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  1. themazethinker

    it let the scarecrow actors in the room scare people [if im correct].
  2. themazethinker

    cabin in the woods [purge button] and the saw house in 2017 had gats. so it's the third time actually.
  3. themazethinker

  4. themazethinker

    so were there any cool facts they said in the tour?
  5. themazethinker

    fun fact - this is the first time the f world is used in a house. it's in the unfriended projected into. "alright..let's stop f###ing around hands up, who's doing this?"
  6. themazethinker

    a story that is never used in either scary tales house is jack and the beanstalk. just use this prop in a short scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qVRJXdX0mo
  7. im remaking dth 2012 thread. but instead of it being a poll it's gonna be a thread so you can say what different maze scenes were the best. here we go [blank hallways do not count, most have props in it] Stranger Things forest/will's house facade living room/"r.u.n" will's bedroom/"should i stay or should i go" shack and fort byrers upside down woods labortory entrance elevator death the gate the void school hallway/demogorgon entrance classroom battle Poltergeist living room/there here tv static kitchen/maggot meat bathroom/face peel bedroom 1/tree attack closet/skull underground bedroom 2/clown attack the beast "YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES" Halloween 4 workshop boiler room diner fences/trick or treaters sheets living room bedroom backyard electrical substation Universal Monsters cementary morgue/little maria castle entrance film reel invisible man phantom of the oprea hanging bodies "children of the night, what music they make" blood feast collection room igor "we belong dead" Trick R Treat emma's corpse charlie's death werewolf feast school bus massacre kriegg's entrance stairway/sam upside down bedroom trick r treat The First Purge [never saw the movie so sorry about names of rooms] fence scare apartment manequins swing scare alleyway catwalk gas mask killers secretary death office doors bomb apartment Horrors Of Blumhouse truth or dare entrance chruch entrance statues the failed mission/killer nun the failed ritual/tongue cut/throat slit unfriended intro blender death/fruit smoothie hairdryer death knife to eye death screen scare the girl poster blumhouse intro abandoned hallway.
  8. what are your thoughts on orlando's versions of there mazes?
  9. themazethinker

    actually that section is a original area where it shows the origins of the blumhouse girl in the intro of every blumhouse movie.
  10. themazethinker

    what i heard it's stranger things scary tales carnival graveyard poltergeist seeds of extinction trick r treat i think slaughter sinema too.
  11. post what would you change in the event, houses, scare zones, or the terror tram this year.
  12. themazethinker

  13. themazethinker

    how were the kids in the stranger things house represented?
  14. themazethinker

    how were the kids in the stranger things house represented?
  15. themazethinker

    [sees creepshow, gremlins, until dawn, fright night, and goosebumps in the same event and it asks me if it wants me to go] me -