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  1. I love all of them. Deep Star Six is second place to Leviathan. Leviathan and DeepStar Six get a lot of flack for being an “Alien” rip off, but I have to wonder whether Ridley was inspired by Leviathan for Prometheus. At least, when it comes to the means of monster creation.
  2. Things change when more information comes out. Assumption are made for codenames in many cases. Take the fact that Pit was changed to Discus. Hysteria was assumed to be StrTh, but that is probably Dog.
  3. I spent most of my day in my own world, followed by the Land of Retail. I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere, but not sure if it was on here. The Abyss and Leviathan are movies that came out in 1989. There was one more titled Deep Star Six. All of them dealt with otherworldly creatures in the deep ocean. The Abyss was less monster movie than the other two, but The Abyss is far more recognizable. Yes, I think he missed capitalizing Falls.
  4. First line of that riddle should help with a connection. Leviathans have their own mythology.
  5. Grammar rules: You capitalize the start of sentences and proper names. In poetry, each line is a sentence.
  6. The Ifrit doesn’t randomly capitalize. Look at the second clue again. Speaking of, I think he forgot to capitalize something in the 3rd clue. Or maybe he just wanted to make it harder.
  7. I have no idea what to make of him anymore. I’m still angry about last year’s IT riddles, but he knew Nightingales was happening and the Roman connection. He’s, also, admitted being wrong and seems more cautious this year. I will give him kudos for getting people to tweet in Latin, though.
  8. The Shining wasn’t luck. It was a loophole, and King tried to stop it and guaranteed he/his name wasn’t connected to it. If King has any rights or say in a property, Uni is going to have to work really hard to get him to say yes. He was very, very unhappy them.
  9. mystiquephreeq

    Not the right kind of wet... I’m not crazy! There will be rain! You enter the fray just as the rain begins to fall
  10. I wonder how much I can get you all to learn this year. *ggls*
  11. You have no idea!! It’s not just HHN that fills my brain. I can pull out random information from a variety of fandoms. HP, ASoIaF, DW, some Marvel, Dragonriders of Pern, and Stephen King (of course). That’s just the fandoms. There is other trivia that lives in my brain. There’s, also, a whole other world in there. Characters, cities, countries, a god system, history, mythology, creatures, etc... Knowledge is my drug. I seek it out wherever and whenever I can.
  12. Not sure he was sent to Hellgate. Last we heard he was in the criminal holding area of Carey Memorial Hospital. http://www.hhnyearbook.com/2013/10/legendarytruth-the-collective-channel-surfing-2/
  13. Welcome to the Horror!! And... No one knows anything anymore!!! Proceed with mass hysteria and the wildest of wildest specs! I should probably get more sleep... EDIT: please don’t actually go completely crazy! My brain can’t take it.