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  1. Dear god... can it please be acceptable to snatch a vape out of a persons hands and smash it against their face? PLEASE? When did it become ok to smoke (whatever) out everyone around you?
  2. PeoriaBJJ

    I would love to pay $800 a ticket!!!!
  3. Cant read the type at the bottom.... Now that I copy/paste it I CAN read it.... looks like just for FFP folks?
  4. I see they have $29 frequent souvenir cups..... anyone know the details on these? That for the whole event? Just the night? I like the idea...
  5. PeoriaBJJ

    I actually made a video of this. Sync up all the movies and then some. If anyone is every interested in it message me. I had it up on youtube but they flagged it an took it down.
  6. haha! some day... some day!
  7. no problem as long as you can afford it! We are trying Sapphire Falls this year for our stay. We've stayed at Cabana Bay the last 3 years bc I loved it. But the my wife wanted to switch it up this year. Im more of a creature of habit I guess.
  8. awesome! We come down from IL!
  9. We are getting in on 9/19. We will get to the park late. We are going to land at MCO, get in the rental and drive to Vero Beach. My brother lives there and he bought a new house. So before they announced that extra couple days I committed to going to see his new house and actually surprise him as he doesn't know we are coming. So gotta do that for a few hours, drive back it Orlando, check in at the hotel THEN finally get to the park!!! Gonna be a looooooong day! tl;dr - we will be there late on the 19th! LOL
  10. oh yeah. My wife and I have been going for a long time. Its literally our favorite thing to do together.... 5 days is going to be awesome!
  11. I'm going Wednesday through Sunday this year! I'm fuggin stoked!
  12. PeoriaBJJ

    Someone is already "pre-selling" this stuff on ebay with a mid Sept ship date! Damn someone is ready to sell! They havent even shown most of it yet!
  13. Well with the addition of those extra nights I get to go 5 nights in a row!!!!!!! YEEEES!
  14. Im glad someone agrees! LOL