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  1. OhHaiInternet95

    Well, they didn't actually announce anything (at least for us, so no joint) at Midsummer Scream last year. So who knows. But the first announcement is going to be Stranger Things 2. I have no doubt in my mind.
  2. OhHaiInternet95

    Well, HDD2U would be cheaper, since they already have the costumes and sets from last year's HoB. That said, Us is shaping up to do pretty well at the box office: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/box-office-jordan-peeles-us-scares-up-huge-74m-previews-1196361
  3. OhHaiInternet95

    Not when it’s Disney we’re dealing with it isn’t. Still hoping we can get another space house soon. We’ve had just one in the event’s 28 years (our AvP took place in South America).
  4. OhHaiInternet95

    I’m completely sick of hypersensitive PC outrage culture from both ends.
  5. OhHaiInternet95

    It's worth noting that many hallmarks of '80s culture (Star Wars, BTTF) ARE nostalgia trips themselves.
  6. OhHaiInternet95

    That would be best suited for 30 IMO.
  7. OhHaiInternet95

    They’re allowed five originals.
  8. OhHaiInternet95

    I hope they make 30 somewhat different from 25. I'd prefer it if they don't just throw a whole bunch of past originals into one anniversary house. Also I think having a stage by Mel's is unfeasible at this point. Crowd nightmare. It takes away the opportunity for a scarezone out there, as well.
  9. OhHaiInternet95

    Mr. Caine, I don't feel so good.
  10. OhHaiInternet95

    I've been clamoring for a Nightingales sequel but this would be the next best thing.
  11. OhHaiInternet95

    SCP would be very Dead Exposure-ish.
  12. OhHaiInternet95

    I was talking about Stranger Things.
  13. OhHaiInternet95

    At least the second season is a good bit more horror. Supposedly, the third season is going to be even more than that.
  14. OhHaiInternet95

    I’ve been begging for a sequel to *any* of the 21 originals.
  15. OhHaiInternet95

    The Walking Dead: Back From the Dead!