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  1. I can not think of anything I'd rather do less than get on Jimmy Fallon ride. I hated him on SNL and nothings changed. Im sure he's a cool dude though.....
  2. Im all for a Poltergeist house.... I dont mind haunted houses, but Im done with Conjuring, Sinister, and the other one that are all pretty much the same franchise.
  3. my condolences... let me ask you this.... Ive been wanting to go to Hollywood and do touristy stuff. One thing being a tour of the studios. If I went during HHN would I be disappointed in Hollywoods event compared to all these years in Orlando?
  4. Happy Friday the 13th too everyone!
  5. I saw that PURGE announcement and yell "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"........ my wife is across the house and yells back "Its only Hollywood settle down!" Which is a bigger joke now? Purge or Walking Dead?
  6. You arent familiar with WESKER are you? LOL
  7. we are all booked! Staying at Sapphire Falls this time around! As soon as my wife tells me the days I'll post! LOL I really dont know!
  8. PeoriaBJJ

    SLAUGHTER SINEMA will be my favorite house. I'm calling it already. I've also been calling for a cryptids house for years... so the fact this one has a "swamp yeti" thrills me!
  9. PeoriaBJJ

    I wonder what the facade is going to be? For the last several years I keep saying to myself that Im gonna decorate my house like the house in Trick R Treat. Would love to see it!
  10. you know... that something Uni doesn't get enough credit for, the music. They must have some real music nerds in the ranks bc they knock it out of the park with their music selection. And of course I'm listening to it year round!!
  11. no PURGE please.... god Im done with that shit.
  12. they could bring back the drive-in SZ from a couple years ago and Id be cool with it. Loved that one!
  13. I cant get into dance shows. AoV was okay bc of the horror theme.... but its not my ideal Halloween event show.
  14. Good point.... maybe they take it up a notch with all that space.