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  1. ForeverEvil1

    Photo policy is same as last year’s. From @braddrinks on Twitter.
  2. ForeverEvil1

    I personally have Seeds and DE as the two “scary” ones of what I’ve done.
  3. From what’s been said, we don’t have Hollywood’s two Blumhouse properties. Thank god.
  4. Check the #HHN28 hashtag and get a dose of the hilarity.
  5. ForeverEvil1

    Apparently it’s more of a Warner Bros issue than a JK Rowling issue. Either way, I’m not sure it will happen, seems too good to be true.
  6. Blumhouse-Oween because it’s a promotional house. And I can’t see it being much progressive from the other Halloween houses.
  7. Me thinks that was probably liked back when The Thing prequel came out in 2011.
  8. Leaked dates are indicating September 14-November 3 as the running time. https://mobile.twitter.com/SunshineFrights/status/958527203423281153?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23958527203423281153
  9. Orlando 23-27 10. American Horror Story (26) 9. Insidious (25) 8. AHS Vol 2 (27) 7. Dollhouse Of The Damned (24) 6. Dracula Untold (24) 5. The Exorcist (26) 4. Tomb Of The Ancients (26) 3. Scarecrow - The Reaping (27) 2. Cabin In The Woods (23) 1. Jack Presents (25)
  10. Would be interested in seeing a reverse thread of this. Dracula Untold - People put way too much focus on the "promotional maze" aspect before even going in. The Purge - Was one of the more fun mazes at 25, which IMO is sort of overrated house-wise. TWD 2015 - Always got good scares here, only bad set piece was the tubs. Exorcist - Don't get entirely what was wrong with this and why Hollywood's is portrayed like this god-like maze when it seems it have the same issues they're complaining about this year. Ash Vs Evil Dead - The opinion has curved so much on Blumhouse I can't list it here. But apparently this maze is bad...somehow. I don't know, I think people have too much expectations of 20 episodes in 10-12 rooms. Also apparently one-liners don't fit Evil Dead, which is a huh? Thought it was fun and a great adaptation. At least it was interesting, unlike the Shining.
  11. ForeverEvil1

    Interesting rando thing of note: Singapore also used "The Best Nightmares Never End" in their commercial.
  12. 2013: Afterlife - Read all the stuff about IB and PT and had it in my thoughts this wouldn't be bad for my first year. It was lame, a "throw all the cool effects we got" 3D house instead of any attempt to put anything together. 2014: Roanoke - Not scary, and sets were generic. A tour of Roanoke. Finale surprise wasn't really worth the hype. TWD avoids this because I didn't go in 2013's so it was a newish experience for me (*Cough* 2013 Zones *Cough*) 2015: RUN - Scareless on all runs. Things come and go too fast to make sense. Lots of the same transition room. Meh. Purge and TWD had decent scares at minimum over this. 2016: LP3D - What zombieman said basically. My least favorite HHN house. Icon having a 3D house should ever be an idea again. Once again, 3D for the sake of throwing in effects and stuff instead of trying to tie together. 2017: The Shining - Horrid queue line for a honestly more boring house than anything. Sets feel grand enough. Scares happen, but they don't hit, exception of Gold Room. The abstract stuff was inconsistent with the real stuff, unlike Exorcist where they at least stuck with the artsy stuff the whole time, and the non-artsy stuff connected better in my opinion. Still not in my bottom 5 though. Bottom 5: LP3D Afterlife RUN AWIL 2015 (Night and Day on this one between two houses.) La Llorona (Lots of ladies reaching out of the dark. The 2nd half was basically incomphrensible.)
  13. ForeverEvil1

    Less memorable and more just an effective gauntlet of scares in my opinion. It got a good jump out of me for every run I did of it and is one of the better cast houses from my runs. Don't know what the looking up is all about.
  14. ForeverEvil1

    Nah, Ouija got Purged like Scream was in 25? Why? Who knows.
  15. ForeverEvil1

    Black and orange suit I believe was Harry S. Pumpkins without having seen the show. The description is similar though.