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  1. Hopefully we can see them, but Hollywood can’t.
  2. Hollywood is too easy on these people, back in 25 when someone tried to blog in a house, Jack the clown killed them.
  3. Ohhhhhhhh , like the film made after season of the witch?
  4. Halloween 4? What in any way makes this 4? 2nd film in this timeline... 3 reboot... 3rd house at HHN... Also so I don’t get the hate for purge, it’s a creative IP that comes with numerous great scenes and costumes for the event to use, and the purge is a good excuse to have bad things happen. While I do think we should keep getting it every 3 years or so instead of back to back for years like Hollywood. There are moments in every new purge film and soon tv series, that I think makes good material for horror nights. If HHN needs ips, let it be one thats R rated and violent, and gives creative lots of freedom and cool costumes.
  5. KIMBERLY DUNCAN IS AN EMPLOYEE OF CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS THIS IS HUGE AND BLOWS MY MIND Kimberly Duncan is an employee of Cyberdyne best known for supervising marketing packages and saying super. In her youth she grew up in Carey Ohio witnessing and surviving the horrors of.numerous HHNs. She put up with various horrible events in her life until her best friend(the bride thats writing the letters) was killed in a Zombie outbreak while on vacation in Paris. This inspired Kimberly Duncan to work on military AI for Cyberdyne in an attempt to protect the world from threats like the zombies Skynet was developed directly as a response to the zombies of dead exposure. Unfortionetly Kimberly Duncan was killed after being choked to death by the T-1000 ending her story. Terminator 2-3D: Battle across time takes place in the same fictional universe as HHN this is incredibly important news that changes everything. This means HHN Orlando’s Icons and storyline have had a presence daily in Orlando, Hollywood, and still do in Japan. please let Kimberly Duncan show up in a house and say super one last time, dont ruin this for me.
  6. Alien and Predator are my 3rd and 1st favorite horror franchises so losing them will suck for sure. That Warner bros thing is expanding worryingly and looking pretty cool with its Arkham stuff this year. If I lived out there, instead of going to HHN Hollywood I’d just go to Knotts for originals, then Warner Bros for IPs to kind of make your own HHN Orlando. Tall African Americans makes me think of the Purge franchise with how the anti purge factions and the fourth film’s protagonists are primarily African American.
  7. I feel like you are missing a section where you compare it to local haunts from 7 states away that only run for 4 nights.
  8. I agree three light hearted is too many. Dead Exposure will not have that problem though. I think it’s going to be a fantastic house, in terms of movies 28 days later was what I thought of, especially the shot of the monkey. i hope we get that nice distorted alarm sound from the trailer at the entrance of the house.
  9. What time are we looking st for the announcement ?
  10. Well, I don’t think anyone complained that I knew of, they just backed out anyways.
  11. Most millennials had the chance to see it since that actualy describes anyone all the way back to the 80s. But people like me from the currently not decided on name generation afterwords would love to see the caretaker. and sorry if Norse mythology got people excited, it was just a random idea.
  12. off topic because i can’t keep up with these clues and riddles. I started playing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. I know when video games come again it will be a much bigger property; but Hellblade is incredibly terrifying and has some unique imagery we havnt seen in a house before, even if not based off of the game. I think a norse mythology house could be incredibly terrifying and disturbing.
  13. I didn’t know A&D ever really defined the term icon. And Cindy totally meets them all, I forgot she got a house in 2010(in my defense my first year was 25)
  14. On the topic of eyegore, I would say to be an icon a character has to 1. have their own scarezone or house(excludes eyegore) 2. be present in marketing 3. be a named character(excludes bone) 4. be original to me this means that eddie counts, cindy does not, and terra queen is iffy.
  15. icon(which i’ve already accepted we arnt getting) if it’s more big name things like it or nightmare on elm street then eddie makes sense. but if they go more of a Lost Boys route then i could see HR Bloodengutz hosting/ also what is Eyegore?