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  1. Yes to drag me to hell! Love that film so much. Annual Halloween tradition for me. Please bring it for HHN!
  2. That was the original plan yes, but they quickly realised that little Timmy might be too traumatised by Alien and the complaints would pour in very quickly. Plus Alien in the same park as fantasy land was too much for management. They then then went down the more comedic/original route which worked wonderfully. But even with all the warnings outside and constant reminders to parents that maybe little Timmy should sit this one out, they still took kids in and still complained about it. That’s one of the main reasons it was replaced by Stitch, and the less said about that garbage the better. Oh and think I did Alien Encounter when I was 7, and loved it. It was scary and creepy, but quite funny too. My cousins on the other hand (both slightly older) did not love it as much, but look back now and laugh about it. I’d love to do it again one more time. I miss Skippy!
  3. Speaking of Disney and horror, I really wish they or someone else would bring back alien encounter (or something similar). One of my all time fave attractions, and so many great memories of my cousins and Auntie screaming to “turn the bloody lights on!”. It was a dark dark day when stitch was put in, and quickly removed.
  4. I think drag me to hell, if done right, would make an awesome house. Great mix of scares, comedy, gore and gross scenes. Or, even better, how about an original take on the film where you the guest are cursed by the gypsy woman at the beginning? Then the maze would be you being attacked by the Lamia, and everything that comes with it. And at the end you get “dragged to hell”. I think that actually may work better as there’s a lot more freedom over what you can do and the story you want to tell.
  5. Agreed. Think it’ll be saved for 30. I heard some funky rumours that Hellraiser may finally be coming for 29. There’s a tenuous link to “prove” it but has anyone else heard this? More than the annual “it’s coming” rumours I mean.
  6. I doubt they’d do Scarecrow 2 or Hive 2, even though they were trailers before Slaughter Sinema. However, if they get a decent enough story and it made sense to bring back then anything’s possible. I really enjoyed both of these at HHN27 so if they were to come back I wouldn’t complain. I think Slaughter Sinema 2 would be on the cards at some point, but maybe in a few years time rather than next year. Again really enjoyed the original and would love to see a follow up.
  7. My other take from early rumours is if they are already talking about 12 houses then there is no budget for sit down shows. Bye bye academy of villains. Shame as I thought their show last year was brill. Guessing it wasn’t the people eater it needed to be
  8. My feeling on the comments that 29 will carry the same feel as 28 is that it will continue to be fun. I really enjoyed just how fun the scare zones were, and was more of a party atmosphere. A lot of the houses had fun elements in. Not sacrificing the scares, but adding more humour and more of a party feel to scare zones. I don’t think there was any deeper meaning to those comments.
  9. As you can probably tell from my avatar (the Llamia) I’d LOVE them to do drag me to hell. It’s my go to Halloween film. It’s fun, scary, gory, and I think a great fit for HHN. They’ve done Sam Rami stuff before, so don’t see why they wouldn’t want to revisit his other works
  10. Drummanmatt

    Let’s get straight into this in my ranking order: 1. Poltergeist. Gorgeous house, good scares, but fun. Could do this house hundreds of times and never tire of it. 2. Scary Tales - is it wrong the Hansel and Gretal scene always makes me want a cinnamon roll?!?! So inventive, fun, and the three little pigs get me every time 3. Slaughter Sinema - again fun and inventive. Love the midnight swarming monsters and the swamp yeti is fun to interact with. Shitties Kids camera gets me every time without fail 4. Seeds of extinction - last of us in walkthrough form. Creepy, terrifying, and still love the willow stilt walker scare! 5. Carnival graveyard - gorgeous set, fun yet big jump scares. The clown is my fave here. Great interactions and genuinely scary 6. Stranger Things - very true to the series but wilted in a strong field this year 7. Trick r Treat - beautiful sets but not that scary or memorable 8. Dead Exposure - not scary. Just disorientating. Spent more time trying to work out where I needed to go than enjoying the house 9. Halloween 4 - Michael Myers is fun but not scary at all. Good interactions though 10. Blumhouse - poor. Boring. Disappointing. Only blot on this year
  11. I imagine a sneak peek, or some other kind of marketing ploy. Maybe even a first look at the demogorgon?
  12. I hope it’s the shared announcement. Get that out the way sooner rather than later
  13. Couldn’t agree more. It was awful. They literally went from “wtf are you messing around? This is a joke” to “omg I’m gonna die!” In record time haha. I had to switch it off halfway through. Couldn’t face watching the rest of it.
  14. Drummanmatt

    Can’t wait to see how they pull this off. It’s one of my fave horror films!
  15. Drummanmatt

    I think this one will be very surprising and the dark horse of the event. Can’t wait to give it a go!