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  1. 7 points
    I don't share the concern about the event becoming MNSSHP 2.0 to try to increase profitability. Stranger Things is the flavor of the month, and they will milk it as they did with TWD (which did not cater to the tweenies). Fact of the matter is ST has a certain demographic and that demographic isn't into extreme gore, yet they tend to be shall we say, a bit sensitive. So we saw an event devoid of anything remotely controversial (B&T RIP). But the new generation of GP ate it up. We also saw some of the best originals ever, along with an arguably GOAT Poltergeist that relied on classic scares. I have no doubt that if the next flavor of the month is an extreme gore show, HHN will lean that way. The kids that are coming for ST this year will be grown up in a few years with completely different tastes, and the event will evolve a bit to cater to whatever those tastes are. This reminds me of when I started going to Vegas regularly back in the early 90s. Excalibur and Treasure Island had opened and MGM had a theme park. The regulars there said "That's it! Vegas is done. It's turning into Disneyland, Nevada." Fast forward ten years and the theme park closed, Treasure Island became TI, and Timeshare went up everywhere. The regulars said "That's it! Vegas is done. It's turning into a timeshare wasteland." Fast forward to now and the city is catering to the quick getaway, with ads promising something naughty happening in Vegas, and staying in Vegas. And I'm sure the regulars are saying "That's it! Vegas is done..." Personally, I think the changing state of IP holdings may result in HHN Orlando seeing a renaissance - the return of mostly original houses. The GP have given huge thumbs up to recent originals. IP is going to be harder to come by and maybe more expensive. So maybe we will see a couple of big name IP and the rest Creative's original IP. Honestly, that the CEO touts Hollywood's HHN is troubling to me. It seems to me that Hollywood has had budget constraints that resulted in HHN upping quantity while reducing quality. Yet the masses are still coming (due to ST). My concern is that Orlando will be told "Look what Hollywood is doing with less money, and your budget is 2x that of Hollywood. Do the same thing with 1.5x the Hollywood budget." And then we see Orlando houses filled with black walls and the same scare over and over. I'm honestly shocked to see Hollywood continuing to do as well as they are, all while being roasted for the declining house quality. I truly hope that doesn't spread to Orlando.
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    That makes sense, except... Take the past 10 years at Hollywood HHN. There was a definite turning point where the black hallways and box scares appeared - and it was 2015 (This is the End). Before 2015, you'd be hard pressed to find black hallways outside Parisian Courtyard. And the Box scares were along the lines of the picture scares in La Llorona. 2016 had some more box scares in The Exorcist and AHS. FvJ had both black hallways and box scares. Then came 2017 and 2018, where we saw the number of both explode. 2017/2018 also had an extra house (7 total, plus TWD attraction and Terror Tram). Prior years had 6. Maybe he was given the same budget in 2017 but had the requirement of an extra house. And then the budget stayed the same in 2018. But if as you suppose, it was certain scenes Murdy wanted, I'm just not seeing what we got more of (scenewise) in 2017, and 2018 that was paid for by black hallways and box scares. <Sorry for all the Hollywood talk in the Orlando section, but the Hollywood board is DEAD, and we don't have much else to talk about. I'm hoping it's not too boring...> I think the evidence for all the hallways and box scares points to budget cutting (or at least budget freezing). And Hollywood is still selling out nights and has big crowds. From management's viewpoint, adding more budget for better houses is not warranted - until people stop coming. So if Hollywood maintained record crowds with a budget freeze, why couldn't Orlando? By that I mean that from the perspective of management, maybe Orlando could add two more houses to handle crowds, but be given the extra budget for one house. A&D can figure out the rest (right team, @Legacy? ). To me, it feels like Orlando has a huge budget, because it's just so damn good. Not suggesting this will happen, but concerned that it could, since evidence points to that having happened at Hollywood. I don't know if you've been to Orlando's event, @themazethinker, but seeing first hand how Orlando is just getting so much better and better every year and how Hollywood is running in place (or backward) is just infuriating. I remember the day when it was a coin flip as to which coast did an IP better. No so anymore.
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    Well, tickets should go on sale in the next 2 weeks.
  4. 5 points
    Treatment is not a clue. Treatment is entertainment jargon. They are writing/creating the house. That’s what the tweet means.
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    Creative has nothing to do with HHN. You're thinking Entertainment/Art and Design. EDIT - And the new park is getting designed from the ground up with Diagon-level immersion. It's also not going to have six soundstages available. HHN will remain at the Studios.
  6. 4 points
    I think the latest Ifrit tweet is confirming number of nights this year. Nothing more.
  7. 4 points
    i know this would never happen, but i would love to see a resident evil 2 house. it has tons of potential, lickers, mr x, birkin, G, giant alligator, etc etc.
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    If you could themes for three original houses or scarezones this year, what would you dream up? Rules: House #1 must be a PREQUEL to an HHN original concept used at HHN previously. Can be set in different time or locale. House #2 must be a SEQUEL to an HHN original concept used at HHN previously. Can be set in different time or locale. House #3 must be a MASHUP of two or more original concepts used at HHN previously. These would be mine: PREQUEL: Iconic Origins. Origin stories for Jack, Eddie, and Chance. Since the carnival and Oddfellow would be necessary, probably too soon after Carnival Graveyard for HHN 29. SEQUEL: Nightengales: Revelation. The Nightengales have enjoyed every major conflict throughout the ages, and during the final days of mankind they don't hide behind a facade of a healer. They are revealed to have been among those that we have trusted all our lives. Scenes of apocalyptic destruction and chaos where anyone can be revealed to be a Nightengale. Almost sounds better suited as a scarezone. MASHUP: Theater of Pain. The Usher presents a film festival of The Director's films. The house would start with the Director creating snuff films in his studio, transitioning to the cutting room, transitioning to the Universal Theater where the Usher is present. Hallways would include projections of the black and white snuff films playing on scrim both sides (a'la the Freddy vs Jason house) revealing live black and white scenes of what is playing. Would be very cool to see these scenes syncing between live and projection.
  9. 3 points
    Uh, littlegreenghouls? Who has been acting like the tent houses are trash, and what are they saying which makes you think that? What's being brought up more is Hollywood's overreliance of black walls which comes off as cost-cutting/cheap. Zombieman has been openly against the blackwallapalooza, but that's not a knock on tent houses themselves.
  10. 3 points
    I don't get this whole HHN is gonna become MNSSHP debate/question...I thought we kinda stomped it along with the gore vs no gore and Stranger Things discussion. Yes the Fox-Disney deal will make it tricky for HHN to acquire some properties I am sure but coming off of what many consider one of the best years ever of HHN why are we so concerned about a decline? Of course I don't want the same people who oversee Hollywood to ruin what Orlando has going for it but I feel that is a different argument. Unless we get anything concrete I feel HHN should continue to rise in popularity and as a premiere scary Halloween event. Universal has such a grasp on the young adult and party going group why ruin it trying to compete with Disney and what they do? I mean that is exactly why I go to Universal so much now on Orlando trips. I would be shocked if they tried to ruin a good thing especially if they are citing that HHN is a highlight of the year for them financially.
  11. 3 points
    Just saw they are making a resident evil Netflix show, please be a house when it comes out
  12. 3 points
    Too many possibilities for each name at this point in time. Take Pit as an example: Which definition are they using? Pit can be a hole in the ground. If it’s a hole in the ground, is it a pitfall trap? That gives two potential interpretations for one definition. Pit can be a seed. A peach pit. That’s interpretation number 3. Pit can be a pockmark caused by disease. That’s interpretation number 4. 4 potential interpretations just from the noun definitions. There’s verb definitions as well. Looking at last year’s codenames, some are straightforward and others are more vague. We will have to wait for more info to really dissect the names. Sidenote: No one’s offered one of the most obvious potentials for Dog. "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the dogs of war." EDIT: One more sidenote! Cotton could link to Cotton Mather.
  13. 3 points
    Could ‘dog’ actually be about ST2? What with the demodog and all?
  14. 3 points
    The Prequel would be SAWS AND STEAM: Beginning of The End. It'd be set in the streets of New Yorkshire, obviously, but during the early days of the apocalypse - where people are just now wrapping their heads around the fact that yes, all the water in the oceans has disappeared into a crack in the Earth... somehow. In turn, people have taken to the streets in hysteria, many armed with steamsaws. The Sequel would be HAVOC: QUARANTINED. A team of workers are clearing out the abandoned Shadow Creek labs, only to find a dungeon full of rejected supersoldiers. These deformed freaks are out for blood, fueled only by the rage of being abandoned. The Crossover? RUN LIKE HELL. While searching for parts for his failing RUN business, Eddie Schmidt found a box with some occult paraphernalia inside. After a spell in a book from the box catches his fancy, Eddie opens a portal to Hell, where the inhabitants can't wait to join in on the fun. Now, RUN LIKE HELL is ready for participants, and it's gonna be a hell of a time. (The house is a crossover with any demon house or scarezone. Or maybe all of them.)
  15. 3 points
    Soon (Had to do it!) In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised by a February announcement.
  16. 3 points
    "Treatment" isn't a clue. It's the write-up for a house/zone. Saying Orlando is "ahead of the game" is based on old rules. The event is starting earlier than ever and, if there are 12 houses this year, starting house 7 now may put them right on schedule or a little behind.
  17. 2 points
    I agree with your statement, but Creative doesn't run the show. Management never sets out with a goal of ruining something (it's just something they are highly adept at doing). I say this a as manager... The goal is to maximize the profits that the event has built. Management forced synergy with Hollywood on Orlando. In my mind that was a cost cutting technique. I'm just hoping they don't force Orlando to do more with less. Just being my pessimistic self. I think that the next gate will change HHN forever (in a good way). HHN has become such a huge thing that they would be stupid to not architect a new park around such an event (or at least with it in mind).
  18. 2 points
    Watched the first five episodes of Haunting of Hill House this weekend. Takes a lot to freak me out with a movie or show, but this show does the trick. In terms of a maze based on the show, I'm not sure how it will translate. I'm sure the sets will be top notch, but you don't really see too much in terms of physical ghosts or monsters to fill an entire house. Maybe I just need to see the rest of the series first, but so far you have Abigail, the zombie in the basement, the bent neck lady and the floating dude with the cane. Is that enough to create an entire maze off of?
  19. 2 points
    Prequel- Icons: The Early Years: Witness how each of HHN’s sinister icons began their long histories of death and brutality. Get a glimpse into the past as each horrific character showcases their first kill, intricate backstories and start of darkness. Sequel- A Match Made in Hell: Impressed by the carnage she created at Shadybrook, Jack the Clown has finally decided to propose to his psychotic side kick Chance. You are cordially invited to a wedding like no other. Try not to gag at Jack’s disgusting dinner recommendations, witness Chance’s obscene method of picking bridesmaid dresses, and try not to be embroiled into the bride and groom’s maniacal bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’ll be a Scream. (I could this being the theme for HHN 30 if it’s an anniversary year with all the other icons returning as “wedding guests”) Mashup- Ashes of the Dollhouse: Cindy Caine has finally found a new place in which to play. The demented Dollhouse of the Damned and it’s terrifying inhabitants are more than happy to help Cindy make her insane plans a horrific reality. Will you be able to get out before the fires start?
  20. 2 points
    Hold up, how did someone get their hands on my grocery list?! >.>
  21. 2 points
    YES! YES! YES! Thats what I was saying yesterday! I had hope that maybe since the remake is coming out it could be a possibility but its probably not even in the realm of possibility
  22. 2 points
    Im not sure if anybody has put this out there yet but does anybody think hellboy could make a good house?
  23. 2 points
    Given that Aiello said they’ve just started the treatment for House 7, one must wonder how someone could have 10 codenames. Not saying it’s impossible, but the number of people with access to that type of information is smaller than it would be if all the treatments were complete. It would be much easier to trace a leak.
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    Actually, we can know for sure. A house treatment is like a film treatment. It is a piece of prose that is longer than an outline or synopsis. It is like a short story that describes the events and details of the house. Murdy from Hollywood uses the exact same term when referring to the creation of houses/mazes. EDIT TO ADD: Hollywood is on Maze 4 per Murdy. Orlando is on House 7 per Aiello. Comparatively, they are in the same place if Orlando house count remains the same. Hollywood only had 7 mazes last year. Each coast needs to create at least 3 more treatments. If Orlando is creating more houses this year, we are a little behind Hollywood.
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    Getting pumped with QA (hollywood) Quotes Announcements sooner than we think Acquired an IP they've had their eyes on for a while Getting a maze we've all been waiting for No walking dead zombies No scare zone plans Brand new ips to the event Conjuring not happening Potentially a maze based on a lesser known favorite like trick r treat "some you might not even be thinking of" A maze with snow Properties 15-20 years old appearing No 5 nights at Freddie's No freddy or jason No 3d house