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  1. Chucky's not too surprising since we got the Scarezone last year and the new movie's coming this year. Speaking of which.. it was just announced the first trailer is coming Thursday.
  2. Nightingales: Blood Pit https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/nightingales-blood-pit-at-hhn-2019/
  3. I know it’s highly unlikely, but I will be so happy if Treehouse of Horror happens. Plus haven’t the press releases already confirmed 5 scarezones? That list has 6.
  4. Just got the press release. It's covering both seasons 2 and 3.
  5. From what I can find online “sold out” means they cut off ticket sales for that particular night both online and at the gate. Any valid tickets (FFP, ones bought at Publix, etc.) for that night would be honored and you’d be allowed in. The event sold out both last Friday and Sunday nights. Reports I saw on Facebook said Sunday was way busier than Friday.
  6. UO just posted tonight is sold out. Good luck to anyone going!
  7. The app says one of the HHN houses is running tonight. Doesn’t say which though.
  8. I got a couple free tickets to Wild Adventures from work and my girlfriend and I were planning on going up there in October. Turns out they have a Halloween event called Terror in the Wild. Has anyone gone to this? After being spoiled by years of HHN, I’m curious to see how a smaller park does it.
  9. UO confirmed on Facebook that Twisted Taters are returning tonight and they’ll be near the Pizza Fries location.
  10. The Seeds/TrT exit issue seems to have been fixed. They moved where the TrT Express/regular lines merge and they widened the exit lane. EDIT - it bottlenecks still a little once it reaches ET but much better than last night.
  11. We made that joke as well. Hopefully they’ve come up with a better solution.
  12. It’s been extremely crowded tonight. So glad I spent the extra cash on ROF with Express this year. Been here since the passholder event at 5:30. We’ve done 8 houses with some breaks. Currently in line for Zero Exposure and the last one we have is Stranger Things, but we might save that for tomorrow depending on what the wait is when we’re done here.
  13. It’s so. Freaking. Hot. But I’m here and I’m excited!!
  14. Just got a press release that talks about the specialty food/drinks. https://universalorlandoresort.sharefile.com/share/view/saa628a485fa4244b
  15. marc

    Someone pointed this out on Facebook. Looks interesting and I guess this is the other lanyard I saw pictured weeks back. https://shop.universalorlando.com/p/Halloween-Horror-Nights-2018-The-Amulet-of-Fear-Lanyard.html