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  1. clash

    how many seconds are between scares in a regular house? like lets say scary tales or stranger things or Slaugther sinema? whats the average time?
  2. I would recommend doing Carvinal graveyard and scarytales first, then do blumhouse and then sinema and dead exposure then seeds and trick r treat and then halloween Because Seeds and trick or treat will have short lines until around 7:30 or 8 pm, but Carnival and scary tales can get long since everyone goes that way. Or you could do carnival and scary tales and then do halloween and then trick r treat and seeds and then dead exposure and sinema and leave blumhouse last, But either way, the houses that will get the longer lines (Besides stranger things and Polter which you already did) are carnival and scary tales. Halloween also can get longer but thats later on. Sinema and dead exposure get longer lines before trick or treat or seeds, the houses with the lowest lines tend to be those two. the back of the park stays kind of empty until 7:30 I always leave the ones at the back for last because they never get a long line. if SATX wants to do carnival and scary tales, those should be first with halloween because the lines for those will be longer later in the night Sinema will not get long until later.
  3. clash

    I guess you can love the house if you love the movie, because as someone that does Not care at all about the movie and found it boring, the house is just as boring. it was very boring and tedious to see the same room over and over again. it felt like a waste of space, like a waste of a house. as a Non fan of the movie, it was lame to get to see the same room over and over again. there was nothing cool about it. it might be one of the most boring things about this year. I do totally undertand your love since the house is faithful to the movie, but, i mean really , seeing the same room over and over, thats just really boring and annoying.
  4. the wind, the wind as you walk by shows off the costume. Ive seen it many times. Ive never taken pictures of video, but i've gotten clear glimpses of the actors costumes and ive noticed details that were not noticeable in the house. your head alone will show the mask or make up, since you have to look where you are going. Or, sometimes the actors will do something funny like walk funny or dance or jump or something, ive noticed little funny moments like that. Also it might just be interesting for people to have the recording as kind of an inside footage of something no one else sees. i guess people might think it is like a glimpse into the inside of HHN. even if it really is just people in robes, it is still something no one else gets to see
  5. clash

    the event this year is an 80s event, and they could have done SO many retro things with it.... they could have had a vampire show that connected to Vamp 85 scarezone, they could have had so many other things that tie to the 80s, so many cool ideas for costumes or make the show a party style show. make it fun and quirky and enjoyable the terminator show is such a drag in an otherwise fun event. even Dead Exposure has a quirkiness to it. everything else in the park feels retro or fun and quirky, and then you go to this show and the story is so serious and dark.... but then you have dance numbers in this terminator style story... ugh... even the high energy dance numbers dont make sense with the story and tone they set up.
  6. clash

    the show this year is annoying and a little bit boring. adding a story and being so closed to it hurts the show. One of the highlights and one of the biggest strengths of the older shows was their playfulness and the guest interaction with the audience. The reason it was cool to watch them before was because not only were the dance sets cool, but their attitude was very likable. The new show cancels all that out. they lost a lot of the appeal with the terminator storyline. and with the way the stage is set up. they totally got an upgrade on the visuals but the show lost its soul. the terminator stuff is kinda boring to be honest. is not as cool as the mental hospital of 2 years ago. the dance sets are kinda silly within this story too. Reminded me a lot of Captain EO but not in a good way. its like a more annoying and less charming version of Captain EO
  7. why is this forum so quiet? seems pretty dead, i remember it being more active before, is it because people are waiting to go?
  8. clash

  9. I so wish the Fast and Furious ride ended up with an animatronic the same size as Kong but with a giant Vin Diesel head saying Familia over and over.... Familia, La Familia La familia
  10. you take that back right now. Right NOW. Halloween has black walls and that's just really awful. I can't even imagine what a house full of black walls looks like. you can at least ignore the OPS but black walls are just a waste of space
  11. my shazam recognized two songs around the park Humans are such easy prey - Perturbator Bloodline - Scattle
  12. clash

    they already sold out one of the opening days....
  13. clash

    if he says rude things someone will complain and then close the show.....
  14. clash

    yes, it would have worked so much better over there. the size of this zone is pitiful. This zone is so small, it should just be called a mini horde and not a zone. even the clowns over at Springfield are more of a zone than this area was.
  15. this is not going to end well, people will take advantage, they always do
  16. clash

    that is because the 80s had some of the greatest music and movies of all time. you never see strong nostalgia for the 90s lol. or the 70s. the 80s was this magical decade where so many amazing things in music and horror came out from.
  17. clash

    can you give more detail into the zones?
  18. If they got rid of FFP it would probably make me cry... legit cry. then i would probably try to get hired by universal just to be able to attend lol I dont mind if they cut some days on the pass. they dont need to get rid of it, they can just make it 13 days long or something. if they are having trouble with how big the crowds are or if they want to sell more single tickets, they can just get rid of all the different FFP options and sell ONE FFP ticket for everyone that is 13 days or something I think a couple of years ago the FFP was that short anyways. I seriously hope they dont get rid of it, I cannot imagine the amount of angry people if they did that. their social media would blow up with negativity. it would be weird without the FFP. Isnt FFP what keeps the low days afloat? I recall some of the hurricane days being really really empty in the past and the park selling food and drinks and stuff from people with FFP, specially that week right after the hurricane when a lot of people cancelled their plans to come. i remember people talking about super short lines. kinda like when they added Nov 4 and 5 like two years ago. wasnt those two days just a bunch of FFP people at the park? i remember lines were like 5 minutes for all houses If they got rid of FFP, would days like that just be completely empty?
  19. found the last Hive Song (the one that shazam wouldnt recognize) :
  20. clash

    Ive heard some actors were told to not stop for pics or something, not sure how true that is.
  21. clash

    I hope saturday at least the lines for houses are short. Hopefully bill and ted and the bracelets keep the rest of the park empty
  22. clash

    They are really wonderful people. Truly a joy to watch. Their playfulness and joy is contagious. You end up leaving their show laughing, joyous, relaxed and entertained.
  23. someone should tweet Eli Roth or John Murdy about the song in the commercial because they should know (I dont have twitter) one of them has to know, or tweet hhn hollywood account or something
  24. I just noticed this, this makes me sad. sometimes you were able to get songs that were near impossible to get. I will miss your mixes. (I know this is your final decision but maybe the mixes could have avoided Bill and ted and villains show and just have the streets and house songs) thank you for the older mixes. they were really helpful.