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  1. With HHN 27's marketing, it seemed they had something planned judging by that first ad (backwards of a guy being dragged into a pool of roses), but something happened--probably the rumored budget cuts (just speculating).
  2. "Sequel" in 17, prequel in 21, original at 28. NoES is WAY more of a head-scratcher in that regard--unless they do something original with it: go through common nightmares with visits from the man himself (late for work, boss yells at you, turns out to be Freddy). I'm fairly confident they're not gonna do that. https://www.dreams.co.uk/sleep-matters-club/common-nightmares-and-what-they-mean/ https://list25.com/25-meanings-of-common-nightmares-you-should-be-aware-of/2/
  3. The thing (no pun intended) I’m concerned about is if one of those “originals” is just a copy of the UCM house Hollywood is getting, or at very least a near-copy that lacks that special A&D twist (like, as I keep mentioning and hopefully for, Bloodengutz).
  4. There were rumors that HHN underwent a pretty large budget cut last year in favor of replacing the Holiday Parade floats (can I just say how much I hate parades?). So I'm betting that was a big part in the marketing mess. I hope Aiello "having moved on to bigger things" doesn't mean we only get one original. From what Ringwraith posted, I'm not sure as to whether they decided to give us a copy Hollywood's UCM maze, or if A&D is planning something a unique spin on that maze (like Bloodengutz, for example ).
  5. If we’re sharing Hollywood’s previously exclusive UCM house, I think that will be far too brilliant an idea to be true. :/
  6. Oh yeah, the fact that it's those IPs and no WD, (hopefully) no Purge and minimal AHS is still making me considering attending. Still gotta wait and see. I would hope in case of only one original that it isn't just some thrown together house in the MIB tent.
  7. Better be all original, and very good zones--no recycled Purge in NY, etc. I hope an 8/1 split isn't the new normal. I'm currently leaning towards not attending this year, TBH. Unless this semi-original is along the same lines as my idea for a classic monster house, that is.
  8. Fingers crossed.
  9. I’m confused, though. By “original” was he referring to space station or the classic monsters?
  10. Well, I guess it’d be a misnomer. Non-IP house. UNLESS, they went with my HR Bloodengutz idea.
  11. Great, so we have to share an original with Hollywood too?
  12. I don't think that's THAT uncommon. Though, despite being a big fan of ST, I'm cool if it opens up a spot for an original (of course, I would much rather see AHS bite the bullet).
  13. SNS was in 21, and that was DEFINITELY not a year everyone hated. Maybe you're thinking of 22 (sans Gothic)? Ringwraith, I hope you mean the space station rumor and not the will o' the wisp one.
  14. Would be too depressing. I'd cry when Pyrock and Blizzrock appear.
  15. So an idea (albeit extremely rough) for an original: HR Bloodengutz Presents: Pop Torture ~10-15 years after the events of the first house, WKNB in Carey, OH has moved on from holiday horror films and now makes scary music videos, specifically for different decades of pop culture. When a certain former TV host escapes from prison, he again takes the studio hostage. I'm not quite sure in what ways the captives would be tortured in the transition rooms, but the house would go through dark versions of stereotypes of pop culture for each decade from the '20s-'90s. Basically a dark Pop Century. Would fit the "throwback" theme they seem to be going for. Thoughts? Specifically, ideas for the "torture" of each decade? The '60s could involve pouring literal acid, hehe.

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