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  1. Jediwhit82

    So I’m curious, are you ruining the event for everyone else or did you actually follow the rules?
  2. Express works great on 9 houses. Seeds of Extinction express line is complete garbage.
  3. Jediwhit82

    Or, now hear me out, follow the rules and don’t ruin the experience for other people?
  4. By that logic I demand a ghostbusters comedy house next year.
  5. Jediwhit82

    My number 1
  6. Jediwhit82

    What glowing portal in Steanger Things? I’ve been through 3 times and don’t recall seeing one.
  7. Jediwhit82

    I only did the front half tonight, but stranger things worked much better for express, as did carnival graveyard. Poltergeist express was longer than regular though tonight. They claim express passes sell out, if that’s the case then when the hell do they?
  8. Jediwhit82

    Best content in HHN history. Worst ops, line management and ability to see any of the content in HHN history.
  9. Jediwhit82

    Well, I already know I want house shirt, ip shirt, and zone shirt at least.
  10. Jediwhit82

    I will have express so I’ll be a bit more chill, but I would say start in Stay and Scream in finigans or hello kitty, then as soon as they open do all front soundstage houses, then hit Halloween on the way across the park, by then lines will be long and it will be around 11, so I’ll do parades and tents, which being all original and one cult classic movie, should have much less wait. Then I will end up around 12-1 hopefully in time to see the last AoV, at which point I’ll get out and rush to redo whichever house I feel like.
  11. What are the main ones we use that they don’t and vice versa?
  12. Here I am hoping it’s wrestling based
  13. Disney Quest. and i’ll get it on topic since it’s my fault. Do you think either scarezone will use part of sting alley?
  14. Well they did have 5 but they decided that letting something that failed so hard at universal it had to shut down would be better, so they are back at 4