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  1. icon(which i’ve already accepted we arnt getting) if it’s more big name things like it or nightmare on elm street then eddie makes sense. but if they go more of a Lost Boys route then i could see HR Bloodengutz hosting/ also what is Eyegore?
  2. second icon and only icon who is a father is the caretaker
  3. Friday the 13th to me is way way worse then the other Titans of terror.
  4. Please no sleep away camp, its just Friday the 13th but worse, and with a vaguely transphobic ending
  5. they should save money by doing parody houses shortly after big houses to re use sets and such. Like Dawn of the Dead this year, shaun of the dead next year.
  6. agreed, i am 100% planning on buying every shirt if i can go with frequent fear
  7. thing would be neat but i’m fine without it. I know i’ll get to see it one day. whatever universal does will be awesome as long as they let me buy a frequent fear pass to see it. please bring bioshock tho
  8. I think that if this year really is 80s themed, A Run Scare zone would work awesomely. You could use real chainsaws since it would be outside, use the marquee lighting and a couple chainlink fence props. It would work really well in Hollywood.
  9. Cool, anyone heard the idea of no more frequent fear passes?
  10. The amount of scarecrow in that promo I saw almost suspicious, I know it was the must popular but I would expect footage of at least dead waters and someone flying from the Fallen. Also very surprised that that promo had clips from the ip houses in there, since it was such a short promo.
  11. So we have confirmed 100% 5 zones at least 6 houses total: at least 2 ip movies at least 2 ip tv shows at least 2 originals
  12. If budget was much of an issue, would it be possible to just not replace bill and ted. So use that one show's budget elsewhere?
  13. Not going to lie, I really didn't care for silence of the lambs, it felt completely boring whenever Bill or Hannibal weren't on screen.
  14. In two posts Legacy makes me more excited then HHN27s entire marketing campaign.
  15. Because 11 years is a long enough time to bring back one of the greatest movies ever made.