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  1. "Treatment" isn't a clue. It's the write-up for a house/zone. Saying Orlando is "ahead of the game" is based on old rules. The event is starting earlier than ever and, if there are 12 houses this year, starting house 7 now may put them right on schedule or a little behind.
  2. Absolutely not. And if an icon happens (which I doubt), it's unlikely to be Usher. And don't expect a "Silver Screams."
  3. I have a Bojack Horseman one prepped.
  4. Here are the IPs I expect to see: Given: Stranger Things Likely: The Haunting of Hill House Killer Klowns From Outer Space Probable: Hellraiser Happy Death Day 2U Maybe: Universal Monsters (I expect this more for 30) Outside shots: Child's Play Any iteration of the Purge
  5. Exceedingly doubtful. Netflix doesn't wholely own the first three seasons (or, I think, the Christmas episode), so the rights would be complicated for a "series" based house. Even if it was easy, most of the series (in a similar fashion to Bandersnatch itself) is not "horror." There are a couple of episodes that skew scary, but the first episode (the thesis of the entire show) is about whether or not the Prime Minister will have sex with a pig on national television.
  6. Because 1) By next year, it will be irrelevant. 2) There's no horror element to it. Not enough to even act like it could work as a house. 3) The "completion" rate (people who actually play it through to multiple endings), I'll confidently assume, is going to be really low. The completion rate of Netflix Originals (amount of people who watches an entire movie or season of a show), is ACTUALLY what they use to determine interest.
  7. Bandersnatch won't happen.
  8. Official reason the Sacrifice was scrapped was because they couldn’t get the show to be short enough that encouraged crowd flow. Conspiracy reason was guest complaints about how gory the show was. Race wasn’t a consideration. If race was a concern, the show wouldn’t have made if off the drawing board. And Jordan Peele has stated that “Us” has nothing to do with race.
  9. Weren't people complaining about the event becoming "family friendly" a couple of weeks ago?
  10. Two things - Coraline, specifically, is a Laika production. Laika Productions has a theme park-use agreement with... *Checks notes* ... Universal Studios. "Over the Garden Wall," though weird and mature, is still a children's show. It was literally broadcast on Cartoon Network with Amazing World of Gumball as its lead-in. Now, I don't see why Universal wouldn't not do animated stuff. Treaks and Foons and Killer Klowns are, essentially, living cartoons. I think it's more an issue of desire and popularity. It wouldn't be something like "Garden Wall" though. It would be something along the lines of "Super Jail," "Mr. Pickles," or "Heavy Metal."
  11. So, was Halloween not real horror? Slaughter Sinema? Carnival Graveyard? The Blumhouse movies? Poltergeist is rated PG, but is considered a horror classic. But obviously, because Stranger Things showed up, Universal isn't doing real horror anymore. One house shows up that's not "horror" in the traditional sense (even though it's a PG-13 equivalent series), and people are acting like Scooby Doo and Gravity Falls are the feature IPs. There were 9 other houses. Child's Play - R Halloween 4 - R Happy Death Day - PG-13 First Purge - R Trick R Treat - R Poltergeist - PG Killer Klowns - PG-13 Stranger Things - TV-14 HHN has always been PG-13. We can poke around history and find PG-13 rated stuff scattered throughout its history. But for fans to continuously complain that Stranger Things (specifically) is making the event "family friendly" or "not horror" ignores every other aspect of the event - especially the highly requested horror classic that has a lower classification rating than Stranger Things itself. Horror, as a genre is more popular and varied than ever. Universal isn’t interested in making the “scariest” event they can. That’s never been their focus. They want to make money. They want it accessible. Fans either need to recognize that and deal, or find something that is actually scary.
  12. It's always been an "PG-13" event; or - accessible to the "under 18 crowd." They did Fear Factor in 2002. That's less horror than Stranger Things.