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  1. littlegreenghouls

    dog could be the thing....
  2. littlegreenghouls

    they already did the same bogo deal. Orion is working with same company who owns the rights to Poltergeist.. IF we do indeed get 2019 chucky house, it will be along with 2 year deal. I feel like we might get classic chucky, but Hollywood would get 2019. I don't want swamp yeti house. it will have to be a cross over with creature 2008 house..
  3. littlegreenghouls

    Maybe remove two in the middle. I think there might be a contract with sony/ paramount.
  4. littlegreenghouls

    Well, HHN 29 is something different. They are changing up the audition process for the better? I guess. I hope I get rehired or cast again for this year. Now, you have to set up online account with head shot and body shot and resume. Officially, it's getting hollywood out here.
  5. littlegreenghouls

    I heard something about hhn 29 needing twice as many short people. kid like people, I wonder what this is from? I doubt stranger things. Maybe we getting that Adventure of babysitting house or Germlins house.
  6. littlegreenghouls

    I feel like Hollywood wacky and crazy mazes are usually high lights of the event. Orlando get the best of hollywood and via versa.. I would like to get holidayz street or a street in Orlando that tied into with whole event like 2009, or 2008. I keep on forgetting that they won't do over arching themes again.
  7. littlegreenghouls

    Maybe, depending on Dave School's and the ip's demands or the requests from higher up creative ideas. I think it could be used. last time it was used was 24? I think once ever so often. I can't remember the other time that we used that ss 25? I think in ioa golden age.
  8. littlegreenghouls

    highly unlikely, I think they would like to slide into ip for cons or national world stage. but last two con stages they didn't offer anything new. Maybe they might change because they start earlier. I think both usa parks same time frame.
  9. littlegreenghouls

    I will be highly disappointed if there isn't a Nightingale in gladiator gear.
  10. littlegreenghouls

    parade blding. I feel like the new blding. I think they wanted to roman house. I am certain this might be because the giant lion puppet created for scary tales? I am excited for this house. I doubt that I will get cast for this house. I believe that Fit male based house and Skinny and tall females like last time. I got scared during last house of Nightingales, so I am interested in this house.
  11. littlegreenghouls

    I think it could be that, but why would they brag about getting for the event only? I mean they always looking for new things to replace stuff in the park or for the new park. With the news of WB rethinking the horror made here brand. I feel like they barely broke even. I think they are awaiting the box offices flops or success to see if the market is ready. I thought they had success. I think they are lending the rights this year to see how HHN does a haunt maze/house. I mean it's a hard market of haunted attractions. I am shocked that HHN hasn't used this sound in their park score... For Whom the Bell Tolls" de Steve Baker y Carmen Daye
  12. littlegreenghouls

    I think the mindflayer would far away screen effect or lighting effects.
  13. littlegreenghouls

    I hope that we don't get a pet sematary house. I would like a twilight zone house or paranormal activity house.
  14. littlegreenghouls

    It's hit or miss with scheduling. If you ask for too many days off then you won't get hired. If you are hired and work a morning job try to get cast for street cast a. You would only be working from 6pm till 11pm but I heard numerous of people weren't getting off from disney to work hhn. so best of luck.
  15. littlegreenghouls

    I am so not looking forward to this house or the fan base this will be a driving factor for this year. I don't think there is enough content for two houses just being frank. I think they are doing the contract of the two year deal. with that being said think about another MGM film ( child play 2019)