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  1. With your HNN discount - $25 per person. Standard rate is $30 per person. You will LOVE Asylum. I promise.
  2. Thanks, sweet pea. Would LOVE for you to play the Ringmaster. Maybe you can hook up with Zombieman and play?
  3. There are Easter eggs in The Asylum as well. I believe I have mentioned this before - but in case I haven't - all of our set design has been supervised (and some of it physically created) by Kim Gromoll. So, if you want to see a true Master's touch in an escape room.. you need to come visit us! Thanks for the recommendation, Nick! Honestly, I think it would be tough to play any of the rooms alone. There is no way you could do The Asylum by yourself.. MAYBE The Dig, but that is the only not scary, not creepy room. However, it's possible you could be slotted with others anyway, so that may help. Often we get couples or groups of three that book a slot, and other players can book in until the room fills.
  4. Hello everyone! I wanted to invite you all once again to Dare 2 Escape to play any of our games. We have The Asylum which is literally haunted (honestly, we have two employees who won't close by themselves because of it). It's a great room with some terrific scares. We also have The Ringmaster with it's definite creep factor. For your scaredy cats - we have The Dig which is a great game, but not scary. Also, we are featuring the grand opening of our newest room called The Archive. Don't let the "tame" name fool you - it is the culmination of the story that flows through the other three rooms. The set design alone would be worth checking it out as the same company who builds the HHN houses is doing our set. A MUST SEE. For those of you who didn't know, there are four owners of Dare 2 Escape - we met through Halloween Horror Nights (and this forum). We are HUGE Halloween fans, so our entire main space at D2E is Halloween themed. Honestly, I can't think of a better way to "pre-game" than by coming to play one of our games (in air conditioning) before sweating your butts off at HHN. We are offering all Nightmares peeps $5 off any game - except The Archive (because it is brand new and we cannot discount it right now). We would love to have all of you come and play. There is a meet up thread here of when all the forum members will be attending. Maybe you could even work it out to play with some of your fellow forum members if you would like. A good group size is 6. Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any questions or comments. Hope to see you all at D2E and then, of course, in the fog. http://www.dare2escape.com
  5. hunnylvr

    I'm beyond myself. Likely, I will buy myself at least two of these for when one wears out. OMG! Cannot wait! Every single one of us has a brand new Nightmares shirt - this includes the three newbies we are bringing this year. I LOVE wearing these shirts during the event.! The scareactors notice and that's what it's all about. Thanks Mark!
  6. Figures.. you had four shots at being there the same weekend as us.. Fail.
  7. Which Wednesday to Sunday, Sir? Is it possible we may actually meet?
  8. Since they added the Wednesday before this year's Microsoft event, maybe Microsoft can take the damn Wednesday next year instead, and give those of us who travel for the long weekend a shot at a Thurs - Sat uninterrupted run. This year, I had to take the following Monday off of work, so I could attend Sunday since Thursday was off the table. Annoying when one only has so many vacation days in a year. Although.. at the beginning of the year, my vacation days are assigned for HHN first.
  9. I'm well aware that the 25 house had to be "thrown together". However, it doesn't change the actual fact that Purge was a house before. To say otherwise is simply false. It also doesn't change the fact that we've had variations of the Purge for way too many years now. That is my point. Too much of the same thing over and over completely devalues the content, and it sure as hell sucks away any chance of a good scare. I've said this already, but I'll say it again - the presence of this house doesn't change my excitement or my anticipation for this year's event. I'll just skip this one. If you all enjoy it, more power to ya
  10. It is absolutely NOT the first time Purge has had a house. It had a house for 25.
  11. Blumhouse definitely WAS the WORST last year. We went thru it twice and gave up. And usually - crappy movie, by definition, translates to crappy house. If I don't give a single shit about the property, why would I about the house? Purge is done.. overdone... stick a fork in it.
  12. I am beyond excited about Scary Tales. I am predicting it will be in my top 3 houses this year. For the record, screw Blumhouse. I will probably go through once to say I did it, and that's it. My entire group feels the same. They are definitely the new Walking Dead. But it's fine - it doesn't take away my excitement for this event one bit. My only disappointment is that we still have 3 weeks, 3 days more to wait. As for announcements and traveling.. I've traveled from Chicago for this event since 2005. It would've never crossed my mind to wait and see what content was being announced before I would book my travel. I already know it will be the best Halloween event I attend all year, so I just have faith I will be blown away every year. I have NEVER been disappointed. If you really want to save money on planning travel... just plan it. I've had my airfare for all four weekends since April. One other thing - has anyone seen the HHN28 logo yet? You know what I mean, right? Like I mentioned before.. HHN25 used the theater lights in the numbers, 26 had Chance's eye makeup.. Long story, but I need that logo.
  13. hunnylvr

    Thanks very much for posting these! Maybe I was having issues with my computer or something.. but one of these was definitely lost underneath the video.
  14. hunnylvr

    Poltergeist officially announced https://twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL/status/1027585391388442626
  15. hunnylvr

    I've learned never to think this way. I will never forget when I was lurking on these forums years ago, and the concept for Gothic was announced, and everyone was talking about gargoyles.. and I thought.. Well THAT is STUPID. That house will be a waste. Needless to say, I was so very, very wrong. Turns out that house was AMAZING and it makes my top 5 HHN houses of all time. You can never, ever write off an original until you experience it. I have full faith in those guys to pull off something epic with this.