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  1. after seeing overlord, i think it can make a awesome maze imo. they can reuse tons of nightingales sets, and there are tons of scenes they can use. [head on the desk,the attic mutation, zombie doc, etc etc]
  2. I just want channel zero and hellraiser this year.
  3. themazethinker

    Dude, no need to overreact.
  4. themazethinker

  5. was there any ideas that were gonna be put into the zones but were scrapped?
  6. here's how i think st2 would be for a house facade [arcade where it'll switch from normal to upside down] scene 1 [ town area where a mind flayer projection will be there as a distressed "will" in ghostbusters outfit will be staring at it] scene 2 [ room in fog where it simulates us being possessed by the mind flayer. a possessed "will" will scare us] scene 3 [ dustin's bedroom where the demo-cat dart will scare.it will sorta be like the facehugger puppets in avp.] scene 4 [ junkyard with steve with his spiked bat, demo-dogs will come out for scares] scene 5 [ pumpkin patch with rotting pumpkins. "will" will be there on the floor writhing, a hazmat guy will come for a scare] scene 6 [ tunnels where a hopper will be inside the floor covered in vines. multiple water effects will be in the walls] scene 7 [ tunnels again but agents will come out but get dragged away by demo-dogs. a animatronic demo-dog will come out at the end] scene 8 [ lab hallway with demo-dogs eating scientists in a eleavator] scene 9 [ boiler room with air being sprayed at us from pipe. demo-dog will pop out again] scene 10 [ lab hallway where bob will sneak out of the closet. a audio trigger of a mop falling will play as a demo-dog will attack us] scene 11 [ bob's death as multiple demo-dogs eat him alive. it will sorta be like noah's death scene in the walking dead 2015 haunt. hopper will pop out with a gun trying to shoot them off] scene 12 [ shed scene where "will" will be strapped down on the chair telling us to let him go in a demonic voice] scene 13 [ byer's living room with all the drawings. a demo-dog will be thrown at the window by eleven.] scene 14 [ hopper's cabin with "wills" exorcism. he will be there trying to strangle joyce, nancy will come out with a fire poker] scene 15 [ the gate where eleven is there trying to close it. a giant animatronic mind flayer hand will pop out of the hole as multiple demo-dogs will come out from the wall] scene 16 [ school facade where a giant mind flayer will be above. a demo-dog will come out for a final scare]
  7. i wouldn't mind blumhouse of horrors 3, but with lesser known movies [upgrade, belko experiment, and creep]. i can go into further detail if you guys are confused how these can translate into 4-6 rooms in a house.
  8. what about the not one-but TWO it haunted houses in 2017 for a mini haunt, and in 2018 for wb horror made here
  9. here's my speculation list strangers things 2 [it's a given] happy death day 2u pet sematary [ let me explain, it's not fox or wb, stephen king let 2 it houses happen already, so if we can't get it, this is our second option] killer klowns from outer space haunting of hill house the thing zombieland [ second movie is coming out this year, and we kinda did something similar with zombigeddon, so i won't be that surprised if we have a house themed to the first movie] wishful thinking crypt tv maze overlord [ trailer is very promising, has tons of nightingales vibes, but have to wait until the movie comes out] donnie darko [ after seeing this awesome haunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZqkD1OttAY i think it could happen, it's a cult classic and it can get some indie fans in]
  10. themazethinker

    it let the scarecrow actors in the room scare people [if im correct].
  11. themazethinker

    cabin in the woods [purge button] and the saw house in 2017 had gats. so it's the third time actually.
  12. themazethinker

  13. themazethinker

    so were there any cool facts they said in the tour?
  14. themazethinker

    fun fact - this is the first time the f world is used in a house. it's in the unfriended projected into. "alright..let's stop f###ing around hands up, who's doing this?"