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  1. I assumed the left field thing was maybe pointing at an IP. I was just reminiscing about one of my fave houses of all time. I'm also hoping for four originals.
  2. If we aren't getting IT, we sure as hell wouldn't be getting Creepshow, Pet Sematary or Children of the Corn. If we are talking about a field - I'd take Scarecrow Part 2 in a corn field.
  3. I'm pretty sure Ifrit is an insider. If things change, then what Ifrit says corrects accordingly. I think people hate on him/her (how do we know it's a "him"?) because of what @Legacy said earlier about objectivity. If you really, really desire something (like me and @mystiquephreeq do with IT), then your contribution to speculation is skewed towards fitting what you want into what is being said instead of objectively reading what is being said to determine what will actually be. Make sense? I, too, have internally shelved the hope of IT coming to the event. When I heard this was "definitely happening", my heart exploded.. and then I immediately thought "are you insane? Until it's officially announced, step back." Apparently, my initial response was the correct one. Wariness with speculation and rumor is a prudent thing. No matter what will be at HHN, it will be awesome. My airfare is already booked for three different weekends. I'm considering a fourth (opening weekend) as well, but I want to know more of what is officially coming before I shell out more $$. On a related note - frequent fear is assumed. It BETTER be back because traveling isn't cheap.
  4. I sure as hell noticed it because the song has been stuck in my head for an hour now. THanks @mystiquephreeq I didn't comment though because everything I read after pretty much said Lost Boys. I have to say, if this is true, I, too, will be bringing Kleenex with me this year. (like I don't cry every goddam year over something.. I'm a sentimental dolt).
  5. Let me say again... I want PHANTASM! If we are going to get horror nostalgic, how is this not on the list? I cannot even comment on the idea that IT may be scrapped. I, like @mystiquephreeq, made the huge mistake of getting my hopes up and actually believing the rumors. If there is a giant flushing sound emanating from the A&D offices, I don't want to know. I will also stay in denial until the full reveal if I have to.
  6. Why would the Conjuring even be on the table to begin with after the cluster it caused last year? That makes sense to me. There are some things that burn you... and you should learn from it.
  7. Oh horseshit. People would lose their minds! It's the users of the FF passes that are shelling out the most money for them. They are faithful.. they show up a ton of nights (even the crappy ones). And every single time, they are spending money. These are the same people who buy all the merch (crappy or not). I wouldn't believe that for a second. If, by chance, it IS true - I will rain hellfire down on someone because traveling to Florida 3 or 4 weekends for this event is expensive enough. I don't need to shell out for individual tix and express on top of it.
  8. Personally, I think that was one of the best promos they've ever done. LOVED IT!
  9. Ugh! Those assholes! It appears they are doing it again - taking a prime night at HHN. Must adjust travel AGAIN. That's usually our first weekend down.. dammit.
  10. I almost fell over when I saw the "big announcement" for Christmas stuff.. it came up in the news feed I have set up to review several blogs. I had to actually click on the home link for the article to make sure I wasn't getting some weird post from last year. And there it was - 2018 Christmas. Seriously? I would hope we get something by end of week. Anything.. any crumb will do. Please, for the love of god and everything holy (threw that in hoping the easter connection would make magic happen.. not holding my breath).
  11. I think I can speak for most of us when I say "bad decisions and messy politics" could be its own horror story. Take from that what you will. Let's hope this year is better. I remember the excitement I had when I saw the notification about my soul being requested, etc. etc.. and saw the countdown and waited for some "special gift" all of us soulless people were supposed to get. In hindsight, I feel like a dumbass for waiting and hoping. it's like Linus waiting on the Great Pumpkin. #dumbshit
  12. There was a marketing campaign for 27? Could've fooled me #Unimarketingsucks
  13. Hey, I graduated in 1985. I'm still missing why we'd be doing The Thing again. Honest to god, wasn't that at HHN just a few years ago?
  14. Ah Twilight Zone the movie - EPIC! I haven't thought of that one in years. LOL! Of course, agree, agree, agree. I know we have Ifrit for clues - just got another tweet now which basically says we are getting Trick R Treat. However, I do not believe Ifrit has access to get those wonderful pics inside the soundstages of houses being built. I miss that.
  15. I seriously doubt we would see a year with only one original. A&D has hit it BIG with their offerings every time - and last year was a crown jewel. The buzz was all about Scarecrow and Dead Waters. They must have some kind of leverage with that. I have to say, I would've killed for a Scarecrow shirt last year. Anyway, I digress. HHN is about balance. Not everyone likes sci-fi, not everyone likes gore, etc, etc. If you're calling it Halloween Horror Nights - then the horrors must be many, and they must be diversified. While I am very excited about the idea that the overall theme may be an 80's one (since I actually am a child of the 80's), I still want to see what they will come up with that's new and ORIGINAL. I am always the first one to say that A&D absolutely rocks the IPs - and some of those have been my faves over the years. But my heart is with the originals because the scares are unexpected. We have no idea what to anticipate other than the tiny details we get on the house name and a short blurb on the story. After that - well, prepare to have your best scares of the event. I also agree that they need to step it up with the scarezones. TRT was AMAZING last year - but the others just didn't do it for me, and one absolutely SUCKED. That bummed me out a bit because, to me, the scarezones are what keep the continuity of the event going. I love the interactions, and some of my fave actors have been in scarezones. As for an icon and marketing.. let me say how much a HATE that Universal has given HHN to their marketing group instead of letting A&D have their fingers in it. It's the worst decision they ever made. The soul collectors thing last year was not only stupid, but a huge letdown when not a single thing came of it. Their Twitter and FB interactions are lame, and they have no concept of what the fans want. I realize Aiello has moved on to bigger things, but goddam I miss him being the HHN voice on Twitter. He would always find a way to sneak pics to us or to make those lovely cryptic comments that would set this forum off for days. Now we got these nob-heads who use the most generic, over-used responses, and they have no initiative, passion or smarts to toss us those lovely bones as we scramble for information. I just HATE them. That all being said, if it's up to this group (and the assholes who put them in charge), don't hold your breath for the icon you so desperately want because these idiots can't see the forest for the trees.