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  1. littlegreenghouls

    Well, this isn't shocking at all. I am on the fence about this upcoming year being the longest running event. hopefully, first three weeks aren't full fledge weeks. I doubt it but you think that with this longer run will bring back midnight closes? I wonder if universal is actually prepared for this extend event?
  2. littlegreenghouls

    Listen, I agree with the adult horror. Yet it has been proof that Rated R horror don't make as much as pg 13 horrors. why would you want to limit the money to only the smallest %? * I haven't looked it up but I believe it to be true. we won't get any STRONG HORROR house since there might be stranger things crowd in the mix. According to the creative team they aren't changing their event because of stranger things. I would like to see the next years event plans before I buy my ticket especially Hollywood. I want to see some real horror ip or original stories.
  3. littlegreenghouls

    they recycled that from the skool 2005. the body slide
  4. littlegreenghouls

    They was few other things they could done differently in 2016 for bill and ted. yet again whenever you bring up politics people are going to be hurt. A lot of people think the event has changed for better or worse. honestly, I won't be shocked if they have a family friendly haunted during the daytime. USJ has their haunted houses opens at noon. Noon till 1am? or park close?
  5. littlegreenghouls

    I feel like this means that Universal is listening to the general public fan based instead of the hardcore repeat fans. I think they would rather get new money then old money.
  6. littlegreenghouls

    I highly doubt that we get split. I am doubtful that we would get another blumhouse house next year. I know we won't get stranger thing street. If you could get a sequel house / street from the past 4 years , which one would you suggest?
  7. there has been some turn up on ebay. I don't know bout their realness.
  8. littlegreenghouls

    Charle Gray was in charge of dollhouse I believe Patrick was in charge of Dead end ? and had some work with HR Bloodngutz
  9. littlegreenghouls

    but lets be honest, its highly unlikely they would do house and street combo like body collectors and street of blood 08
  10. littlegreenghouls

    Die in 2 was ring, scream, hellraiser and I think something like freddy or Jason.? I forgot. I really enjoy Hellraiser and scream scene from that house. I would like to see some kind of Clive Barker inspired scare zone/ house maybe by shrek or Central park / Kidzone.
  11. littlegreenghouls

    Any Ip is cheaper to do again and again because they already have the most of the costumes and mask molds or props. I am just waiting for them to do scream because it would pretty decent. I mean you remember when they did all night die in? they didn't have the rights for all those characters.
  12. littlegreenghouls

    Untested market? Do you not recall the early trick r treat zone back in 2008? or 2012.. park wide. It basically tested market.
  13. littlegreenghouls

    I just want to want it be known that that I doubt we will get Halloween house next year.
  14. littlegreenghouls

    The prelude video of Pumpkin Guts is on youtube. Gordy.. is tired of his father and his abuse? and kills him ? That is very nice of him. I would loved to get those shirts, but I couldn't afford any of the merch this year. I hope they had extra shirts from Slaughter sinema.. I might have to make my own shirt based upon slaughter. I was so happy when I got cast during reserves as the cult of beast baby.
  15. littlegreenghouls

    I don't know about the IP. I care more about the originals. I pray that Slaughter Sinema 2 or hive 2 comes back or something where the characters aren't all tall myers types. I would like to see at least 6.5 scare zone / scare environment for the park.