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  1. For everyone wondering how spec worked pre2012: it was usually something like this. One word or image on the website that sparked imagination, and endless possibilities. I want this one to be an original. Two original possibilities sprung into my head from those two words. Poisonous Plantimals - plant/animal hybrids reeking havoc. Splatter is, of course, the scene with plantimals that can spit poison. H.R. Bloodengutz Presents: Killer Plants from Outer Space - several "80's Horror/SciFi B movies" presented by everyone's favorite horror host. There's sooo many possible homages and Easter eggs. Audrey II, The Triffids, Swamp Thing, Body Snatchers, Killer Tomatos, etc... These two potential original ideas, created solely upon two words, has turned me into Veruca Salt. Its most likely The Thing, though. Poison fits it rather nicely as does Splatter. But a girl can dream, right?
  2. Since we are still discussing The Thing I'd like to add: The Thing (2011) is not a reboot or remake. It is a prequel. The events of The Thing(2011) occur at the Norwegian base (Thule Station) and happen prior to the events at Outpost 31. The '07 Dreamwalkers is in the same category as Assimilation. Both contained elements of the movie(s), but both had "original" storylines. They both, also, contained iconic scenes from the movies. If NoES occurs, I think it will get the recent TCM and Halloween treatment. It will be a faithful recreation of one of the movies. A scene for scene instead of a hodgepodge mixture. As for why The Thing again: Technological advancements. Puppetry, animatronic, and projection advancements will allow A&D to create a more faithful recreation. Spiderhead, Stomachmouth, Malamute peeling like a banana....you get the idea. Edited dog type. My brain was mixing Resident Evil dogs with The Thing. (They used the same stick style puppets in Assimilation and RE).
  3. Assimilation wasn't The Thing ('82). The storyline was an "original". Outpost 3113 in Florida held the bodies of MacReady and Childs. The cryo units they held the bodies malfunctioned, and the alien/thing/virus was set loose in the outpost. It was a "sequel" to The Thing.
  4. Don't forget Giger. I'd say Giger was a creative force for Alien. Murdy's clues are never clear cut. Each hint isn't going to give us an answer. The hints must be combined. Ring of Fire was written by June Carter Cash. It was sung at Woodstock. It was made famous by Johnny Cash. I can never remember Murdy's age range. Finding the SoCal band Is proving more difficult. If I'm correct on the movie: Ring of Fire + Alien = The Thing EDIT: The SoCal band is going to be a band formed prior to 1981. Murdy graduated in 1985 (yay for Murdy giving his graduation year).
  5. I love the juxtaposition of happy/light with dark/morbid. It's why I chose cute names for the gargoyles and I named my trivia team the Homicidal Unicorns. The idea of the hyper-happy neon 80's coloring mixed with the macabre amuses and appeals to me. One of my favorite parts of the Twilight Zone Movie ('83) is "It's a Good Life". The coloring and cartoons makes the horror in that part.
  6. Yes. Specifically, Edgar Sawyer. His original backstory is perfect for an event with so many 80s connections. http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/hhn-icon-eddie/
  7. They can gives us an icon or we will dub our own. Gog and Magog, Eelmouth, Princess Sparkles and Fluffy (you should have named the gargoyles, A&D. Never let me name things for myself), Bone, Rosie, and many others have become unofficial icons/mascots for us fans. If they give us another Bone (honestly his name tells us that creative was giving us a bone), we will call that person an icon/mascot as well. They may not think a face is necessary, but it won't stop us from making one.
  8. I wonder if Zombie Chris is the same Zombie Chris from the Vault. If so, nice to see the Vault Chat nickname stuck. There's an icon who has an 80's backstory. An icon who was obsessed with 80's horror, specifically the slashers. If he could be retconned back to his roots, he would be the perfect icon for the event.
  9. Since being able to solve more obscure clues is so rare nowadays... "original" - this can elude to public domain characters, an IP(s) being used with an original backstory (Assimilation, CitW, AvP), or an original that pay homage to an existing property, but isn't the property (Die-In, The Skoolhouse, Interstellar Terror, Hostile Territory). I'm going to lean toward an original that pays homage. Mash-up of monsters - while a Die-In style house makes sense, I'm going to lean toward a "space zoo". Specifically, 1985's Titan Find (aka Creature). It would be a new and interesting concept, stays with the 80's theme that many of the properties have, and offers a chance to create original monsters.
  10. Video projection. Whether it's 3D video projection or a simple screen projection. If they are going to attempt The Mindflayer, it would need to be a video projection. If they budget the technology, 3D projection could be used to transfer us into the Upside Down in the middle of a scene.
  11. The Thing will go to the place with the best temperature control. I'm guessing they'll want the vehicle in the house. Not sure if they'll use a snowcat or unimog (they have a unimog). This narrows it down to SS 22 or 23. Unless, they are able to get a vehicle into Shrek. TrT makes more sense for the original parade bldg (if the rumors that kidzone will be spared this year hold true) or one of the sprungs. They can park the school bus out front of any of those. StrTh needs the lighting control offered by an SS. Projection use would make sense in the house. IT needs an SS. 21 or 24 simply due to scene size. AHS in MIB. NoES and Halloween are the toss ups. Either can go into a sprung or SS, but NoES in an SS gives more abilities for lighting effects. Boiler room, transitioning from dreamworld to reality. They could rely heavily on lighting. That leaves Shrek and the parade or sprung for originals.
  12. Ditto... My 5yr old son sleeps with Freddy Fazebear and Springtrap (I don't know if I want to have those names correct or not). While seeing individuals on YouTube screaming and falling out of chairs due to jumpscares is highly entertaining the first few times, not so much after the 20th. (At least, I know my son has horror in his blood.)
  13. Im trying to figure out the space station thing. ^accurate Who ever wrote that article has been perusing forums and FB groups. Which is why im interested in the "space station rumor". Its the first time I've seen it and I lurk all over the place. Having participated in spec for 10 years now, one small detail or bit of info can create an entirely unrelated rumor. Its like the spec about The Fly that's been going around. In 09, The Fly pods from HMU were used in Frankenstein. I wouldn't be surprised if The Fly pods have been seen somewhere that led to that rumor/spec, but the pods being used doesn't mean The Fly is being used. Heck, The Fly pods being seen could lead to an original space station house rumor. They've got a space technology look to them, and if the individual was unfamiliar with The Fly... EDIT TO ADD: I'm just going to go ahead and say permits may be more difficult to get this year. Last year, they were transferring over to a new system which made searching for permits almost impossible due to website downtime. The transfer has happened and the new system for searching is a mess. I may have to go permit number by permit number. My previous go to search method doesn't result in permits from this year. Searching permit by permit limits my ability of looking for multiple different types of permit at once. Im going to try to keep an eye open for DEM permits first. Any demo could play a role in house locations and numbers.
  14. http://www.universalorlandoresearch.com/ They are emailed to you.
  15. I am no longer anonymous, unfortunately. They know who I am. I've participated enough in the LT and HU ARGs that I'm recognized. Also, I adhere to community standards as best as I can. HNN can get in trouble if confidential info is posted here.

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