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  1. I know Ive asked this on here before... and maybe my memory isn't as great as it used to be (I get choked a lot)... but was there a Metaluna Mutant in the last couple rooms of the Thing:Assimilation???? I swear to gawd I remember seeing that.....
  2. probably hit up Sept 27, 28, 29, 30!
  3. I would love a HR Bloodngutz/Classic Monsters mash-up.... he is hosting his tv show and all the classics get their own room in all B&W.
  4. wait what is being replaced? and what is it being replaced with?
  5. Full disclosure... I only know about Bioshock bc of this place. I am also 41 and have never played videos much in my life.
  6. 2 things... just my opinions: 1 - no way does Uni miss using IT two years in a row if its possible. That franchise is a cash cow and HHN isn't afraid to use the same property twice. 2 - no more video games and for the love of god... no pro wrasslin' anything.
  7. "confidentiality clause"... they aren't sending out info they deem confidential or sensitive. I admire everyone's loyalty to the brand but its not national security. Along with the actual survey I'm sure they use the banter (about said survey) on these forums too! They know what they are doing.
  8. 9 houses? what am i missing here?
  9. I have no problem with a running event. My wife likes to run. She did the Tower of Terror 10 miler before. It was fun.
  10. 7-11 seven eleven seven - eleven even back doored little Joe.... ICE CUBE house confirmed!!!!
  11. LOL you sound just like my wife!!!!!! yup! Ill take classic 70's/80's slashers any day. Purge sucks/is old, WD... please, AHS now has one season to pull from. I think Im one of the few people that actually liked this last season but a house devoted to it would be silly.
  12. Seriously... that would make my decision of a new back deck or HHN pretty easy.....
  13. I was told a few years ago that they never hired child scaractors. A UTH tour guide told me that. So I just assume they are REALLY small adults.
  14. really???? underage kids working into the small hours of the night? Is that even legal??? I mean I know shit flies a little different in FL but still.... Well I remember the girl that played Carrie back at 25 has issues with drunks to the point I believe she left (maybe I heard that). I have said it here before but I have only drunk be an issue once since I've been going in 2006. And that was just a guy that was a little loud in line so the cops pulled him out and talked to him. I guess I'm also not a small guy so maybe its just not something I have to worry about. Personally I would have no problem intervening if I saw drunks effing around with people/scaractors, but then I open myself up for trouble and lawsuits too. this would be SICK line up of IPs

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