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  1. StupidStupidDan

    Sounds like he/she's working off of the same list as I've heard about. Not that I support Ifrit, but I can confirm that these seem a bit more legitimate than last year's.
  2. StupidStupidDan

    That's the only option available right now. But, you get a night free. So, two nights for $82. (Non-consecutive, no Saturdays) Forgot those restrictions.
  3. StupidStupidDan

    Tickets are available. The full selection of passes (FF, RoF, etc) typically go up in June.
  4. StupidStupidDan

    You forgot one. Three Men & a Little Purge
  5. StupidStupidDan

    But it probably is next year. Doesn't mean that they will or won't be licensing out properties for 29, just laying it out there. Also, there's been a ton of work going on for 29 since last August, and the HMH info just came into public knowledge recently. Uni may have known earlier, but who knows if it would have been early enough.
  6. StupidStupidDan

    It's a Warner property. So....
  7. StupidStupidDan

    Maybe he was involved with Chance's breakout during HH26? Is that where she ended up?
  8. StupidStupidDan

    Dracula Teeth’s lost of classics above is pretty strong. It you ever want some recommendations, PM me with some of your favorites, and I’ll try to steer some in your direction. Also, some of my recent faves that weren’t mentioned: It Follows, Babadook, and Terrifier.
  9. StupidStupidDan

    I'm hearing it will be in Sprung 1. The same location as Dead Exposure and Tomb of the Ancients.
  10. StupidStupidDan

    I've heard (seen) some things that heavily implied there was something actually planned for today. Who knows there may still be. Or, maybe something big happened last minute that is causing them to reschedule again. Or maybe it was always planned for tomorrow in the first place. All I'm saying is, I don't think it was an April Fool's joke.
  11. StupidStupidDan

    I just saw them stocking new fanny packs at Target the other day. I'm sure the kids have a new "cooler" term for them. Hip sacks or something like that.
  12. StupidStupidDan

    Absolutely. Maybe not quite as big as ST, but definitely up there. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=conjuringfranchise.htm
  13. StupidStupidDan

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was oddly worded. Pretty sure it should have been something like "With ten haunted houses, plus five scarzones and live entertainment still to be revealed..."