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  2. HorrorUnearthed

    I honestly hope years to come that Universal would make films based on all the originals houses, it would be very cool, I still think about it, I haven't really talked about it, but I just imagined what Seeds Of Extinction would look like as an 80s horror film and it seems like it would look really cool. I just hope it happens and not only that but also for our beloved icons to get their dues in origin films of their own.
  3. My ranking all the houses that I have been in from best to worst (Been going since 2006 but only remember haunted houses from 2010 and onward). H.R. Bloodengutz Presents: Holidays of Horror (2011) Slaughter Sinema (2018) Run: Blood, Sweat and Tears (2015) Ash Vs Evil Dead (2017) Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem (2015) Asylum in Wonderland 3D (2015) Krampus (2016) Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past (2010) The In-Between (2011) Hades: The Gates of Ruin (2010) Nightingales: Blood Prey (2011) AVP: Alien Vs. Predator (2014) Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces (2018) SAW: The Games of Jigsaw (2017) American Horror Story (2016) Cabin in the Woods (2013) An American Werewolf in London (2013) and (2015) Halloween (2014) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2016) Welcome to Silent Hill (2012) Penn and Teller New(kd) Vegas (2012) Afterlife: Death's Vengeance (2013) Dead Exposure: Patient Zero (2018) Scarecrow: The Reaping (2017) Freddy Vs. Jason (2015) Insidious (2015) Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After (2018) The Walking Dead: End of the Line (2014) Havoc : Derailed (2013) Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City (2013) Dead End (2012) Gothic (2012) Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers (2018) Seeds of Extinction (2018) Dead Waters (2017) Body Collectors: Recollections (2015) Tomb of the Ancients (2016) The Fallen (2017) Ghost Town: Curse of Lightning Gulch (2016) Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood (2014) American Horror Story: Volume 2 (2017) The Exorcist (2016) Urban Legends: La Llorona (2013) Dollhouse of the Damned (2014) The Thing (2011) Universals House of Horrors (2012) Saws 'N Steam: Into the Machine (2011) Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield (2016) Trick 'r Treat (2018) The Walking Dead (2016) The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven (2013) Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorne Cemetery (2011) Evil Dead (2013) From Dusk Til Dawn (2014) Nevermore: The Madness of Poe (2011) Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (2012) The Walking Dead: Dead Inside (2012) Giggles 'n Gore Inc (2014) Horrors of Blumhouse (2017) Roanoke: Cannibal Colony (2014) The Forsaken (2011) Poltergeist (2018) The Shining (2017) Hive (2017) The Purge (2015) The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead (2015) Horrors of Blumhouse (2018) Lunatic's Playground 3D: You Won't Stand a Chance (2016) Stranger Things (2018)
  4. I figured some here may like this, as it showcases several now "extinct" rides such as Jaws, original Kong, and Earthquake. It was a nice run down memory lane reading this! 


  5. OhHaiInternet95

    Ok so Hysteria = Ghostbusters.
  6. Yesterday
  7. littlegreenghouls

    dog could be the thing....
  8. I love all of them. Deep Star Six is second place to Leviathan. Leviathan and DeepStar Six get a lot of flack for being an “Alien” rip off, but I have to wonder whether Ridley was inspired by Leviathan for Prometheus. At least, when it comes to the means of monster creation.
  9. Looking at the Tooth Fairy house can we agree that using a TV as a window is the most overrated thing ever in haunted houses?
  10. Last week
  11. Things change when more information comes out. Assumption are made for codenames in many cases. Take the fact that Pit was changed to Discus. Hysteria was assumed to be StrTh, but that is probably Dog.
  12. Twilight59

    DEADVIANTART Description: The creations of the Deviantartists have sprung to life and are causing chaos in the streets of an NYC Art Block Party! Decorations: Broken buildings, crashed vehicles, dead bodies you name it along with portraits that feature a twisted version of a famous portrait List of Scaracters in the scare-zone Krueger Caesar Salem Poseidon Venom Seth Vlad Plague Diablo Lucifer Draculia Generalissimo Grunt The Ticket Taker Dragon Corrupt Ashlen Meteor HeadCase RipOff Earth-293 Joker Earth-293 Clayface Issac Franklin
  13. Nope. It was mentioned that Hysteria was fitting for the general public's reaction last year to a house. Considering GB was nowhere at the event last year...
  14. Twilight59

    Theater Terrors Description: Carey Theater, home to many dark superstitions and is known for its dark past and today you will relieve the history of the Carey Theater itself... Facade: Carey Theater [theater windows are boarded up and the theater itself almost looks like it has been forgotten years ago] Scene 1: Guests will be at a dark and empty stage where guests can see dying ghostlight on the stage and on the stage is a ghostly figure telling guests of the backstory of the theater itself Scene 2: Guests will now be at the theater backstage where they see the words "MACBETH" all over the walls and a poster with the alternative name for the play itself is seen on the walls and is almost torn up and in the backstage hides one of the ghostly three witches and a undead actor dressed like King Macbeth with a real dagger Scene 3: Guests will then enter an actor's 1920s-like actor room where it is almost burning and in the room is a burnt-alive actor in which screams for help Scene 4: Guests will now enter a theater hallway where it is slowly transforming into Carcosa and see Hastur in which stalks the guests Scene 5: Guests will now be at a stage where they are showing "The Hanged King's Tragedy" but however the crowd is a riot and is trying to kill each other and on the stage itself is an actor hanging by a noose and an actress or actor will occasionally attack guests with a dagger Scene 6: Guests will then be at backstage again where this time they will see Shakespeare's lost folio on one of the crates and some of the actors and actresses die like the Shakespeare characters did in Shakespeare's plays (Ex: An actor getting stabbed by another actor in which that is similar to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, an actress suffering from a venomous snake bite like in Shakespeare's Cleopatra and so on) and in this scene hides an almost stabbed actor Scene 7: Guests will now enter into a 1930s-like playwright's room where it is all messy and posters of theater plays are almost everywhere on the walls and in the room hides an insane playwright Scene 8: Guests then enter the private projector room where the projector plays Uranium Studios' films and in the room hides a ghostly usher Scene 9/Finale: Guests will finally be at the stage again and the ghostly figure from before flies toward guests and all the previous scaracters will pop out for one last scare
  15. OhHaiInternet95

    Seems similar to Dollhouse. Guessing this will be the flyer house?
  16. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!
  17. That was seriously disturbing, but great concept for a house. Will be a great addition to the lineup!
  18. Brandon_Voorhees

    Hysteria is Ghostbusters, it's taken from one of the most famous quotes from the movie.
  19. Knott's Tooth Fairy Here is a high quality video, but a so-so cast. Note the unique Stuff in Face - hanging strings with teeth tied to them. The house began in a child's room (@0:48), where an actor was repeatedly abducted by the TF minions. It transitioned to the TF lair, where she performs her extractions, with all the dental drill sounds that terrified us as kids. Aside from lots of cages with kids in them (@2:28), the Tooth Fairy's lair had walls covered with letters that kids had written to the Tooth Fairy (@2:16) along with fliers for missing children. Creep factor 10. And if anyone recalls the Saws and Steam hallway with the small animated crushers - repeatedly squeezing the last bit of fluid from chunks of human meat - TF had a hallway with animated skulls opening and slamming their jaws shut (@2:50). It was a seriously messed up house. Check out @4:21. And although this video doesn't show it, the finale room was a effect of the TF flying out from a wall above you. The video doesn't capture the facade very well, but it was made to look like a house. Through the windows in front you could peer into a little girl's bedroom. It was a looping video of her playing, then getting sleepy and crawling into bed, then waking and going to play. The little girl is the daughter of a Knott's Show Director. Here's another video (with a much better cast) that catches things missed in the first one The facade (@0:15) Piles of stolen money from under pillows, Dear Tooth Fairy letters, and Missing children reports (@3:18) Bloody mouth video (@6:25) Finale room scare (@7:44) One thing you can't help but notice is Knott's propensity to use big goofy masks that don't really fit the theme.
  20. A thing to note with codenames is Universal's been changing them to combat leaks, but Hysteria was pretty much Stranger Things. As for the Tooth Fairy, over at Knott's they ran with the angle of the Tooth Fairy kidnapping children to her lair if they stayed awake to try and see her. From there the kids had their teeth forcibly extracted (Lot's of kids with ripped out jaws in that house), and if they didn't die, they were turned into her minions. The house was seriously visceral and f'd up, so Uni can work some seriously demented magic here. Wouldn't surprise me this is in SS 24 for some flyer action.
  21. HorrorUnearthed

    I think Stranger Things codename was Hysteria?
  22. Midnight Detective

    falls is now lower case. I swear it was originally capitalized. Right?
  23. What could a house about the Tooth Fairy be like? I was hoping it could be like Bloodengutz but with children's mythological creatures like the sandman. Also does anyone know which codename Stranger Things was.
  24. I spent most of my day in my own world, followed by the Land of Retail. I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere, but not sure if it was on here. The Abyss and Leviathan are movies that came out in 1989. There was one more titled Deep Star Six. All of them dealt with otherworldly creatures in the deep ocean. The Abyss was less monster movie than the other two, but The Abyss is far more recognizable. Yes, I think he missed capitalizing Falls.
  25. Not Horror Nights related but do y’all selves a favor and don’t waste your money on The Curse of La llarona
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