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  1. Guys, sorry but Us is NOT a Blumhouse Production. It's a Monkeypaw Production distributed by Universal Studios. With Jason Blum given a producer credit. There's no Blumhouse title card at the beginning.
  2. rockingamer17

    Just wanted to add to one Gambit made.
  3. rockingamer17

    Updated with today's announcement.
  4. rockingamer17

    Made my own, hope that's alright. I can update as announcements come.
  5. rockingamer17

    I really don't understand where these horror stories are coming from, I've gone twice and had a great time. Got there early and got in no problem. Did most attractions before the big rush around 11. Biggest wait my first time was 90 mins, typical for June in any park. Second trip biggest wait was 140 mins, hit up the wave pool, both rivers, then had lunch and rode. And on both trips I did everything I wanted to do by 3. No problems with TapuTapu, no complaints of anything looking unfinished, no issue with lazy rivers. And yeah you can only do 1 ride at a time because if you're physically standing in line you can't exactly be in 2 places at once. Anyway, back to the topic of HHN.
  6. rockingamer17

    I traced the outline of the wording, looks like the tagline.
  7. rockingamer17

    Yeah, basically all we know is it's a vampire house in what was supposed to be Conjuring and not Vampyr. Apparently it won't be 100% Conjuring sets though as they're believed to have stopped working on it when that was up in the air and it'll be the last one finished.
  8. rockingamer17

    This is NOT a Black Eyed Kids house. It's a vampire house. Someone just mentioned them in spec because of the hint "they have to be invited in". But it's just a new take on a vampire house.
  9. rockingamer17

    Well according to Variety they're already moving forward with The Conjuring 3. So it must not be much of an issue. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/conjuring-3-david-leslie-johnson-1202478681/
  10. rockingamer17

    I'm just saying if you hate it now, you would have hated it back then and probably would have stopped attending if you need to know everything beforehand. Might be tiresome, but it's the truth. We legitimately didn't know what we were getting until August. Just speculation and rumors like what we have now. "A house about a cemetery and blue light","A house in the middle of a war zone with a tank". Just the general concepts. So I don't mean spoiled in a bad way, just that you're used to getting all this info before hand and that's how you're used to planning your trip. Back then you'd plan your trip either because you had gone before and knew you'd have a good time or had heard such good things you were determined to check it out.
  11. rockingamer17

    I kinda just want to touch on these points for a second, because I really think everyone needs to calm down. It really wasn't until 2012 that the "new IP era" started the trend of constantly getting updated every few weeks with announcements. A lot of people that started going around that time really don't realize that. For example in 2009 and 2011 we got the major IP's announced first around June. Saw, Chucky, Wolfman in 2009 and The Thing remake in 2011. We basically got our major IP's announced already as well. After that there were no bi-weekly announcements, nothing from twitter. Wasn't really a thing then, no construction photos etc. We got a teaser site, which now we pretty much have a bit of teaser site as well. In 2010 all we had for months was a teaser website because there were no IP's to announce. Then yeah 2009 had little story articles you could find on the site and 2011 had these games. This fueled speculation and to help connect the dots with what was being rumored, while also immersing us into a bit of a story. Which it's those backstories and whatnot that I really miss. But we still didn't get any actual announcements. For those 3 years it literally wasn't until one night in August that everything would be revealed all at once: icon, houses, zones, shows, theme etc. And that night wasn't announced until the week of. It was like opening your gifts on christmas morning being bombarded with all this awesome info. So at least now we have a date to look forward to ahead of time and it gives me hope that when we do get all the info it will be awesome and worth the wait. I just think people that have become fans more recently have become a bit spoiled with a constant flow of announcements and whatnot the last few years.
  12. rockingamer17

    Updated my iPhone Wallpaper with the new "Your Soul Is Requested" Tagline.
  13. rockingamer17

    As a fan of the series I loved the house at 19, and looking forward to what this one could be. The one in 19, the facade was like a steel mill warehouse in the jaws queue. You enter and see jigsaw in his lair with security cameras/tvs displaying different victims in different traps. The rest is walking through moments from the films watching victims in the traps. You see Adam in the bathroom with his foot chained to the wall, Amanda with the reverse bear trap, the barb wire trap from part 1, head trapped in a box from part 5 etc. Then in the end you're chased out by pig masked jigsaw. Billy the puppet also had a scare where he would roll out and blast you with air.
  14. rockingamer17

    Here is the iPhone 6 wallpaper I made, should hopefully fit most iphones.
  15. rockingamer17

    I'm pretty sure HHN17-Teaser is just a short hand way of labeling HHN 2017 Teaser