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  1. themazethinker

    i always want to see a terror tram themed to cryptids and urban legends. have the backseat murderer and the hook man in the psycho area, bigfoot and the jersey devil in the trail, escaped aliens from area 51 in wotw, kidney theifs in the indoor maze, stuff like that basically.
  2. i'll kill for a actually planned ucm maze in a soundstage. you can have the ones you expect (dracula, frankenstein, wolfman, etc etc), but you can have some lesser known ones to (the man who laughs, werewolf of london, the mole-people, dr jekyll and mr hyde).
  3. and for the wolfman, you can have a room of the guard dogs mauling a guard to bits.
  4. themazethinker

    here's a small update on what im doing guys, im doing a haunt based off a property that i think NO ONE would want to see at hhn. that property is five nights at freddy's. yes i know about the fandom, but besides that the games have tons of potential. the haunt im doing is themed to fnaf 1-3, 4-6 would be a sperate house. a room lineup is below, if you guys have any other rooms to suggest feel free to. fnaf 1 facade - freddy fazbear pizzeria scene 1 - main stage (no scares) scene 2 - dining hall (bonnie or chica as scare) scene 3 - backstage (bonnie and stuffed suit on table as scare) scene 4 - pirate cove (foxy as scare) scene 5 - west hall (bonnie would pop out from the supply closet, golden freddy would pop out from a poster) scene 6 - office (power outage would occur, as freddy would scare) scene 7 - give cake to the children (william afton as scare) fnaf 2 facade 2 - new and improved freddy fazbear pizza scene 8 - game area (toy freddy as scare) scene 9 - prize corner (marionette would pop out of her box to scare) scene 10 - kids cove (mangle as scare) scene 11 - parts and service (withered freddy and bonnie as scare) scene 12 - party room (toy bonnie or chica as scare) scene 13 - office (balloon boy would be seen laughing, withered foxy as scare) scene 14 - give gifts, give life (withered golden freddy as scare) fnaf 3 facade 3 - fazbears fright scene 15 - CAM 08 (springtrap as scare) scene 16 - CAM 10 (phantom bb as scare) scene 17 - CAM 07 (phantom chica would pop out of a arcade cabnet) scene 18 - CAM 01 (phantom freddy would scare from it's dummy) scene 19 - CAM 04 (phantom mangle as scare) scene 20 - office (springtrap as scare) scene 21 - purple guy's death (the writhing body of purple guy as distraction, ghost kids as scares) scene 22 - burning fazbears fright (every character from before as scares) scene 23 - happiest day (the room is filled with the masked children, there would be no scares)
  5. themazethinker

    ....holy shit man, that was awesome. this is something i didn't expect as a house, but damn man, you did it well.
  6. probably won´t happen, but the child's play remake trailer came out
  7. themazethinker

    ravens halloween haven, his thread was deleted but his flickr is still there. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ravenshalloweenhavenportfolio/
  8. Outpost 31. As you wait in line, you are hit by cold air, and you notice that it’s actually snowing. You notice a large base covered in snow, multiple sno-cats are seen outside, unused for a couple of days. There’s a shack several feet away from the base. A partially burnt helicopter is seen, besides it is a charred body. Several feet ahead of the helicopter, is the body of a norwegian, his eye caked with blood from a gunshot. Instead of entering through the outpost, you actually move besides it, and traverse into the cold outside. Dialogue “You see, what we're talkin' about here is an organism that imitates other life-forms, and it imitates 'em perfectly. When this thing attacked our dogs it tried to digest them... absorb them, and in the process shape its own cells to imitate them. This for instance. That's not dog. It's imitation. We got to it before it had time to finish.” Blair “ I'm gonna hide this tape when I'm finished. If none of us make it, at least there'll be some kind of record. The storm's been hitting us hard now for 48 hours. We still have nothing to go on. One other thing: I think it rips through your clothes when it takes you over. Windows found some shredded long johns, but the name tag was missing. They could be anybody's. Nobody... nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very tired. Nothing else I can do, just wait... R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost number 31.” R.J Macready Norwegian Station. As you traverse through the cold (multiple wind effects), you see a burning outpost in the distance. it looks similar to the outpost before, but smoke is seen brewing from above. As you pass by the building, you see a giant hole in the wall. In front of the hole is a grotesque mashup of human body parts, it’s face fused together in a scream. Smoke (fog) is still coming out from it, showing that it was recently burned. Multiple kerosene cans are right next to it. You exit the room through a landed helicopter, you enter into it as you are transported into… Dialogue “What is that? Is that a man in there or something?” Copper The Dog Kennel. ...a small wooden hallway. Multiple barrels are seen lining the walls. A loud fire alarm is heard blaring throughout the hallway. As you get closer to the kennel, you hear multiple dogs barking, dogs whining, and a strange screech. You pass by the gate, and you notice multiple bits of it are bitten off. On the walls, is a strange fluid over a wall, it seems to be bubbling almost. As you enter into the kennel, you see a disturbing sight. In the center of the room, is a strange mass of dog parts fused together. Multiple tentacles are seen on the walls and floor, all coming out from it, It’s skinless dog head snarls and roars at you (massive animatronic). As this would distract you, Child's would come out from behind the fence with a flamethrower, and try to torch the thing (hot warm air). You exit the room through a torn hole through the wall. Storage Room. You enter into a medium sized storage room. There’s shelving stocked with extra fire extinguishers, non-perishables, unlabeled boxes, paint cans, and cleaning supplies. A weak overhead lamp would occasionally flicker. On the floor, is a key labeled “Blood supply safe, only use for emergency medical use.” a chair is right next to a shelf, a torn bloodied shirt on it. In the center of the room is a table, a large cloth is covering something. Multiple tentacles are seen flowing out from it. These tentacles are seen covering a skinless Bennings, he is seen violently twitching in pain (animatronic). As you walk past the writhing body, a grotesque hand comes out from underneath the cloth and try to grab you. You run towards to the door outside. Outside. You enter back outside, and are again blasted with cold air. The same fire alarm from before is heard again. You look down, and notice a pair of bloody footprints..leading towards Bennings on his knees, clutching his chest. As you walk past him, he notices you. He turns his head towards you, and you see his hands...if you can call them hands. The hands have no skin on them, and a hand is seen growing from the back of each hand. He opens his mouth, and releases an awful scream that sounds like it’s from the depths of hell. You go back into the outpost. Dialogue (audio trigger for the Bennings scare) “It isn’t Bennings” R.J Macready Radio Room. You enter into a small hallway, and you can hear blair yelling from the other side. You enter into the radio room, and you notice most of the equipment has been destroyed, or thrown to the floor. Near a table is Windows huddled in a corner, his face bloodied from being hit by the back of a axe. The radio transmissions are now static, as wires flicker and sputter (lighting effects), and smoke (fog) pours out. Blair is seen standing in the middle of the room, destroying most of the equipment with a axe. He is heard saying how the thing must be destroyed, and that it could be anyone. He’ll sometimes try to swing the axe at you, thinking you’re a imitation. You quickly go towards back outside. Dialogue “D'ya think that thing wanted to be an animal?! No dogs make it a thousand miles through the cold! No, you don't understand! That thing wanted to be US! If a cell gets out, it could imitate everything on the FACE OF THE EARTH! AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT!” Blair The Body. You continue walking through the snow, and you notice the burnt corpse of fuchs. The skin is barely even hanging on, and his bloodied glasses are next to him. Luckily, you only see some of the corpse, as most of it is buried in snow. As you walk past the body, he’ll reach his hand towards you and release a death rattle. Taken by surprise, you quickly go towards back into the outpost. Storage Room. You enter into another storage room, it’s design similar to before. A window in the room’s been broken, glass is all over the floor as you walk on it. Between 2 shelves, Macready would come out, his face caked with snow and ice. On one hand, he has a stick of dynamite, the other hand has a flair (light). He’ll threaten us to back off, as we move to the next room Dialogue “Anybody messes with me, and the whole place goes” R.J Macready Med-Lab. As you exit out of the previous room, you enter into a small hallway. From another door, you hear a defibrillator going on. You then hear “Clear!” from copper, then you hear screaming and a deep roar. You enter into the med-lab. On the floor is Copper, his hands torn below the arm, his face still screaming in death. On the table is the body of Norris, his chest split open. Coming out of the chest, is a slimy tentacle with hands and feet sticking out of it. A disfigured face of Norris is on top of the tentacle, roaring at you (animatronic) . Norris head is missing, instead leaving just a puddle of green slime and muscle tissue. As this would distract guests, Macready would come with a flamethrower and blast the flames at the beast (hot warm air). As you enter into the next room, Norris head would pop out from under a desk, with spider legs and eyes sprouting out of it (pulley animatronic) . It will spray spit at you (water), as you leave. Rec Room. You enter into the rec room, and it’s pure chaos. The setting of the room is surprisingly normal, there’s a ping pong table, a space invader arcade cabinet, and a small bar. The light bulb above is shattered, so is a lamp now on the floor. There’s a table in the middle of the room, with multiple petri dishes of blood. One petri dish has fallen, and you can see the blood slithering around (projection). On a chair is Nauls, Child's, and Garry. Right next to Garry, is torn piece of rope and pieces of blood and flesh. Nauls, Childs, and Garry are both begging to be cut lose, saying they aren’t imitations. As this would distract you, the Palmer-thing would burst out of a wall (door hidden in wall), and he’ll rush at you. The finger bloodied and long, and his head split open (costume). All the while chomping down on Windows head, as he swings his body around like a rag doll (basically, the arms of the costume are fake, while the actors actual arms are actually window’s “legs”). You rush toward the next room. Shed Basement Hallway. As you enter into this small hallway, you see multiple crates lining the walls. As you are walking, you hear a struggle going on behind a crate. As you walk past two crates, you see the Blair imitation shoving his full hand into Garry’s mouth. The sound of the skin stretching, and the muffled screams fill the air. The Blair imitation would notice you, and try to attack you with a transforming hand (bladders). You go towards the next room. Generator Room. As you enter into this last room, you immediately hear a loud roar. The first thing you see on your left, is the ground pushing itself open (projection). As you turn a corner, you see the massive 15 foot tall Blair-thing (animatronic). Multiple limbs are growing out of it, the right side of the head has a massive jaw with fangs, and a canine like abomination coming out of it’s chest. It towers over you, as it roars through it’s distorted jaw. As this distracts guests, Macready would come out and scream a obscenity at it. He throws a stick of dynamite at it (fake throw) and ducks for cover. You exit the room as you hear a loud explosion as strobe lights go off. The thing theme plays as you exit.
  9. the main reason why there´s so many black walls is budget, but not the way you think. see, Murdy wants to do certain scenes for a maze, he puts it into the treatment, and they start building the layout of the room. then they realize, they don´t have the budget for the main effect. so what do they do? well they just paint the walls black, and add a box scare. remember, Murdy doesn't want to do just black walls, but sometimes he ¨overthinks¨ himself.
  10. this is a idea i'v been working on since december of 2018, so i hope you guys like it. Facade. As you enter into the soundstage, you see a massive 130 foot tall building. Parked next to the front door are several military jeeps with strange chatter coming from it’s jammer on top. Near one window you see a light turn on, a shadow walks by, than the light turns off. On the front door step is Father Martin, he has a small gopro in hand. As you pass him he hands it to you, calling you his “apostle”, and to “guard your life. as you have a calling”, as he hands you the gopro. (the gopro records guests experience in the maze, after guests exit the maze you can watch the footage they recorded). On each side of the buildings are gates. The one on the right is locked, but the one on the left has it’s gate open, and it has a small tear on the bottom, like it was peeled away. You enter through the left gate. You pass by a small construction area on a window and enter the house from a ramp, to a gray metal door. Room A-218. You enter inside, and it seems to be a lobby. Multiple office chairs are across the room and a flat screen television is posted on the wall. Multiple windows are boarded up in a rush, with several nails on the ground from the boards. There are also several carpet tears here and there. As you exit the room the television comes on to static, as it emits a ear piercing shriek. Library. As you enter into the next room, you notice the room is actually tinted green. But this room isn’t a pretty sight, bodies are everywhere, and i mean everywhere. Multiple are hung up with their heads ripped off, and the heads are put in the shelf's with the spinal cord still attached to them. A Guard is seen in the middle of the room impaled, he then reaches out to you, as he tries to warn us. “They killed us. They got out,The Variants. You can’t fight them…have to hide.….can unlock the main doors from Security Control.You have to get the fuck out of this terrible place.” he goes limp. As you are distracted by this, from behind a body is thrown at you by something (pulley on a dummy, stops mere inches away from guests) , as you dash to the exit. Admin Block. As you exit through the library door, you enter into a small hallway. There are several overturned bookcases and cabinets as self made barricades. What used to be a barricaded bookshelf is torn off and is now laying on the ground. Next to it is a large 6 foot hole in the glass window, forming a human shape with his arms out. As you are distracted by this, you hear a raspy voice from your right. “Little pig.”. The door on the right than tears open (boohole in door) as Chris Walker comes out roaring at you. You run through the destroyed barricade and enter the door through your right. Left Hall. As you exit from the door, you enter into another hallway. It seems to be bare besides a table with some toilet paper on it and a...wheelchair..with a Variant in it. He seems to be oddly twitching randomly. As you pass by him, he suddenly tries to jump out towards you. He screams at you “GET THEM OUT, PLEASE! THE DOCTOR IS DEAD! RIP THEM CLEAN,YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!”. you dash towards the exit as you enter into a door with a sign labeled “security control”. Security Control. As you enter into the door, you notice a writing in blood on the wall saying “THEY LIE”. next to it is the dead body of a Security Guard with his head caved in. there’s multiple security monitors in the center of the room, on the table is a small bloody needle. There are two lockers in the room, inside one is what seems to be a Man inside it, heavily breathing with his camera out. Suddenly the door starts to shake, as something is trying to get in. you exit the room by a large hole in the wall. Basement. As you exit through the hole in the wall, you see that the room is again tinted in green. In the center of the room is a platform with a generator on it, next to it are two wooden doors, and in the back is another door. As you walk past one of the door you see the knob start to jiggle. Suddenly the door opens revealing a Variant with the leg of a table as a weapon. He notices you and starts to run towards you, you exit the room through a door.. Block B. ..and enter into a giant prison like room. Cell doors line the walls as various Variants wander about. A Variant wanders around, walks towards a wall, and proceeds trying to bash his head into the wall (mask and actor mimics with sound effects). Multiple Variants pound against the windows on the doors. One of the doors however is opened, inside is a cell with a hole in the wall. You fit your way through it. The Showers. As you exit out of the hole in the wall, you see on your left is a fenced off area, and on your right are several open windows. As you walk through the room, a Twin will pop out from the shadows and try to slash at you (mid section to bottom of the costume will be in black). You dash to the exit as you see a security room in the distance. Fourth Airlock. You then enter into another security room. A guard is slumped over dead with his head beaten in. small pieces of bone marrow are on the table, in front of the table is a huge window (projection). Suddenly green gas spreads through the window room, as Chris Walker walks in. he spots you and tries to pound on the glass, small web like cracks are forming on the glass. You exit the room through a door before he fully breaks through. Showers. As you dash out of the door, you see that you’re in a small room coated with blood. A message written in blood is on the wall saying “WALRIDER”. On the ground is a large pool of blood, and there’s a blood line down a ramp, like a body was carried there. You head down the ramp to a dark path. Sewers You than see a light in the middle of the room, showing you it appears to be a sewer. There’s a map on the left showing that you are indeed in the sewers, and now you notice the scent of feces. Multiple crates are stacked in the middle of the room, There’s a opening on the right. Behind the stacked crates, Chris Walker comes out and tries to grab your neck. You go towards to the opening on the right and exit through another ramp going up. You spot a small door with “HELP” written on it, you enter into it. The Lure. You then see a Guard tied down in a chair with his fingers and tongue removed, he starts screaming and babbling. He then starts speaking coherently, “WANT MEAT, WANT MEAT, MEAT!”. The door to your right starts to shake as two Variants try and get in, wood splinters outwards towards you (air). You see a door right next to the tied up Guard and you dash towards it. Kitchen Storage. As you run out of the door, you see tons of pots and pans on counters, and multiple meat lockers. You see a opened up vent hatch on the ground and a small intercom next to it. The intercom turns on with a voice, “Who’s down there, you’re not one of them are you? Quick, get in the vent if you want to live”. You crouch slightly and enter to the vent. You exit out of it and you see a full on kitchen area, and Trager right next to your left with scissors. “You made the right choice here buddy.” as he chases you out of the room. Medical Examination. You than enter into a bathroom, and it’s a mess. Multiple blood stains are left in the room, some fresh while some have dried. A wheelchair is in the center of the room, at the bottom of the chair is a pointer finger and ring finger. A large vomit stain is right next to the sink. Everything seems quiet besides the occasional dripping sound…”BUDDY!”, Trager lunges at you from a destroyed stall and swipes at you with large scissors as you go to the next room. Locker Room. As you go to the next room, you see multiple lockers line across the rooms, a locker door is open with a body of an dismembered variant inside. You pass by multiple bathroom stalls, suddenly large scissors puncture through one of the doors (puppetered by a backstage person). “LET ME….SELL YOU...the dream”. You go towards the next room just in time. The Cafeteria. As you enter into the room, you are instantly hit by the smell of smoke. Through the smoke (fog), you recognize a cafeteria, well what’s left of a cafeteria. All around the room are flames (UV lights and projections), some parts of the ceiling have fallen. After a few seconds, sprinklers come on extinguishing the flames (small spray from ceiling, UV lights and projections turn off). As you exit the room, The Pyro pops out from above some tables and tries to grab at you. Shed Hallway. You then enter into another tinted green room, it seems to be a small hallway. There is a hole in the ceiling, letting small rain droplets to fall on you. Their is a body of the Variant on the floor..well what used to be a Variant. The body is all over the room, pieces of organs and intestines are sticking on the walls. You suddenly hear a banshee like screech echoing through the room, than out from the ground comes the Walrider as he starts to crawl towards you (hole in ground where the actor would come out from). You then dash back into the open door on your left. The Basement. You then enter into a small room, again tinted green. In the left side of the room is a Variant their with his back turned, occasionally twitching. Near next to him is a body of an Guard with his head bashed in, it barely even looks like a head anymore. You cautiously go to the next room away from him. The Cafeteria. As you enter into the room, it’s tinted green again and you can make out the room, it’s a cafeteria, the night vision then goes off. Distant footsteps are then heard coming from all over the room, the night vision comes back on and you see Variants surrounding you, and they can see you to. You dash towards the exit before they can attack. The Cinema. You enter the room through a tear in a screen. There are multiple tables and wheelchairs strewn about, the room most likely was a “viewing” room. Suddenly, a projector comes on, blinding you with the light. You turn around and you see these distorted imagery being played out, all while some interview is being taken place. You try and listen to it, but the audio is so distorted you can barely hear anything. As guests are distracted by watching the film, a Twin will pop out from the shadows and try to attack you with a machete. You go towards the exit. The Chapel. You then enter into a massive church like room. At the center of the room is a burning cross (smoke effects and orange strobe lights) with multiple Variants gathered around it. You walk closer, and you start to hear screams of pain coming from it, you then realize that A MAN IS IN THERE. You recognize it as Father Martian, but he’s barely recognizable as you can see the skin and muscle tissue peeling away from the flames (animatronic on cross). You slowly go towards the exit. Block A. You exit through the door, and the setting seems to be different. The walls are colored white, sometimes splattered with blood. There’s multiple doors on your left and right, some are opened with lab rooms filled with gore, while others are closed. You walk past a closed door, and Chris Walker busts in through the door. “Little pig. Little pig, No more escape.”. But, he is then suddenly dragged back by an unseen force. The door closes, as you can hear screaming and flesh being ripped from bone. You go towards the next room, with a sign next to it saying “The morphogenic engine”. The Morphogenic Engine. You enter through the door, and this room is massive. In the center of the room is a massive globe like electric current. At the bottom of it is a projection showing the same distorted images from before. Next to it, is Billy Hope in a water tank (dummy). As you walk past him and the projection, the Walrider would then come out through the screen and try to grab at you. You flee away from it, as you finally go towards the exit. But before you do, a door would open besides the exit, showing multiple Soldiers pointing their guns at you. There muzzles would flash as they shoot at you (air effects). As you exit the maze, you hear one final line. “Gott im Himmel. You have become the host.”
  11. themazethinker

    dude calm down, you keep insulting yourself all the time. i understand you're young, but some people just have personal space.
  12. themazethinker

    please stop stalking him, me and (probably) him are starting to feel weird of you monitoring us.
  13. please be the thing, please be the thing.
  14. salt - tumblr maze.