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  1. https://hhnunofficial.com/2019/01/17/rumor-hhn-moving/ im sure it’s been discussed here. They move the Monsters Cafe if this ever happens!
  2. I finally watch the Belko Experiment. Good show! I enjoyed it! Now if it came to HHN it would just be another PURGE house set in an office building. .... and FREAKS as a house.... you've gotta be kidding. As GREAT as that film is.... todays culture isnt gonna let that happen.....
  3. We are soul brothers LOL.... Purge/HDD was the worst thing since the Alice Cooper house. Complete waste of time. I did it once and was like BASTA! Kinda off topic but did anyone else watch Hell Fest and miss HHN? I thought that was a cool movie and kept thinking this is like HHN if they let in 10% of what they usually let in!!!
  4. do we really have to do the Rick and Morty shit this year???? Ugh.....
  5. Not a huge MM fan at all... but that house would be awesome. Just based on his videos!
  6. This is just my opinion.... but the only band I think could pull off a house is Metallica. They have mass appeal to a lot of people young and old and has dark content. I know its fashionable to hate on them but their music is perfect for a house and lot of it to choose from.
  7. PeoriaBJJ

    You are the "almost" old guys at HHN! haha
  8. PeoriaBJJ

    I like your style! I do the same shit. Admittedly I might have broke a guys phone bc he walked right into while looking at it. I really didnt have anywhere to go. we collided and his phone hit the ground, by the sound of it there was no case on it either... now Im not saying this to sound like a tough guy Im using it as an example of the effect of social media, smart phones and dummies. And dont get me wrong I use my phone at HHN like a MFer but Im not being inconsiderate while doing it either. Im also 41 years old so Im not a kid.
  9. PeoriaBJJ

    the fucking selfies that everyone posts has made it harder than hell to get around the park now a days.... yes Ive dont it too.
  10. Im just gonna come out and say it.... Killer Klowns sucks. DO NOT make this a house. It will make Blumhouse look interesting.
  11. I would too. I also have no sources at all.
  12. My inside sources have told me that TWD is coming back in a big way with the release of a feature film coming next year.
  13. Im not gonna lie... I laughed all the way thru this. I'm picturing someone that needs coffee ASAP! But I definitely agree with you on plenty.... H4 was blah, Blumhouse was just f**king awful, Slaughter Sinema was fantastic.... but giving Carnival Graveyard a 6??? For shame! I loved that maze! I didn't think this year was the strongest, but I def don't think it was the weakest ever. But you and I agree on plenty. Good review!
  14. PeoriaBJJ

    hahahaha for real!
  15. PeoriaBJJ

    I hear ya... the most I get agitated is when a group decides to just stop in the middle of a moving crowd to talk or whatever. Not just at HHN tho, anywhere. Grocery store, the mall, whatever. Im 41 though so Im old and crotchety right? Get off my lawn!!! hahaha!