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  1. https://hhnunofficial.com/2019/01/17/rumor-hhn-moving/ im sure it’s been discussed here. They move the Monsters Cafe if this ever happens!
  2. I finally watch the Belko Experiment. Good show! I enjoyed it! Now if it came to HHN it would just be another PURGE house set in an office building. .... and FREAKS as a house.... you've gotta be kidding. As GREAT as that film is.... todays culture isnt gonna let that happen.....
  3. We are soul brothers LOL.... Purge/HDD was the worst thing since the Alice Cooper house. Complete waste of time. I did it once and was like BASTA! Kinda off topic but did anyone else watch Hell Fest and miss HHN? I thought that was a cool movie and kept thinking this is like HHN if they let in 10% of what they usually let in!!!
  4. do we really have to do the Rick and Morty shit this year???? Ugh.....
  5. Not a huge MM fan at all... but that house would be awesome. Just based on his videos!
  6. This is just my opinion.... but the only band I think could pull off a house is Metallica. They have mass appeal to a lot of people young and old and has dark content. I know its fashionable to hate on them but their music is perfect for a house and lot of it to choose from.
  7. PeoriaBJJ

    You are the "almost" old guys at HHN! haha
  8. PeoriaBJJ

    I like your style! I do the same shit. Admittedly I might have broke a guys phone bc he walked right into while looking at it. I really didnt have anywhere to go. we collided and his phone hit the ground, by the sound of it there was no case on it either... now Im not saying this to sound like a tough guy Im using it as an example of the effect of social media, smart phones and dummies. And dont get me wrong I use my phone at HHN like a MFer but Im not being inconsiderate while doing it either. Im also 41 years old so Im not a kid.
  9. PeoriaBJJ

    the fucking selfies that everyone posts has made it harder than hell to get around the park now a days.... yes Ive dont it too.
  10. Im just gonna come out and say it.... Killer Klowns sucks. DO NOT make this a house. It will make Blumhouse look interesting.
  11. I would too. I also have no sources at all.
  12. My inside sources have told me that TWD is coming back in a big way with the release of a feature film coming next year.
  13. Im not gonna lie... I laughed all the way thru this. I'm picturing someone that needs coffee ASAP! But I definitely agree with you on plenty.... H4 was blah, Blumhouse was just f**king awful, Slaughter Sinema was fantastic.... but giving Carnival Graveyard a 6??? For shame! I loved that maze! I didn't think this year was the strongest, but I def don't think it was the weakest ever. But you and I agree on plenty. Good review!
  14. PeoriaBJJ

    hahahaha for real!
  15. PeoriaBJJ

    I hear ya... the most I get agitated is when a group decides to just stop in the middle of a moving crowd to talk or whatever. Not just at HHN tho, anywhere. Grocery store, the mall, whatever. Im 41 though so Im old and crotchety right? Get off my lawn!!! hahaha!
  16. PeoriaBJJ

    Saturday 9/22 was absolutely insane. Worst crowd Ive ever seen and Ive been going for a LONG time. I try not to let it bother me. Plus Im a big guy so I can kinda make my own way through crowd. But the amount of people is crazy and the fact 50% of them are staring at a phone instead of where the fuck they are walking... it can get pretty bad. But agreed... content was on point this year!
  17. Houses: Stranger Things – 8.5 They did a great job with this house. Very detailed and my gawd these Demogorgons! Every room was right on. I even like the Evil Dead-esque title wall. Very fun house and the guy I saw playing Hopper might have actually been Hopper. Love seeing this franchise with the characters too! Fun house! Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces – 10/10 I’m in love with this house. Literally everything about it was incredible. The façade was incredible (common theme this year), it was huge and right away you know there is going to be a lot to look at! I love junk yards and all things abandoned so this was right up my alley. Lots of little Easter eggs to look for and at least one guest activated button in there. This set was so well done. It simply just looks awesome! The actors all looked great and the energy was always high. Also had a first in a house… I got yelled at for stopping. Lol Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - 9.5/10 Another STRING and original house! Damn this one was epic too! The facade was incredible with the Wicked Witch flying around and threatening the guests! All the rooms were awesome, all the costumes were on point.... and the twists on all the fairy tales worked for me. Took a couple times to get the jist of it but it clicked and was great! With the exception of never seeing a Mermaid. Am I the only one? Really fun house. Loved everything about it! Poltergeist – 8.5 I think a fair comparison to this house would be the Exorcist house. Which I also loved. This house was great. The facade was cool (“You son of a bitch!”) but out of the 4 times I went through I only got rained on twice. Lots of good scares and the rooms with the TV worked great. The demon was cool as hell and used well. And the clown…. The clown that haunted my dreams as a young whippersnapper…. Really well used! This was used in 3 houses but the actors with the puppets on them like they are being attacked is a great gag. Works great! Very fun, nostalgic house! The Horrors of Blumhouse – 1/10 I went into this house knowing it was going to suck and I was not disappointed. HDD was a fun movie but doesn’t translate into a house at all. Like not even remotely. And The Purge, The First Purge…. This whole franchise shows how much Hollywood (the industry) sucks. Its just bad. It’s the new TWD at HHN now. Just stop using it. Was this a last second replacement house? It definitely felt like it. Did this house once and that was enough for meeeee! Slaughter Sinema – 10/10 I have a soft spot in my heart for the Drive-In as a grew up with one a mile from my house. I also have a soft spot for shitty b-movies. Like Carnival Graveyard I loved everything about this house. Everything. The intros playing were great. I like the format of the movie poster, then the room. It is awesome. Lots of good scares. AND I got to see something Ive been asking for YEARS…. A Bigfoot/Yeti… and there were 3!!!! Well done! Dead Exposure: Patient Zero – 6/10 Pretty fun house. Those monkeys were fantastic! Great use of the Dead Exposure effect. If you went through already you know the subway car scene is an old trick but done perfectly. But, alas, zombies, again. I know its probably just me, but I'm burned out on zombies. But still gets points for the scenery. The subway, the catacombs. All really great stuff. I also got BLASTED every time I went in the front gate wit the fog machine, I mean, the decontamination machine Seeds of Extinction – 8/10 This FAR exceeded my expectations! From the early announcement I thought “meh”. But this house was really great. The scares weren’t the greatest, hell even the creatures weren’t the greatest…. But the scenery was really, really awesome! From the pay phones, to the nursery, to the damn Cessna!!!!! What a great house of weeds, wind and rain! So good! Well done! Trick r Treat – 9/10 Right when you walk in and see Sam to the left in the fog and walk into the house… the fun starts! Love the disappearing Sam atop the stairs was awesome. And do I need to tell you how happy I was to see the AWIL puppet? Albeit a little modified but it was still awesome! Love love love the final room. That was so good with the half bus. Really great house with some good scares, but that scenery was f**king spot on. As were the smells! Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers – 6/10 Look there is Mike over there! And over there! And over there! LOL Fun house. Admittedly I had to re-watch the movie before the event to even remember most of this film. Glad I did. Made the story line more enjoyable. Now Michael Meyers is the icon. Rarely do you see anything outside of a few scenes in the original that you would recognize with zero context. Now I will never complain about a Halloween house. Ever. But I think its time to tackle another franchise. Scare Zones: The Harvest – 4/10 It gets 4 bc of some bad ass characters with long arms and some good mood to it. Not much to this zone other than to introduce the IPs for the year. Still fun but nothing exemplary about it. But it worked to get the HHN juices flowing if you steadied straight once entering the gates. If you needed help getting said juices flowing. Probably not an issue in this group! Vamp 85: New Years Eve – 7/10 Great energy, great scaractors, great prop pieces, etc. Really fun zone. The actors seemed to love it. Awesome costumes with all the 80’s celebrities. Countdown was on and the news crew was excellent. I got some great video ad pics in this zone without disturbing anyone. Good stuff! Killer Klowns From Outer Space – 6/10 Admittedly not a big fan of the film or franchise…. BUT…. Really fun zone. Costumes were AWESOME! The combo smoke/bubble machine was a cool trick! Nothing but smiles in this zone and I loved what they did with the projector on the whole line of buildings with the stripes. Very cool zone! Twisted Tradition – 7/10 Now this is consistently my fav stretch for a scare zone. I love all the pumpkins and the traditional themes Uni has been putting over there. But this year seemed to fall kinda flat. I still enjoyed it but it was pretty monotone. Pretty much a carryover form Trick r Treat there last year with less things to look at. I will say my fav costume of the year was the guy on stilts that was the illuminates skeleton thingy. Bad ass effect and design! Still my favo scare zone. Even though it didn’t pop like in the past its still soooooo good! Revenge of Chucky – 6/10 Fun zone! Loved all the toys! Especially the barrel of monkeys (wear your rain coat!) and the ventriloquist dummy! My only complaint…. Whoever was voicing for Chucky (sorry if you read this) was terrible. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find someone with a little more wit and personality to do this. I'm sure it wasn’t easy doing that for hours on end and I'm sure PC Nazis were on guard ready to pounce as soon as you made fun of the wrong thing. But I felt that part was kinda weak. Still fun though! Merchandise - 9/10 Lots of good stuff to buy. I would have liked a dedicated coffee mug to the entire event but no a big deal. I bought that scare zone tshirt too! First time in HHN history I bought a tshirt that actually fits me. I'm 6’5” and like 230…. Shirts always were too short or not enough room in the shoulders or the sleeves were like a wizards. This one fits perfectly. Might pick up a few on ebay to have around for years to come! LOL All kinds of good stuff! And yes Uni…. You got me. I bought that vibrating skull just to get the other lanyard you tricky f**kers!!!! Hahaha! Overall I had a great 4 nights at HHN28. Houses are so good anymore when the concept is right. Its just a great time! I've said it on here before and I’ll always say it… If you’re lucky enough to be at HHN, you are lucky enough!
  18. PeoriaBJJ

    I went through this house 4 times and never once saw a Mermaid. Just those Zebra fish things. Im glad I got to see this ONCE. ON the last run we did on 9/23 he was just pacing. Actor looked bored to be honest. My fav house of the year though.
  19. The prop shop before Mels... can remember the name of the place now.
  20. Did anyone pick up one of these prints? Only 50 to be sold.... its the owner of the Carnival Graveyard. Also the guy that was throwing barrels at you in the house.
  21. Yup. I didn’t know about the other one. I got the Klown one. Thing is it worked for 2 days after I bought it. Whatever. So i so I just got home. Did 4 nights in a row. We had a blast! Great houses and fun scare zones! Very happy overall without the event this year! I’ll post an ‘official ‘ review in a few days!
  22. Survey says..... Blumhouse! Just my opinion but HDD doesn’t translate well into a house and Purge is just lame as f*ck. Did it last night and I’m done. Now my FF cup say it expires in 3 hours. Any idea what the deal is with this? I’ve asked a couple employees and got a couple different answers.
  23. Yeah it’s everywhere. Nothing looks douchier than vaping. BUT... Some really good houses this year! Only did one last night that I won’t bother with the next 3 nights. You can probably guess. There has also been a couple that I thought we’re probably not gonna be that great that turned out to be really really good !!
  24. Dear god... can it please be acceptable to snatch a vape out of a persons hands and smash it against their face? PLEASE? When did it become ok to smoke (whatever) out everyone around you?
  25. PeoriaBJJ

    I would love to pay $800 a ticket!!!!