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  1. i imagine for the thing it will be like this facade - outpost 31 scene 1 - dog kennel scene 2 - Bennings thing [ transition into the burning norwegian outpost ] scene 3 - ice block alien scene scene 4 - split face body outside scene 5 - norris thing scene 6 - palmer thing scene 7 - garry´s death scene 8 - blair thing
  2. you're all be laughing but this will probably happen lol
  3. since it's going to be 7 months before hhn opens how about we have fun, try and write a fan maze treatment to one of the leaked houses, don't worry you can make it short.
  4. since it's going to be 7 months before hhn opens how about we have fun, try and write a fan maze treatment to one of the leaked houses, don't worry you can make it short.
  5. but when there are many people confirming that same source then yeah people will believe it
  6. quick question, if there really is a h.p lovecraft maze HOW IN GODS NAME ARE THEY GONNA DO CTHULHU, he's 1,000 feet, just how. [but i do hope we get a fly maze, my all time favorite body horror film]
  7. the saw maze in 2017 i honestly liked, captured the feel of the movie well.
  8. if we get the flute lady in the house then the house will be a 10 in the scary level
  9. it would be amazing in the thing house they had a dummy in the facade [ like the priest in the exorcist ] recreating this scene
  10. since there's a hhn Hollywood thread like this http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/forums/topic/4725-hhnh-fan-concepts-creations-mazes-scarezones-terror-trams-and-more/ i thought why not make a orlando version, post your Orlando house, scarezone, or other ideas here.
  11. im thinking of making a creepypasta themed haunted house, will post a more detailed description tomorrow but here's the outline facade - multiple internet posts forming the word creepypasta. scene 1 - a forest room with creatures like the rake, goatman, and the slenderman. scene 2 - a arcade room with polybius and a mind controlled person. scene 3 - a noend house room based off room 5. scene 4 - a normal porn for normal people room with a chimp eating a woman, this will be a distraction as a man with a chicken mask will scare you. scene 5 - a room with it's only light being a camera flash, a animatronic smile dog will scare people. scene 6 - a test chamber featuring the Russian sleep experiment patients. scene 7 - a lost episode room with multiple TV's with disturbing images playing, mr bear [ from 1999] will scare people into the other room. scene 8 - a room covered with multiple 4chan or internet posts, multiple characters from other rooms will jump out from behind the wall.
  12. so what are your guys idea for a creepypasta haunted house?
  13. the ones i want to see are polybius, arkham, hit because i love the deep web. and of course killer clowns
  14. sorry for reviving this thread but since the saw houses in 2017 was out were the traps done the same way or were they done differently? and was there any traps 09 did but 17 didn't?
  15. murdy actually said this in a old archived page right here about the thing https://web.archive.org/web/20110131173608/http://www.themeparkadventure.com:80/murdy09.htm ' The Thing has amazing creature effects throughout it - that would be extremely hard and frankly, very expensive to replicate for a maze. That is the biggest idea killer as far as The Thing goes. The creatures used in the film only had to work and hold up for a couple of shots as the camera caught them on film forever. At HHN, props have to be built to work over and over again without fail; thousands of times. That poses a very real issue when design teams ponder what can and cannot be feasible and realistic from their end. To do The Thing the way Murdy would want it done would come with substantial cost to Universal. And while Murdy acknowledges that their sister park in Orlando did do a Thing maze, it is clear that the way he would want it done here in California - isn't practical at this point in time. '

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