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  1. SS22 and MiB house permits are up. Yes, the MiB Permit is worded differently. Interior build out vs alteration like the other permits. My best guess is that the difference is due to the nonpermanent nature of the tent. An interior build-out is the interior alterations done to an existing shell. One more edit: There will be 4 or 5 more permits. The current descriptions being used creates the possibility of needing only one permit for houses sharing a soundstage.
  2. Permit bot notifications are a wonderful thing!
  3. Tent 3 (MiB tent) Install permit has finally posted. Seems the permitting office is running behind with uploading them to the site. Edit: And we have: Sprung 1 Sprung 2 B108 (new parade) It’s HHN29 Permit Day, everyone!!
  4. I never saw that scene as a true attempt to “cry” on the phone. That was a manipulation move, and was acted perfectly for those of us who have seen it in action in real life. She wasn’t really crying. She was pretending to cry to get her sister to do what she wanted. To keep this HHN related: Original scarezones will always be better than IP zones in my opinion.
  5. If last year taught us anything, we should never be sure of anything this early.
  6. Gut instinct is Hellraiser, but it would be more risqué for Orlando than Hollywood. Hellraiser feels off, though. I’m not sure.
  7. He’s backtracked.
  8. The Truth is Legendary!! I’m in full fangirl mode now. Someone talk me down!
  9. Rumors is usually reliable. As for where it comes from, the official Universal press release. https://media.universalorlando.com/press-releases/buy-one-night-get-a-second-night-ticket-offer-now-on-sale-for-universal-orlando-resorts-halloween-horror-nights/ But there is also this: Edit: Yes, I called them out.
  10. I’m glad Russia shared a story regarding the passing of Dick Miller. He was such an iconic horror figure. I recognize this name. It creates feelings of dread. I don’t want to remember why...
  11. https://m.facebook.com/LegendaryTruth-The-Collective-Official-147356518612214/?tsid=0.1273096845122731&source=result The post has been deleted, but I’m still wondering why someone was signed in to it.
  12. There was an LT post this morning. It was an obvious mistake, but I’m wondering why someone was signed into the LT page.
  13. They have the Horror Ink shirts at the MiB store. 2 of them, it seems.
  14. Already came and went. The update was: They are selling HHN shirts in the MiB store.
  15. Did you just call me old? Indeed age does weird things.