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  1. littlegreenghouls

    I don't understand the hate for Blumhouse, they currently the main horror source. It might be not what we are used to but they doing the best for nation of horror. they got deals with hulu and amazon and universal. I just hope they do hellraiser and strangers things.
  2. littlegreenghouls

    I think they signed a deal or something. I mean it's teamwork.. producer of films and then the theme park event which is free ad from the film studio or the film.
  3. littlegreenghouls

    I think we would get Universal original monster house/ maze this year or next for thirty years. I prefer this year while I am still employee with the company, hopefully can do filing role for that house. I love wolfman and frankenstein's monster despite being too short. I just saw Happy Death 2u, I seen some active scene during a haunt. ( lab death, gym backstage, hopsital scene again, ) I feel like this is going to be apart of 2019 house. if not maybe blumhouse street. I feel they could get way with blumhouse street. purge tv, maybe purge film, happy death day baby killer, maybe if possible get out character? or us character? or hulu pokah character? I love creepy pokah character.
  4. littlegreenghouls

    I have plan to attempt to reboot Bill & Ted Excellent halloween adventure in Fringe form if possible. I would need to do fundraiser tho cause my friend show is playing about 5 days in two week span, he paid something like 500 for total amount of days. After, paying for 7? shows and paying for the costumes and talent If I can maybe get the Universal Actors if they aren't in another Fringe show.. Something like 300 for props and practice and whatnot.. In theory, would any of ya be interested in watch it? IF you could maybe see 2019 feature of Bill and Ted non heinous cancelled tour, who would you see in there? I have my core plan, but it would be interesting to see if we have some people in common.
  5. littlegreenghouls

    I agree. I don't think they would solely do dance show for next 10 years. I mean they might had signed a contract for 4 or 5 years. mostly likely with the at will clause for the company to end their show for few reasons. Also, Listened to this podcast ridecast or something like that.. they ask john murdy same question why is hhn hollywood called mazes and orlando called houses. I think it's a maze because they want you to run into those black walls. whereas orlando has you running into walls because they start their event at 1pm? only in 2030 where they become like japan.
  6. littlegreenghouls

    I agree. I don't think they would solely do dance show for next 10 years. I mean they might had signed a contract for 4 or 5 years. mostly likely with the at will clause for the company to end their show for few reasons.
  7. littlegreenghouls

    It's distributing or shot by paramount, which is apart of Sony? It possible, but not 100% Why don't we have Elvira house since we going to getting a new show or film from netflix.
  8. littlegreenghouls

    Please don't get me started on Tim Tracker... I can't stand him or all mighty thor and a lot of these vloggers. How can you be a review of everything and his dumb voice gives me headaches. His videos aren't special.. I rather dive any more down that deep hole of hate. I just think we could freeze this thread for a week or two?
  9. littlegreenghouls

    I think the the potential Ip for streets could be purge again? but only tv series. I could feel they could go dark like La Llorona street maybe in kid zone ? I do not think wb has rights to urban legend. I think there is going to be the ip street of select ip through the park like last two years. I don't want it. I want Army of darkness since they own the rights to it. Or a thing street I mean if they can do projections to south st.. Maybe they could put the thing or they live in both the alley way and south street. Have a "stunt show" of the glasses. I think they could sell " sunglasses" 24.99 for they live sunglasses. I think they could do something along the lines of original. give the actor more freedom to perform. I don't know the future of the streets, but if they do something where the caynon of dark souls was with Central park and still have roaming horde? or chainsaws in simspons and fast family area( hopefully with better lighting)
  10. littlegreenghouls

    They are sure pushing the limits between scare zone and full on show. I enjoy that a lot since they removed the second show. We won't get rocky horror again, or a magic show. I mean I would enjoy any second show. You know how many times I saw Brian Brushwood? during 2010 like 20 times. I enjoy shows because it lets me sit down and relax despite the awful seats. I think there could be a new purge tv inspired show scare zone. Or it would 4 original zones and 2 ip again.
  11. littlegreenghouls

    First off, It's going to be bottle neck in any way regardless if there is 20 houses or 9 houses. I.e the exits for slaughter and DE 2 and Trt and seeds. that is the problem. Adding more houses to the already lines upon lines. I recall going through trt and waiting longer to leave then to get into the house. the problem is people finding the favorite zone and staying in it all night. I mean there isn't anything wrong with that. Yet it's boring. If I went with a group of people and they didn't want to any of the houses and wanted me to stay with them in one street. I would unfriend them. Why are we shocked by the 16th not becoming open? You get more dates then ever, but we still going to complaint about the 3 days that won't get it. pretty soon in 2021 It's going to be mard gras featuring hhn whole month long but select elements not in play. you get 10 houses and one street. or saturday and sunday everything but the tickets are going to sky rocket. I don't think anyone know how much pain most scare actors go through during the run of the event. It's a great and awesome event. very stressful and emotional side effects. I feel like we might not even get 2 dates due to hurricane season. lets be honest, we as central florida haven't been hit hard last years. Maria?? maybe
  12. littlegreenghouls

    Anyone think we might get the first house soon? I think in the time line from last year, we got the first one around late feb? i can't remember..
  13. littlegreenghouls

    Stranger things was in SS 22 which is 8,300 sq ft 66x 127. I think it was about 60% walls and inside maze leaving the actors just enough space to enter and exit safety. yet carnival graveyard / scary tales was 16,500 sq ft 110 x 150 so that both were almost same sq ft and it was half the sound stage for each. so 7,500 or 8,000 sq ft I think poltergeist used half or more than half of it. something like 9,000?
  14. littlegreenghouls

    I don't think that you understand how long it took for stranger things to get on the line up for hhn? like they drop two seasons. like 4 years ago , so like 3 years of will they or won't they.
  15. littlegreenghouls

    I got faith in Blumhouse taking the reigns of the dark universe.. they probably doing to extend their contract with universal because the second one in line for sequel is bride of Frankenstein.. yet it would mean they would be introducing Frankenstein and the bride within 50 mins or so then giving them 30 mins of conflict unless they scrapped that plan. let's face it, it was one of my favorite rooms.. but they tried to hide it happened.