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  1. Super Jail would be about the only actual Adult Swim show A&D would attempt.
  2. Haunted House – “Ghostlight: Spirits of Shakespeare” – Imaginary Vagabond And it’s designed for Parade (79-B).
  3. The house has been show ready for a few weeks. It was one of the first ones complete. Netflix did its walkthrough in June/July.
  4. Legacy

    A quarter of the space for that house. Divide the soundstage in half for each house. The facade for Scary Tales takes up about a quarter of that space. In all honesty and at a glance, Graveyard is longer.
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/6emzbs0 Eh.
  6. Well, no one's ever heard of "The Thing From Another World." They only know about the remake.
  7. Legacy

    Prepared to be surprised. They didn't announce auditions, and it's something AoV does. They lead the development of their own show.
  8. Legacy

    Jabbawockeez do a 70 minute show in Vegas, in a similar sized venue. The Villains will be fine.
  9. Legacy

    Okay - I don't actually attend the event, so my most "anticipated" is more a "most interested in" list. This is based on stuff I've seen, heard, etc. 1. Seeds of Extinction - This just looks like pure terror. It's an extremely creative idea that I think Universal will do justice. I've always loved ghillie suit/plant scares because of how well they're hidden, and that's what this house essentially is made more. There are some cool set pieces and, if it's as dark as it was conceptualized as being, it could go down as one of the scariest houses they've done. This is a big risk/big reward house that I've wanted to see Uni tackle for a long time. 2. Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces - Seriously, the names this year are on point. Vast improvement. This was one of the houses I first started hearing about; specifically that it would be built almost entirely out of props and curtains. It should give it a very "open" and organic feeling that they have never done before. The big question will be, does it actually "work." 3. Horrors of Blumhouse - This is number three because of the first half of the house (Happy Death Day). The day resets a few times during the house, and I've always felt that "repeating scenes" can obscure the actual length of a house and cause more confusion (and fear). The Purge half should be fine, because at least it was designed from the ground up. 4. Poltergeist - This façade is so great. I'm a fan of "ghosts" houses in general, and this has a strong aesthetic, puppetry opportunities, and a lot chances for creative takes (which they start off with). 5. Trick R Treat - There's a couple of fantastic set-pieces at the tail end of this, but I feel like other segments of the movie aren't really getting their due. It'll be a quality house. I'm just not as intrigued by it as what's above it. 6. Slaughter Sinema - Despite the fantastic name and fun concept, this suffers from humor. I am not, and never really will be, a fan of comedy houses. Even though they are decidedly striving to be not funny with this house, it's going to be funny. It's a personal taste thing. 7. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - We've seen this all before. Audio selection should be fun though, especially in the first scene. There's a couple of effects that make me think, "Really? This again?" 8. Stranger Things - This, in theory, should be higher. It's not for a reason. I've seen a lot of it and... creative differences. There's far less to this house than there could have been. It'll be pretty, and popular, but not scary. 9. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - When I thought this would be dedicated to Oz, I had this higher. Once I got confirmation it was a Scary Tales house, it dropped. This will likely have "grandest" façade, but I don't think it'll be as creative as a Oz-only house could've been. 10. Halloween 4 - This has so much going against it for me. I find slashers uninteresting. I find Shrek a struggling venue. I'm not a fan of repeated ideas (as you can tell). So much meh for me here.
  10. In the street? In the actual street where actual cars like actual ambulances need to get through in order to access the park? Besides, they can currently build about 16 houses without adding anything.
  11. Yeah. Floating. As in sinking.
  12. Nothing has been Purged this year. IE - nothing is getting replaced last minute.
  13. Update! Clue Set 1 – “Babylegs” (Announced Dead Exposure: Patient Zero/Codename Zero) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E08/q36gFUxzTwP3g-kcTBbU85FfoaA=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E08/E-iboRmcdE_CmKZMaK3OLFWY7U0=.gif Rule – Word Exchange Solution – In Part 1, the word “Detective” is replaced by the word “Cop.” A Detective is similar to a Private Investigator. Boris Schuster, the protagonists of Dead Exposure in 2008 was a PI. In Part 2, “Daddy Legs” replaces “Regular Legs” to key on a replaced word. Clue Set 2 – “Mind Blowers” (Announced Trick R Treat/Codename Dynamite) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E08/wPNxfU_TWkVEtOhez8ka_gwO7GU=.gif Rule – Word count Solution – Counting the words in each line of the clue gives you 4-2-2. This translates to a time of 4 minutes, 22 seconds (it’s the only option in a 30 minute show). At that time mark in the Rick and Morty episode “Morty’s Mind Blowers,” Rick states “They don't all have titles, though. It's not a "Simpsons" Halloween special, more like a clip show made of clips you never saw!” The movie Trick R Treat, as an anthology, is ‘like a clip show,’ dedicated to Halloween. Clue Set 3 – “Dammit Jerry” (Announced as Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces/Codename Rag-tag) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S02E06/pZUsQfuhnqxF7JO7l010rSOldas=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E07/A1YZKl_tTWPNlxcFIbhFD_pxlq0=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E05/mSjhEL39unrtvjFFhjTD2bf3Yw8=.gif Rule – Elements of Story Solution – The elements of story are: Plot, Character, Setting, and Theme. The gifs present the first three things in that order (“theme” is not traditionally considered in a haunted house). The Plot is to escape (expressed in the gif). The second gif alludes to the “Character” – The “easy target” Rick and Jerry reference in the episode is the Insane Clown Posse. The third gif is, literally, a destroyed carnival ride (the Whirly Dirly). In the house, we are escaping insane “clowns” (carnies, specifically) through a destroyed carnival. Clue 4 – “Saving Rick” (Spoiled by Legacy as Poltergeist/Codename Coach) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E01/43-0myzkor8MU6r9QG0fIDh-oZ4=.gif Rule – Context Solution – This one… should be pretty obvious. The context of the scene is summer, digging up a Rick’s decaying corpse from the back yard (during a storm) so she can open a portal to save a family member. In Poltergeist, corpses are found in the backyard and they open a portal to save a family member. Clue 5 – “Pink” (Spoiled by Legacy as Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After/Codename Poison) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E09/q2MRHgCy4sv2x_QVwbaJKGwXqnc=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E09/UmaCc-rDTwLqBm4QzY5-cxOJmjI=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E09/o2KhY4SN0_O_NK8aNfE_osgrebo=.gif Rule – Analogy Solution – All the dialogue in this series is irrelevant. They’re red herrings, and the clues more story-centric (I got the story for this house, but not the title, which made it a bit difficult). It also requires some understanding of the episode. Froopy Land is an “imaginary” place from Beth’s (Rick’s daughter) childhood. Entry into this land is through a rainbow portal, and Froopy Land is now ruled by “King Tommy” a childhood friend of Beth that has been trapped there for decades (like the Wizard). During the episode, Beth returns and ends up killing the denizens of Froopy Land and overthrowing Tommy. It’s not Oz. Froopy Land is not Oz. But this house features a Wicked Witch (Beth) “breaking” the rainbow barrier and killing everyone who lives there. So, it’s an analogy. Clue 6 – “Pickle” (Announced as Seeds of Extinction/Codename Meteor) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E03/ku5PBVj7j3nDcsYp1FKI4D9uWuc=.gif Rule – None Solution – In the clue, Rick is a pickle. More specifically a living cucumber, that ends up killing everyone. And a cucumber is a type of plant. And in this house, the plants are killing everybody. Clue 7 – “Nihilism” https://masterofallscience.com/video/S02E07/HSUJbtUoZNvLfxrjwD2dY-SG3AY=.gif Rule – Sleight Clue 8 – “Ship” (Announced Slaughter Sinema/Codename Snacks) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E02/D_K2Pse2xzlS7e8w7YNl184z5LA=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S02E05/Kcxn8Jcnjvtm6oN9RhnoS5RIDUM=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E02/Dr9ZHJH9EuF-sYAyAj3KXCv_MZg=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E08/9l62Ckep9hLuOV8D0gDxOEBByx4=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E07/UARQPlIiNDCCO8mHDAruktwR8_I=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S03E05/w4gq0wwZjhWDHBeG88FR_EjoPg0=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E11/a9xgFpR1Y9ssnXhAGZqq2mbsWCg=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S01E03/1PJb-uUg9yA_EZasKd37Ra7MYY4=.gif https://masterofallscience.com/video/S02E02/4mHot7mQPIXy5uJTfoLVh8znsr0=.gif Rule – Disarray Solution – There’s a lot of gifs for this because, obstensibly, it’s a mash-up (9 total gifs for 9 scenes). Gifs 1 & 3-8 are all movie parodies/references specific to sci-fi or horror films (schlock staples). Gif number 2 is a bit of a cheat, as it indirectly relates to a scene in the house. In Gif 9 (Grandpa and the Government), the words don’t matter. The ship itself has driven into the facility, just like you would a drive-in. Clue Set 9 – “Crow” (Spoiled by Hilton Hotels as Halloween 4/Codename “Feature”) https://masterofallscience.com/video/S02E02/b4MiiVti6-jstB4bpKBT6qyi22s=.gif Rule – Dig Solution – The clue name, is a reference to “Eating crow.” The “destination” in the clue isn’t a place, it’s a person named Krombolulos Michael. And who is Krombopulos Michael? He’s an assassin who famously said, “I have no code of ethics. I will kill anyone, anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn’t matter. I just love killing.”