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  1. There you have it! Napoleon Dynamite is the icon for this years HHN! But seriously I have faith that whatever is to come will be great. Just 6 long months to go for me....
  2. I’m quite happy to sit back and read the comments on this. It’s quite fun seeing people say things are definite for various reasons, when the reality is nothing has been said to support it either way. I think universal have a few wildcards up their sleeves, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s coming.
  3. Interesting. Sounds like somethings coming which no one has mentioned before, and maybe other “dead certs” were never coming in the first place. Hopefully a good suprise is on its way rather than something to really wind up the fans, but “getting some snacks” sounds like something is going to kick off to really divide the HHN community. As long as it’s not the walking dead lol
  4. It would, however I bet the poor scareactors will end up hating the song after it’s played on repeat each night over the whole season (maybe not on a constant loop, but maybe once every 30 mins)
  5. So going off last year Thursdays are announcement days. Do you think we will have announcements dropped randomly like last year, or we will get a heads up like for stranger things this year?
  6. This actually makes me think of Annabelle creation, and the demon that possesses the doll/girl. But with the whole conjuring fiasco I’d doubt they’d even go there
  7. Completely get where you’re both coming from, and agree it’s more fun to speculate and work things out rather than be told flat out “oh here’s what’s coming”. I know I am enjoying this approach much more than last year. Plus this speculation makes me want to investigate more horror films that get mentioned that perhaps I haven’t heard of, or got round to watching, or seen in a long time (for example rewatched the lost boys at the weekend just because of the chat on these forums). This is the kind of banter I like, which extends beyond the event. Only thing I’d say is that for guests travelling from further afar, knowing at least 2/3 of the main IPs coming helps in committing to go or not. For me I know I probably can’t afford or justify going next year, but it would only take 2/3 big must see IPs for me to start thinking about making it work. But that’s not for you guys to divulge. More a point for Universal as they continue to market the event to a more worldwide audience.
  8. It’s more interesting to have actual speculation of what’s coming this year. Last year the list was leaked ridiculously early which meant we were just waiting for announcements to confirm what we already knew (which I think added to the frustration). With even those “in the know” seemingly being slightly wrong footed this year makes things much more exciting. Was it like this in years past?
  9. I went on the unmasking the horror tour and the guide explained each of the cells and the guy in the electric chair really well. None of that was in the final cut of the film, which was such a shame.
  10. Finally saw Insidious The Last Key. Very disappointed. I feel like a big chunk of the second half of the film is missing which would have explained and tied it all together better. HHN nailed opening sequence to a T. Shame the rest of the maze never made the movie
  11. Yes. It’s a Halloween event. But I think having an 80’s throwback year doesn’t mean it needs to compromise on quality or scares. If anything I think I will enhance it. Not every house needs to be intense. That would be dull. The reason scarecrow did so well is there were a few milder houses that counteracted the intensity of scarecrow. You need balance in an event like this. Like my fave movie quote “without the bitter, the sweet ain’t so sweet”. Blinky cup drink for the first person to say which film that’s from (if you’re in Orlando the same time as me haha) Mind I’d wet myself laughing if halfway through a maze the lights came on and Rick Ashley “never gonna give you up” came on, and you had to sing for your life
  12. Maybe not an icon. Maybe a 10th upcharge house like the repository?
  13. This is awesome. I hoped for a Vamp ‘87 scarezone and looks like we are getting the lost boys house instead. Brilliant. Rereading the ifrits clue on changes I’m starting to think this also relates to the lost boys. Mercurial and volatile can be a description of a vampires personality. The “game” being humans, needing to be agile to evade them. The last two lines then could refer to the beginning of the film, where things are a little off and trying to understand why (what’s changed). Any excuse to hope that IT still makes the cut!
  14. The only way IT would be a Hollywood exclusive is if Orlando got something equally good or better. But in 2018 what IP could match or better the current popularity of IT (other than stranger things obviously)? i said before I’d be surprised if they did both stranger things and IT in the same year, but I’m now coming round to the idea. Just got to believe!