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    So here's my guess so far: Coach = Poltergeist Craig T. Nelson, who played the father in Poltergeist, also played Coach Hayden Fox in the show Coach. Coach may also be Clue #4 Dynamite = Trick 'r Treat (Clue #2) Don't really need to explain this, do I? Feature = Most Likely Secret House (Special Feature?) Fireball = Stranger Things (NO clue) Meteor = Original (Clue #6 or 7) Poison = Original (Clue #5 or 6) Rag-tag = Cult of Immortal (or Undead) Carnies (Clue #3) Clue #3's rule was elements of the story; assuming that it meant finding a key specific piece of the story each R&M gif was referring to, I watched each scene of the episodes they belonged to. Part 1 - The "backwards savages" referred to the cult of tree-people that Morty joined when he and Rick were stranded in the mini-mini-mini-verse. Part 2 - Rick's "Good One Jerry" referred to the "Insane Clown Posse" joke Jerry made. Part 3 - The main key piece of the plot during the episode was the "Immortality field" that Rick and Jerry inadvertantly destroyed while escaping from alien hitmen. Adding up all of those pieces leads you to a savage group of immortal, insane, clowns. When you hear savage group/cult of clowns, you tend to think "Carnies," and the codename "rag-tag" fits that term nicely. Usually in horror, people tend to associate immortality with "undead" and by that extension 'graveyards." Therefore, it's probably an Undead Carny Graveyard. Snacks = Return of ANDI? (Clue #8?) Surprise = Happy Death Day or Secret House Zero = Dead Exposure: Patient Zero (Clue #1) - I think either "Meteor" or "Poison" might be the returning original of Scary Tales: Wizard of Oz, which I'm sure is Clue #6 from all the speculation in the past 1-2 pages. - Clue #7's Name is Nihilism, and its rule is "Sleight," meaning deceptive. Maybe it's not on the clip or the scene its in, or even the plot of the episode itself. The episode the GIF belongs to is titled, "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez." The title is a play on the movie "Big Trouble in Little China," which was directed by John Carpenter, whose movies had a consistent theme of nihilism, especially in his cult classic version of "The Thing." Now it might seem unlikely given the rumors this time around (and the info I was given, whose main sources seem to be quite reputable), so maybe it's an original version of it? I'll edit this every now and then.
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    I am thrilled with all this news today - and my FFP w/ Express passes have been purchased... so, for me, it's now official (even thought I've had my airline tix for two months already for all four weekends). I love that it's an 80's year officially.. that's my era! WOO HOO! I am HOPING they have some of the Scarecrow stuff in the Harvest. Scarecrow was one of my top 5 houses of all time! A little taste of it in a zone this year would NOT piss me off.
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    Sometimes, clues and hints can be extremely obtuse and complicated. I actually made a concerted effort (that I feel got more effective after clue set 3) to make clues that WEREN'T difficult. They require a little research and thought, but not a huge amount of background knowledge (@mystique). They allow wrong answers, but I hope is that when houses are revealed, the seem obvious. Every single one has been figured out, at least. And today SHOULD be tickets (bring money), AoV, and 3 zones.
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    Since things I post end up over there anyway... Does someone want to tell IU that the trademark is dead? There are no longer any rights issues regarding Bloody Mary. Friendly reminder for here as well. ^That's my illogical optimism. EDIT: IU post no longer needed. Optimism and reminder stand.
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    Depends on what you consider to be blatant. Blatant connections for me are usually not the same for others. Nods to past houses, past stories, and IPs are very obvious to me. Interstellar Terror was blatantly Event Horizon to me. While others have associated it with a video game, Roddy's cameo in the house cemented the Event Horizon connection. I knew Run was a homage to The Running Man in '01. I can connect things very easily. I've said it before, but not recently: I am one step away from being a conspiracy theorist. I see obvious connections to the past in the remaining originals, but that is me. I see patterns, tropes, and similarities with ease. I can, also, match all of the originals to the Legions of Horror. There's only one Legion not represented.
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    They can update other things than a house... #BeKindRewind
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    You won't get a leak, You will get to shriek, All fingers point, To an update next week
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    No ones talking about it? 80s THEME CONFIRMED Y’ALL!!! im a bit disappointed that they seem to be going back to the generic “woods” zone for Central Park, but I enjoy any pumpkin-human hybrids so I’m excited. YES VAMP ‘85, THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY, I imagine this is going in Hollywood This Harvest zone sounds interesting, but I feel it’ll end up just reusing a ton of Scarecrows stuff and not having much of a personality to it, anyone know where this one will be? I can only see it at entrance or maybe the new zone location
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    For those who can't see the description for Twisted Tradition, here it is: "Travel through the forest of Central Park where an ancient evil has been awakened. Halloween has been transformed into an abomination with rotting pumpkins fused with decaying human flesh. Try and escape the grasps of these field beings, with nothing but the light from rotting jack o' lanterns to guide you." Also, since they've only announced 3 scare zones, is it possible that the remaining two are IPs?
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    I love the speculation but always end up feeling dumb cause I never understand the hints/clues lol
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    “Forgotten are the ways of old, traditions blood black and cold. Up through dirt roots grow and burst, evils’ return, you’ll see what came first. When ravens and crows made the night black, pumpkins were carved to keep the evil back. When the howl of the wind sent shivers down spines, graves of our dead covered in vines. When black cats crossed paths and wolves howl, true witches did more than laugh and scowl. Your time has come Nathaniel Crow, outside the box you’ll think, you’ll grow. Terrors traditions in ways you will demand, Halloween’s true self is at hand.” I wonder if this will come into play this year...
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    If it makes you feel any better I feel the exact same way, I still make guesses anyway! I think all the clues are hard, @mystiquephreeq‘s are super difficult for me, like sometimes you need to be of a certain age range and born in a certain location to understand it, but I still think it’s fun. @Legacy’s are hard for me as well but I think it has more to do with being unfamiliar with Rick & Morty, I’m sure they’re mostly easier for fans of the show, but, again, it’s still fun. However, all that said, I think originals are the hardest to guess no matter what because they could literally be anything. IP’s, IMO, are a little easier.
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    Your clues are fantastic and so very appreciated! You're awesome. So thank you for that! So far, when houses are revealed I'm definitely able to piece the clues that were left together. Editing to add: I enjoy trying to figure them out, regardless of how much I stink at it! lol
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    HHN Orlando website is down and will keep relocating to the Universal site, they are prepping up for something, also Universal's UK Booking Website has also confirmed 10 houses and FF ticket, http://www.universal-bookings.co.uk/park.html, so get ready for ticket prices to be revealed and maybe a new theme skin to the website with an announcement attached.
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    Date I've heard consistently is 7th. If the trailer drops on the 8th, then Universal wouldn't have anything to showcase with a house announcement. Nevermind that everything else I've consistently heard about the 7th doesn't include a house.
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    AoV is likely moving into FFL.
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    TERROR WILL OVERRUN THE STREETS. Beware, there’s nowhere to hide as you encounter nightmarish creatures in our five sinister scare zones. And even more horror awaits you. Fear lives in the shadows. Horror walks right behind you. Yeah don't say "New Scarezones" in an email and not say what they are....ESPECIALLY after saying there's 5. That is total clickbait bull crap and something the 2017 Marketing team would do...
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    I am not in on the know AT ALL but this is discussed every year and I as well also get nervous and scared if FFPs will no longer be offered since they aren't offered right away. But I bet once the buy one get one goes away we will have a better idea where we stand with FFPs but I bet we will have them again this year and released then, at least I certainly hope so! I as well rely heavily on them. I don't know who is in charge of the FFPs but I assume they know that we give plenty of money to the event and it is worth it to continue these types of tickets
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    Adding this in, just because it may help with further speculation to know how A&D thinks. Fireball is because that’s what Will’s D&D character uses to beat the Demogorgon
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    As awesome as the art for this is, did they get the art for this and Twisted Traditions mixed up?
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    I've seen references to tracking both here an IU. Is the theme like a haunted blockbuster or something? Lol EDIT: also #BeKindRewind