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  1. 25 has been used twice. The Walking Dead: End of the Line (2014) Poltergeist (2018) We have all the house and street locations listed on the blog: https://www.horrornightnightmares.com/hallowd-past-houses/ https://www.horrornightnightmares.com/hallowd-past-streets/
  2. Moved all the Nightingales discussion to its own thread.
  3. mz_

    Great job, as always!
  4. Moved HHNVault discussion here !
  5. Speculate away on Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019!
  6. HHN 28 has ended, so let's speculate on HHN 29!
  7. mz_

    HHN shouldn't be adding anything unless they consider dual parks. One park HHN with huge IP's has out-grown itself! If they stay one park I'd actually be all for 8-9 houses, 2 shows, and even a lagoon show. B&T is gone, people need to let go!
  8. mz_

    Long time no see! HHN has sure changed since the days of old! This year has been crazy! I was walking through a house this past weekend remembering the days of sitting at a bar in a house with a shotgun! Also 707! Miss those days!
  9. mz_

    Nice review. We did the media event last night! Great event overall, we'll have a full review up soon!
  10. We get to do something we haven’t been able to do! A big thank you to Busch Gardens Tampa for inviting us to the opening night media event! We’re looking forward to bringing you as much coverage as we can! Make sure to follow us on all of our social media networks! HOWL-O-SCREAM RAISES THE […] View the full article
  11. mz_

    It's not about how you enter and exit, it's how would you create effective queues and the flow of traffic. Remember you have to have a standard queue and an express queue. 10 houses are hard enough, no way one park would be able to handle that!
  12. You don't need daytime tickets, however, you won't be able to go into Universal till it opens up for HHN.
  13. mz_

    I agree. It was so packed, worst I've seen Opening Night since I've been going! Even doing the RIP tour last night, we didn't get 10 Houses and AOV done till 12:30AM. That's with VERY little time in Zones, or just quick walkthroughs!