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    So if anyone was doubting those Poltergeist rumors, take a look at some of the latest construction photos from Hollywood. That house looks a little familiar... Pic from @CaliInformer
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    So great to catch up on all the news and commentary. I was in the UK for two weeks on vacation, and when I got back to work, I was buried for a week. I missed a lot, apparently. Btw, let me say right now how grateful I am for this forum. I've meet such great people because of Nightmares, and I continue to do so. This is more than just a place to speculate, bitch and fangirl/fanboy.. it's a place to make friends. @Drummanmatt - looking forward to meeting up with you at HHN. Thanks for spending some time with us - we really enjoyed meeting you. My last comment before leaving was that I hoped Chucky wasn't actually coming. Well, he is. Glad some of you are happy. I will spend my time elsewhere. Dumb little shit. I am intrigued about the Poltergeist spec.. I wasn't sure at first how that could be a house.. but the more I thought about it, the more I could see it happening. It was one of my fave movies growing up, so it would be cool to see this at HHN along with Killer Klowns! HAHAHAH!! Omg, that is priceless. It's such a dumbass movie, but still a classic. @mystiquephreeq your entire puzzle solving with the names Emily and Alice gave me goosebumps. I don't agree with @WESKER69 that because some of these things were posted on FB for the oblivious GP that they mean nothing. I think you're on to something with all this. I firmly believe that A&D was given some leeway again to do their thing, and they ran with it. I think they planted all kinds of Easter eggs for nerds like us - many of which "management" or "marketing" may not even realize. So, fuck them (management & marketing). A&D should be driving this train ALL THE TIME. Soon enough, maybe someone will realize it. @Legacy - are you telling us we get nothing this week? Is it going to be another 10 days before we get anything? I hate this waiting part.. though I can't bitch too much since all the postcards were released on my birthday. Thanks A&D. Oh, and thanks to whoever first mentioned that Kimberly Duncan was the chick from Terminator. I knew when I read the name I had heard it.. and I was banging my head trying to place it.. and there it was. You guys always have the answers. Sorry I haven't actually contributed shit here.. just wanted to say hi and let you all know how much I appreciate you. Super!
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    Well this was unexpected... and it looks AWESOME (side note: how do i just get the tweet to show up in my post instead of just the URL? Sorry.. not savvy with this kind of stuff)
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    Thank you for this! After 10 years (this year), it's been a long crazy ride. Although things have slowed here the past couple of years, we will continue to try our best to run a community with information.. as fans for fans!
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    Coming directly from staffing: no casting emails have gone out yet. They are still making their selections as well as finalizing some other matters related to HHN. But you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.
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    So unpopular opinion but I think if you're an Orlando local and familiar with theme park navigation the express pass is unnecessary. If you arrive at opening and head to the back of the park you can knock out quite a few houses. The trick is to go against the flow (common knowledge here but maybe not for everyone). As the night goes on the front of the park will really thin out and more people leave around 10 than you'd think. Every year I grab a frequent fear pass (the slightly cheaper option that doesn't include Saturdays. Days that are blocked out for you will be a nightmare anyway). Our group arrives around 8 to avoid paying for parking. Once inside the park we check the time board and then go to the house with the lowest wait. I've hit all but two houses without fail every year. If its a Thursday it really is as simple as just going from shortest line to shortest line. Fridays don't seem to be much worse until mid-October. That being said, this really only is effective if you have the opportunity to attend multiple nights locally. Strategies like the one @hunnylvr describes have you hitting houses TWICE a night (and if you're new to the event, one viewing will never give a house enough justice). If you're travelling I would say the last place you want to be cheap is with express passes - it can mean the difference between a trip being worth your money or less than fulfilling. Thank you for all your hard work running this place. Outside of everyone's love for HHN and Halloween in general, the board itself one of the best communities on the internet.
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    Can confirm that two nights with stay and scream is adequate. We split the front and back portion of the houses for either night. We can do 3-4 per night within the first 60 minutes and then circle back to do a favorite or two another 1-2 times before it gets too crazy (more than an hour wait). I've been going for over 10 years and travel from Wisconsin. I've got this process down. One night we stay in Finnegans for dinner and front lot. The other night we stay at Simpsons for burgers and back lot. Feel free to message me with any questions so we can keep this thread on topic
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    So the HHN process of getting casting email is at random; sometimes they do it alphabetically or depending on what Maze your in. Last year I got casted really late though I’m a veteran so it doesn’t matter if your new or a veteran you can get casted anytime. The only way you know that you’re not casted is if you get the email that says that.
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    EMAILS ARE GOING OUT NOW!!!! Is just the first round they will be coming out for the next couple of days
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    New map coming soon but Carnival Graveyard has already been on the map for a few weeks now.
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    We always get the fast pass. The ONLY time Ive ever waited more than 20 minutes for a house was when they had to stop the line bc of an accident of something. And in 10 years I can only think of that happening twice. Krampus, but they gave us a super secret password to come back and go to the fast pass line bc they had already scanned it.... the other time was last year when the power went out. We were in line for The Hive. We were shit out of luck for that. If you want to be sure to see all houses in one night. Get the fast pass. Can you hit 10 houses in one night w/o one? Possibly, but highly doubtful. I think the star would have to align for you for that to happen. Its 10 houses and its gonna be PACKED.
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    I've never done express. My GF and I give ourselves at least three days at the event, do stay and scream every time and are generally able to see whatever we want and re-do ones we liked the best. This year we'll be there for many days and five HHN nights. We did four last year and liked not having to do everything every night. It is fun to be able to spend some extra time in the zones. I've been lucky enough to be there for two chainsaw clown years and they are often my favorites to watch in action.
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    I don’t know where exactly to post this but I set a world record this weekend! I rode ET Adventure 56 times in ONE DAY!
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    Considering Aiello himself confirmed Trick 'r Treat is in Parade... https://twitter.com/Michael_Aiello/status/996939591356731392 ...and he confirms Carnival Graveyard is in a SS.... https://twitter.com/Michael_Aiello/status/1022225927160430600
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    Universal would be smart to not use Halloween in "the big reveal." The IP's for Halloween they're using aren't strong enough and they already blew their load with Stranger Things getting revealed so early. That leaves ONE AWESOME IP to use as their big gun for this time of year and it is....... Wait. You'll just have to wait. It's more fun this way. I will say I'm more excited this year than I have been in awhile. Killin it!
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    That's just smart, dear - planning, planning, planning. And I am appalled that anyone would say "we are not going to HHN30". The simplest reply is "Maybe YOU aren't going.. but I sure as hell am."
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    Have to agree with this. There isn't a chance in hell I'd go to HHN without express. I don't travel to an event to wait in line.. and some of those lines are HORRIFIC. Plus, I'm too old for that crap. I've seen some express lines get unusually long, but it it appears to happen in spurts. If the express line is long, we go find another house and come back. Our strategy is to save our express until things get really busy and then use them. We attempt to go through each house 2x per night - or, least, our top 5 houses 2x per night. Our limit to wait in a regular line is 35 minutes - if we can get into a house in 35 or less, we do it without express. Then, we go back later and see it again with. We've been pretty successful doing this because we've learned crowd flow based on the time of the night, the time of the shows and what day it is. Of course, with only one show this year, that should be a challenge. I guess it all comes down to what you can tolerate. I would never tolerate standing in line for 90 or 120 minutes - even if Jesus Christ himself was waiting at the other end.
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    Ah, but if a gate is just a single entrance to an area that charges you to go in, does that not make every single club in city walk it’s own gate? When it was under construction I had thought it might be something new, if Volcano Bay had shows, or tube rides that slowed down and had show scenes, then yeah. A water park could be a theme par, if it’s actually good enough. honestly they can take Sinbad, just don’t take my Poseidon
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    Lost continent does not need replacing, it, especially the Greek section is the best area in all of universal. Also, 3rd gate not 4th, don’t believe marketing’s lies, water parks do not count as anywhere close to equal to a real park.
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    express is gimmick tho. I heard people getting an express and still waiting excess of 45 or more for big name houses. I know it's not over an hour, but in theory that's crazy The event is roughly 8 hours.. . I partially blame all the fear pass with express. They don't put a cap on those and sell the same amount of express. I remember back in 2007 and 2008 Express after 11pm was half off. I would say two nights no express it Is possible to do at least 6 houses by 9pm if you have a master plan. Most people don't want to pay for parking which is discount or free after 8pm
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    @TimothyJ I strongly recommend doing Stay and Scream. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years and I’ve been able to hit every house and at least 1 show before the end of the night. Depending on the layout and where you decide to go for Stay and Scream, it’s possible to do 4 houses in the first hour. Once the lines start to get long is a good time to go hang out in the scarezones or go see a show. Do the 2 nights without express.
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    Just wait until you ride F&F...
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    Just on the topic of "creative:.... I know the new lagoon show has absolutely no bearing on HHN, but to the point of "CREATIVE" -- specific to Orlando Kong opened in 2016 Fallon in 2017 F&F in 2018 Now the new lagoon show in 2018 Personally am not super impressed with any of these from a creative perspective. Kong and F&F are practically the same ride. The F&F is neither and they completely missed an opportunity to make that a creative ride. (There's a competition race about to happen, so lets get on a bus and go to the after party?) All of these rides are underwhelming IMHO. I do like that they replaced attractions that were dated and needed updating, but with this? And now the new lagoon show has debuted and while I have yet to see it in person, and dont know if we will get to at HHN as the park closes at 7pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, but what Ive seen on videos is that it is nothing new or creative, at all. After spending a day wandering park to park, the lagoon show ends up being a recap or a commercial for the attractions inside the park. The design of the show is interesting, but the show itself? I think it also may be a bit of foreshadowing that I didnt see the Simpsons in the show what with Disney buying up (everything) the studio that produces that show. So, this all leads to a disturbing trend over the past 3 to 5 years and it seems to be bleeding into HHN, as well. The idea that we dont really need an icon for the event or that the crowds will just take anything you throw at them (sadly, we will) like a selfie "scare" zone that was as incohesive as it was sparse. Oh, you havent watched all of AvED -- gonna be kind of hard to understand why dude has a leather mask on. "Creative" needs help. I see this channel eating up the 1980's theme of this year's event. There is easily double the excitement equal to 2016 at this point. And they don't even have an icon. The icon is the theme this year. I hope they see that excitement and keep going in that direction vs the incoherency of 2017. Lastly, has anyone else considered how the AoV show will be affected by the entire audience being seated for the show? It feels like we will be sitting and watching vs people being able to dance and participate.
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    I gotta go with wesker on this one. What is the point of saying "neener neener, I know some rumors and you won't like it," except to pretend you might know something to which point we could care less because clearly you don't have any info. This is a speculation thread. If you're not going to give any info and instead taunt people, which is effectively what's happening, then GTFO. I've only been on this thread about a year and a half. I have nothing to contribute but opinions and good holiday effing cheer. As such I rely on the kindness of these fans to help me get excited. Stop ruining it for me. Lol