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Everything posted by PeoriaBJJ

  1. so literally half this board knows something/everything.... all this vague talk is giving me a headache... am I just in a bad mood or is there actually nothing to talk about right now? seems like everything is up in the air right now besides whats been announced.
  2. "left field" Field of Screams house CONFIRMED!!!!!!
  3. did he really? I loved that guy! He kept me laughing all the time... like a grumpy old man.
  4. So many good things about this post..... I like the idea of ST in the back.... and the fact that you used the name JAYDEN made me legit laugh.... and I cant wait for my mini-me's to be old enough to go to HHN. My almost 5 year old daughter said she'll go when she is 35 LOL. Which would make me 71 years old. I stay in good shape but damn she mght have to go a little sooner than that!!!!
  5. my sources tell me that an IP house is being canceled and they are going to use TWD as a quick replacement.... ok ok ok .... seriously though... ST has to be right up front. It will be the biggest name this year.
  6. ^^^ when bed set shopping for a my daughter at Target this past weekend and saw the same thing. She didnt want to the ST set. Went with rainbows instead.
  7. 2 shows???? B&T are back! Confirmed!!!!!!!
  8. That would be my guess.... but the way marketing has been going the last few years nothing would surprise me.
  9. Would love to see a huge portrait of Jim Morrison while hearing Cry, Little Sister.... fuck that would be insane. Lost Boys is a film I watch every time its on.
  10. Lost Boys would be so sick... I love that film. And I would finally have an excuse (like I need one) to buy that Santa Carla Murder Capital of the World tshirt Ive been eyeing for years!
  11. maybe sucks is a little harsh... but I cant keep straight the conjuring, insidious, sinister, annbelle, etc.... they all run together in my mind like a 12 hour epic of something.
  12. The Conjuring suuuuuuuuuuucks... leave it alone Uni!!!!!! Just like my opinion man.
  13. Was just talking to my better half and we are waiting for the FFP to be announced so we can start booking. We've used that option every year since they offered them.
  14. Was thinking the same thing... very cool promo.
  15. I dont want to. I dont think anyway.
  16. I just want something bad ass... if its sweepstakes Im gonna flip my shit.
  17. THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. where is this 80's theme stuff coming from???
  19. if they did 10 TWD houses I'd be soooooooooooo happy....... to kill myself.
  20. I cant imagine what the budget for B&T was....
  21. I know Ive asked this on here before... and maybe my memory isn't as great as it used to be (I get choked a lot)... but was there a Metaluna Mutant in the last couple rooms of the Thing:Assimilation???? I swear to gawd I remember seeing that.....
  22. probably hit up Sept 27, 28, 29, 30!
  23. I would love a HR Bloodngutz/Classic Monsters mash-up.... he is hosting his tv show and all the classics get their own room in all B&W.
  24. wait what is being replaced? and what is it being replaced with?
  25. Full disclosure... I only know about Bioshock bc of this place. I am also 41 and have never played videos much in my life.