Comes at Night 3. Split 2. Get Out 1. IT If there is any film that is missed then do mention it. Also, nobody minds to know about you favorites Here is the original article: http://www.filmyearth.com/horror-movies-2017/
  7. Seems interesting that you have started to talk about latest horror films.I too like watching scary and thriller films, will keep my eyes for new videos. Yes, Annabelle Creation is a film which has been shown quite effectively, however the plot isn't interesting. Would you mind to review "The Devil's Candy"? I found it among most impressive horror films of the year.
  8. Hmm, too hard to make a prediction.

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