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  1. Soon...... sorry couldnt resist!
  2. I think the recent spate of budget attractions is primarily due to wanting to keep cash to expand and build the new park. For example, from what I understand the area for F&F is huge, yet mostly under-utilised. This suggests either poor planning, or the original idea which was green lit was scaled back so much that they had no option but to make the carbon copy of Hollywood’s version to meet the deadline. Also it sounds more and more likely that nintendoland isnt coming to universal studios at all. It would, however, slot right in as a land in a new park. The Mangement are therefore left in a dilemma. Either stop building new rides altogether, and be accused of having no ideas and becoming stale while the new park is being developed behind closed doors (and lose attendance). Or, build something each year to keep people talking about the parks and want to come back more often. People forget that this is a business. It is there to make money. Why build a $1bn state of the art attraction which brings additional revenue of $100m per year, when you can build a $300m average attraction which brings $50m additional revenue per year? Yes it’s not the best for us as fans and the end consumer, but business wise it makes sense. To Management money talks, and by spending less on new attractions now they can invest more heavily into the new park. Not or saying I agree or disagree with the strategy, just that I understand the commercial rationale behind it.
  3. Drummanmatt

    Got plans sorted now! Waiting on exchange rate picking up again before booking tours but plans are: 10/28: drummanmatt (+0) S/D + RIP (TBD) 10/31: drummanmatt (+0) S/D + UTH (AM/PM TBD) 11/1: drummanmatt (+0) S/D 11/2: drummanmatt (+0) S/D 11/3: drummanmatt (+0) S/D
  4. @hunnylvr was great meeting you too and being able to chat about HHN properly with someone in London haha. And yes, think I’ve just about got the new itinerary sorted so will definitely meet up at HHN. Maybe see you on Halloween?
  5. Is it too much to hope for one a week? Not long to go now, and 6 houses still to be announced!
  6. I’m just going to leave this here. Hope you don’t get offended by bad language. It’s coming home. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2GISeunHzDA
  7. He’s a little sh!t all right!
  8. Just realised I never replied to this (how rude of me!). Not a fan of morrissey. He is a self righteous bigot who loves to think he is better than everyone else. Having said that how soon is now is a masterpiece. Fantastic song.
  9. I love Chucky. Grew up watching those films and never had the chance to see him at previous events. Killer Klowns will be fun too and sounds like the foam party is indeed happening!
  10. Drummanmatt

    Scratch my plans - looking like I’m now going back end of October rather than front end (assuming I can change flights etc.)
  11. Drummanmatt

    Thanks @zombieman! At the moment plans are: maybe 10/4 (depending on jet lag): drummanmatt (0) S/D 10/7: drummanmatt (0) S/D 10/10: drummanmatt (0) S/D + UTH (AM/PM) 10/11: drummanmatt (0) D 10/14: drummanmatt (0) S/D Also up for RIP tour if anyone fancies it?
  12. Damn that’s the day I fly in. But if anyone else wants to do an RIP tour or unmasking the horror tour with me while I’m there (or even just hang out one night) let me know
  13. Weren’t we supposed to get Ouija last year, only for Hasbro to step in very late in the day and say no? They own the rights to the board game Ouija, and I think that’s why the announcement for HoB was so late and rushed. It’s a shame because although the films aren’t great, I think it could’ve worked well in HoB. Better than the purge at least! I’m still hopeful for a Conjuring universe house, but with all the legal issues surrounding those properties I doubt it would ever come.
  14. Drummanmatt

    I LOVE this house! Even the team at work love this house (and they all hate horror!). Can’t wait to go through this multiple times
  15. Haha I didn’t forget. Generally around I think so just let me know a time and place