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  1. What are you seeing, and where? Inquiring minds want to know
  2. Just my opinion here... There's a reason Goldberg's is a massive hit, and Schooled is on life support. I grew up in the 80s and it was totally awesome. To me, it was the last truly identifiable decade. I can hear a song and place it in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's. Same with clothing, hairstyles, and the like. The 80's was the last time SNL and late night talk shows were actually entertaining. Decades from 90's onward are indistinguishable. Yeah, Nirvana was 90's, but I have a tough time categorizing anything else. Retro has been the thing for the past decade plus, but I can't image a sitcom 20 years from now, set in 2010 for time period laughs. I would absolutely HATE to be a kid growing up in today's world, living under the threat that anything you say or do today will be recorded and used against you in a future time. Such insane pressure to be a good NPC, thinking with the collective. Perhaps this decade has managed to set itself apart, but not in a good way. But to the Q - if Stranger things was set in a different time period - or in a timeless period, would it still be as big a hit? Great question. For me, the 80's theme sure helped me get into it. It let me connect more with my daughter, who is a big fan. She got to see what life was like for me. So while it helped, I think I'd like it regardless of time period. The casting and characters are compelling, which is half the battle.
  3. Murdy was recently asked if AHS was coming back. He said no - because of the Disney deal. HHNUnofficial has an article with their thoughts on the subject. Among the IP that would theoretically be off the table is Alien. With the off-the-chart quality of HHN originals as of late, I'm ok with that.
  4. Love Bloodengutz, but I'm not digging the mash up. Bloodengutz was all about the shlock movies, and with few exceptions, Universal Classic Monsters were played straight. If this was presented as Kurtzberg before he lost his job and his mind, I don't think it would have the same impact on us. Alternatively, a campy Bloodengutz introduction to straight classic horror would also seem out of place. If Bill & Ted doesn't come back, I riot.
  5. But I was so hoping for KKFOS to get the Walking Dead treatment at HHN....
  6. I agree with @HorrorUnearthed. It was Sharknado before there was a Sharknado. Be glad they aren't looking at Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
  7. After all those $$$ spent on scarezone set and outfits? It's gonna come, hell or high water.
  8. How about a stage show featuring all the icons - and a different one bites the dust every show. Oh yeah, and Bill & Ted host it.
  9. Battle of the icons, and some will never be seen again?
  10. Only 172 days till opening night and still no announcement...one must be coming soon, right?
  11. How do you do, fellow old person? Maybe TWD at Hollywood would get a theme change, but I think they missed their opportunity to utilize it for a larger attraction. Size-wise it's too small to be a standalone attraction of any other type, and too big to be a store. Interesting tidbit: I used Google Earth to research the building size, and the current image they are using shows HHN construction from FIVE years ago nearing completion (same map shows Super Silly Fun Land under construction, and no PotterLand). One backlot tent was not yet up (From Dusk Till Dawn). Of particular interest is the Parisian Courtyard maze (Dracula Untold that year), which was still uncovered at that time. Pretty interesting to look at it
  12. Be careful what you wish for. The Hollywood TWD attraction in its prime operated from 11AM until a couple of hours before closing. It currently operates in crazy 40 min windows throughout the day. For example, went with my daughter two Sat ago. Operating hours were: 10:30-11:10 11:45-12:25 1:00-1:40 2:45-3:25 4:15-4:55 How crazy is that for a park goer who doesn't have the app? At this point, it really doesn't add much to the park, and I don't see it bringing in anyone. I'm kinda surprised they didn't axe it to make more room for the Secret Life Of Pets building that butts up against it. This very-not-for-kids attraction was always out of place for Universal, but being steps away from SLOP and Despicable Me makes it really stick out. Would be better suited for the lower lot, where all the attractions were already on the scary side for little ones. If I was in Orlando, I would be more excited for the Bourne show than for a TWD attraction. When you reach 40, be sure to let us know how much spare time you have to play video games. If you have the time to do so, you're either not married, don't have kids, are underemployed, or somehow already retired. Bioshock was the last video game I made time for and completed. I'd love to see what HHN could do with it, but if the closest I get is Saws & Steam, I'm still happy.
  13. 52 in 6 days here... I see a trend. They just announced Walking Dead is returning!! heh
  14. I smell a new custom HHN T-shirt for 2019
  15. First, very cool! Consider making a topic in the appropriate section and blog your experience. Are you asking about tickets for Disney or Universal? What months? I imagine being able to get a Florida resident discount would be the best, but don't know what that requires. Others are better equipped to provide ideas than me.