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  1. mystiquephreeq

    Homages to The Lost Boys will be seen in this zone. That's not something I know, but it's something I know. A&D love paying homage to classic movies. It could easily be the other. All we know is: The scarezone is called Vamp '85 and it's a New Year's Eve party. The name could come from the end of '84 bringing about the year of the Vamp ('85). If A&D is playing with symmetry like they did 10 years ago... December 31, 1984 was a Monday. December 31, 2018 is on a Monday. Either works. There's more symmetry to ringing in '85, though.
  2. mystiquephreeq

    The question is: Are they ringing in '85 or saying goodbye to 85'? Also, an 80s themed vamp zone is incomplete without songs from The Lost Boys soundtrack. We can stick with Good Times and People are Strange since both were originally released in the 60's and are covers. Another song:
  3. #TransmissionsToResume
  4. They haven't been paying attention to changes in language. I've looked at too many permits. I tried to figure that out in permit lingo. My brain told me you misspelled AFP... Rainbow (because we may have to follow the bouncing ball soon enough)... You got the reading connection. Someone asked, and if my geekdom is correct... Yes, Jim's cult. I'm making you link pieces together. Each one leads to the next. Why? Because that's how many of the games have worked. A piece here, a piece there, each piece put together to find a bigger picture. It will, also, make you think outside the norm and follow connections. Much of speculation is following connections from the past, linking together rumors, and spec. Finding the commonalities, similarities, and tropes. a lot of the game play was the same. I've rested my hopes for games on some tantalizing FB posts. Unofficial, but promising FB posts. We all need to be ready if they come.
  5. Hi everyone! I've been working since Friday. I work retail. I have no brain left. Forgive the absence. I'll try to get back to my clue. Obssrvation: This promo has Fear lives in the shadows. The Fear tag line continues. Side note: Weird convoluted clues may pay off in the long run. Recent posts I've seen on FB lead me to believe we may have, emphasis on may, riddles and puzzles to solve in the near future. Fingers crossed.
  6. LeVar Burton is the next connection. He will lead you to the next link.
  7. You found the Rainbow. Well, a rainbow. There's something about that Rainbow that will lead you the next piece of the puzzle.
  8. Sooo close... Wrong Rainbow.
  9. Awww... I think you're closer to my age then some. I was depending on you to get one of the connections.
  10. I made this one hard. I may be being a little mean, but I figure we need something to entertain us until the next update. Let's see: I've taught that rainbow is a compound word. Compound words are words made of two or more words. That's more teaching. Rainbow is an interesting compound word, because one could say a rainbow is, itself, a compound. This clue is layered. There are multiple ways to find what I'm trying to connect to. Feel free to follow paths and trails and wild connections. If if my theory is correct, we probably won't have an update til the 7th. The least we can do is speculate.
  11. What is a compound word?
  12. It being a compound word is a hint about solving the clue.
  13. Yes, but it's another type as well.
  14. I may have actually made this one harder than previous ones. Hint: what type of word is rainbow?