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Rotting Corpse

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  1. Rotting Corpse

    Seeing as there isn't a general HHN discussion forum here not pertaining to the Orlando or Hollywood attractions, so I figured this thread was appropriate here. The moderators are welcome to move it to a more fitting forum though if they want. For fun, let's say this year there's no time or money to make up new HHN attractions but you have leftover sets, props, costumes, etc. from all past events and you can choose up to 13 attractions from all previous HHN events from both Orlando and Hollywood you can have in your Universal park for this year's HHN. What thirteen attractions do you choose to bring back for your HHN this year? You can also pick a previous icon to use to represent the event. If I was faced with the decision, my HHN would have the thirteen following: Friday The 13th: Camp Blood A Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddy's Nightmare Halloween: The Life & Crimes Of Michael Myers Saw: Game On Scream 4 Your Life The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw Is Law Crypt Keeper's Dungeon Of Terror Chucky's Funhouse My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever The Thing: Assimliation Evil Dead: Book Of The Dead Scream House Clive Barker's Harvest I'd like to have so many of the major Horror icons present at the same event, I think it'd be a lot of fun to see them all together in one setting. I think the theme of my HHN event with these attractions would be that an all-out war has broken out between all of these killers like Freddy, Jason, Michael, Jigsaw, Ghostface, etc. and they're all warring throughout the park, terrorizing the guests and trying to wreak the most havoc. In the process, The Caretaker at Scream House has been doing sinister experiments which have opened up portals around the park which have allowed the Vypex creatures from Harvest to infest. The situation gets no better with the Deadites and Thing aliens also loose around the park, adding to the mayhem. I have a hard time picking which icon would be best for the event, maybe the Crypt Keeper? I can see him as kind of an MC of sorts amidst the battle between all of the killers and monsters loose in the park.
  2. Rotting Corpse

    Bringing this back. Insidious: The Last Key is out this weekend. I've enjoyed the series so far and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the third film, which ended up being my favorite. Let's see how this one stacks up.
  3. Rotting Corpse

    With they're being so many Horror fans here I thought this would be a fun topic to share. Of all these Horror series, which is your favorite entry in each? You can add more series I didn't list before if you'd like, right now I'm just listing some of the notable ones. Friday The 13th Halloween A Nightmare On Elm Street Saw Scream Evil Dead Phantasm Alien Predator Hellraiser Child's Play The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Final Destination Paranormal Activity IMO the best entry in each: Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter Halloween - 1978 Original A Nightmare On Elm Street - New Nightmare Saw - Saw II Scream - Original Evil Dead - Evil Dead II Phantasm - Phantasm II Alien - Aliens Predator - Predator 2 Hellraiser - Original Child's Play - Original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003 Remake Final Destination - Original Paranormal Activity - Original
  4. Rotting Corpse

    Been a long time since I was last here and hard to believe I started this topic nearly four years prior, time sure has flown. Good to be back though Here's a slightly updated list from my original choices: Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter Halloween - 1978 Original A Nightmare On Elm Street - New Nightmare Saw - Saw II Scream - Original Evil Dead - Evil Dead II Phantasm - Phantasm II Alien - Aliens Predator - Predator 2 Hellraiser - Original Child's Play - Original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003 Remake Final Destination - Original Insidious - Chapter 3 The Conjuring - The Conjuring 2 The Purge - Anarchy Paranormal Activity - Original Puppet Master - Puppet Master 4 Maniac Cop - Maniac Cop 2 Romero's Living Dead - Day Of The Dead (1985) Return Of The Living Dead - Part II Poltergeist - Poltergeist II Jaws - Original Cube - Original Tremors - Original Leprechaun - Original Blade - Blade II Amityville - Only seen the original, remake and It's About Time Resident Evil - Seen the first two, need to see the rest to make fair judgment
  5. Part 1 of this documentary that aired in 2002 back on the Travel Channel covering the making on HHN 12. It's an older but still very interesting and cool documentary, definitely gets you in the mood to want to go. The other parts can be viewed in the links I posted (for some reason they won't embed as videos).
  6. Rotting Corpse

    I just realized The Conjuring will be eligible for this come June when the sequel is out. There's the sequel and also the Annabelle prequel from 2014. The original is one of my favorite Horror films and Annabelle wasn't bad though not nearly as good.
  7. Rotting Corpse

    The new Paranormal Activity was alright but I think the series has definitely run it's course and is in need of a proper finale. I think the first is probably still the best but part 2 is close behind it for me.
  8. Rotting Corpse

    The holiday season is reminding me of Silent Night, Deadly Night. I don't think I've seen any of the films though way back then I may have seen one or two on cable but that was so long ago. I always wanted to check out the first one.
  9. Rotting Corpse

    I remember Amazing Stories as well, that was an awesome series. Been years since I last saw it. My favorite one I think may have been the one with the Duppy?
  10. Rotting Corpse

    Recently went through the entire run of Tales From The Darkside. IMO the best episode per season: 1 - Inside The Closet 2 - Halloween Candy 3 - Seasons Of Belief 4 - The Family Reunion Halloween Candy is my favorite by far.
  11. Rotting Corpse

    Hearing the news of the AVP maze, I'd love to include that in my HHN event as well. Not sure which I'd replace it with since I'd hate to get rid of any of the others in my original post.
  12. Rotting Corpse

    On the subject of Horror TV shows, I recently got the complete Tales From The Darkside set, look forward to going through the entire series and seeing which episodes hold up the best. I know Halloween Candy will always be my favorite.
  13. Rotting Corpse

    This maze is definitely an unexpected but awesome surprise. I'm a huge Alien and Predator fan, so for HHN to finally have an attraction based around them is great. I know the AVP films weren't great but if anything good is to come out of them at least this maze should be fun.
  14. Rotting Corpse

    Thanks for that link, I'll be checking that out for sure.
  15. Rotting Corpse

    Shame it seems little if anything is saved from the old HHN events, I'd love to see footage and pictures from a lot of the older ones.
  16. Rotting Corpse

    Sort of surprised this topic never got more replies. I think it'd be fun to see how we'd mix up past HHN events for our own special event combining various ones. That reminds me, one of those theme park tycoon games, it'd be cool to get an HHN version of that
  17. Rotting Corpse

    I haven't seen the series yet but I'm looking forward to seeing this maze, it's a surprise for sure.
  18. Rotting Corpse

    Maybe a stretch to count either as Horror, but I was thinking of Godzilla and King Kong. Not totally straight-up Horror but not out of place, either.
  19. Rotting Corpse

    Watched this again for the first time in years and stand by The Gas Station being the best segment, though Eye was also good.
  20. Rotting Corpse

    Thanks for the link, I'll buy it sometime soon. It's only $10 plus shipping, not a bad deal at all. Wish other Halloween attraction specials were available to buy. I like the idea of a documentary that covers the history of HHN and explores all of the past attractions. Maybe one day it'll be made.
  21. Rotting Corpse

    No idea this was even on DVD, where'd you get it from?
  22. Rotting Corpse

    Haven't recently watched the PAs again I think part 2 might be my new favorite of the series, but the first two are both very close for me.
  23. Rotting Corpse

    I don't know if anyone remembers these movies or even knows of them, but the Warlock trilogy is another I remembered. I've seen the first two and liked both, the title villain is awesome.
  24. Rotting Corpse

    On the subject of anthologies, another I remembered was Body Bags from back in 1993. I haven't seen it in so long but remember it being pretty good, with The Gas Station segment being particularly good. Been meaning to get the recent Scream Factory Blu-ray of it.
  25. Rotting Corpse

    Did I mention Wrong Turn before? Not sure if I did, I only saw the original which I remember liking, never seen the sequels or prequels.