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  1. Is there any other way you can confirm if that's the correct answer?
  2. No. One of those four may still be coming. One of those four I now expect to see. There's another commonly speculated one that I don't expect anymore.
  3. One of those four may still be coming, based on what I was told.
  4. I haven't started hinting at originals yet.
  5. The idea of an “80s year” predates the first update... but *shrug* I miss Emeric. EDIT - I saw what you were doing in this post, BTW.
  6. Not even a rumor. Just looking at the rumored lineup and wishful speculation.
  7. Look out for that. Whatever's out in left field can creep up on you.
  8. He’s someone I pay attention to. He gets information. Whether he’s accurate on this, I’m not sure. And a tip is treat speculation and your desire as two different things. If what you want to see is driving your speculation, then speculation will be a lot harder. It has to be objective.
  9. I make that I'm being intentionally vague and this comment came from someone who hasn't really been paying attention to what I've been saying. I've not said anything is happening "after all." And "funny" doesn't mean false.
  10. I suspect that whatever they feature will be dynamite.
  11. There's talk of it because of my uncertainty about Houses. But speculation doesn't equal rumor. People need to keep that in mind. EDIT - This is much closer to what it was like in the aughts. It's different. There's far more people who "know" stuff now. But when the old-hats talk about missing old speculation, this is why. I'll even admit, I'm holding back some information and phrasing things in certain ways to try and drive conversation. It's far more interesting that way.
  12. I don't trust leaks. It's going in Nazerman's.