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  2. DocNiktMarr

    Tunnel of Torment A recent excavation has found the Universal Backlot Tunnel to be filled with corpses. Under the road, in the walls, in the roof, there are corpses everywhere. Police suspect that it's the work of John Melvin, a serial killer that may have helped create the tunnel decades ago, but has died recently. Enter the tunnel and experience John's afterlife - an eternity of torment at the hands of his victims. The Backlot Tunnel, while often used as a scarezone, is interesting. There can be no setpieces, as they could interfere with the daily work at Universal Studios - and we all know that we can't interrupt the movie-making process. So, instead of ToXXXic Tunnel (Which would probably set expectations rather... naughty), I propose a scarezone set around ghosts. The area is black-lit, with glowing decals featuring cracks, the larger ones often showing skeletons. Scaracters wander about, painted to glow under the lights and with markings showing how they were killed. The music would either be metal or Figure's work. (REDRUM, Child's Play, and Micheal Myer's Dead would all be awesome - but possibly thematically inappropriate and profane. Universal has only dropped a single goshdarn fuckword, or so I've heard, despite Knott's using Manic Depresso so many years ago uncensored.) SCARACTERS John Melvin: Two guys, looking like Tor Johnson after being thrown out of a prison with no food for a few weeks, covered with electric scars. He stands outside either entrance, anxiously pacing. Baseball Players: Two guys wearing baseball uniforms, with visible bruises on their face and arms. They carry baseball bats. Decayed: 2 ladies wearing two-piece bikinis. Too bad their skin's rotted off, leaving nothing but faces and bones. They wield knives. Construction Workers: Two guys wearing construction uniforms. One has a pipe through his eye, the other through his cap and skull. They can carry a wrench or a pipe. Farmers: Two farmers. Throats were slashed. They carry scythes. Teachers: Two female teachers dressed like old-timey school teachers. Will rather scold than attack, but don't make them bring out the rulers.
  3. ameliaharry654

    I don't think all is lost there are many other online stores, explore Spirit Halloween Coupons I saw there when I was ordering my Halloween dress. Hurry go there and this time don't miss your chance.
  4. ameliaharry654

    Must read "It"
  5. ameliaharry654

    Horror obviously
  6. ameliaharry654

    Search on Google. You will definitely find there
  7. ameliaharry654

    My favorite movie so far.
  8. ameliaharry654

    Search on Google
  9. I have this really weird feeling that they're using more of the score inside of the house but it's so loud I can't tag anything ! We have an amazing team and amazing fans that help bring life to this thread as well as preserve the memories of HHN's past! I just want to say thank you all for your help and support over the years with this thread!
  10. So I was finally able to take the production tour of The Mummy during HHN 28 and I come to find out that it has a lot more hidden secrets that people haven’t discovered. In this video I uncovered all the Easter eggs of The Mummy including a few Kongfrontation Easter eggs
  11. Thank you for continuing this tradition. My neighbors will be happy (?) when I play all of this great music on Halloween!
  12. PeoriaBJJ

    I actually made a video of this. Sync up all the movies and then some. If anyone is every interested in it message me. I had it up on youtube but they flagged it an took it down.
  13. I'm in the middle of a brand new book with tons of cool info about the beloved JAWS ride. It's called Adventures in Amity: Tales from the Jaws Ride It's nearly 300 pages long, and contains the usual amount of history that we have all read before. But this book goes a lot farther... Half the book is interviews with people who designed (and re-designed) the attraction, skippers, the big-wigs behind the project, etc. Most of us know that the ride closed shortly after it opened because it was an operations nightmare, and that Universal sued Ride & Show Engineering, right? Well this book contains interviews with the Ride & Show Engineering guys! It effectively tells both sides of the story. It delves DEEPLY into the "shark bites boat" portion of the ride that existed only in the original version. Why it was destined to fail. Why Universal made decisions that guaranteed it would fail. It does not get very deep into engineering. There are some pictures at the end of every chapter - none of which are particularly great. You can fine much better pictures at www.AmityBoatTours.com I'm only halfway through and have no idea what is to come. Seems like there has already been 30 interviews - all fascinating. I'm hoping the last third isn't just pictures... If it ended right here, I'd be completely satisfied. It's available on Kindle for $10 or in paperback for $20. EDIT: Finished the book today, and the remainder of the book was even more interviews till the very end. Not filler pictures or references. If you get a bit teary eyed when you think about the loss of Jaws, you will LOVE this book.
  14. zombieman

    No idea. But I am curious about something from you - The Vault is clearly legendary to a lot of the younger people on HNN. I'm old enough to remember it, having first logged when it opened in 2004, and Chainsaw Wolf before that. For those who NEVER visited it, what do you envision? Or what have you been told was on the site? From your understanding, how was it different from HNN? I'm sure _mz would find the answers interesting. Again - just curious, because things that aren't around anymore develop their own mythos. But for those who want to learn the history of the Vault, here is an excellent article.
  15. Most of the songs used in Leave It to Cleaver and Usher Archway video came from this album: https://www.amazon.com/Show-Original-Music-Roach-Comedies/dp/B001UBMB0U
  16. HHN Pro

    Yup, that's what I'm talking about.
  17. Alucarda

    Listen carefully to what the people doing the audition want. Prep a death scene and practice your stalky walk, but most importantly take cues from whoever is speaking.
  18. I know this is 3 years late, does anybody have photos of each of the tickets from HHN 25 (the full card, not just the part used for admission)? If possible, each ticket individually would be ideal. I have a display from Publix, and I thought I took photos of each card, but I didn't. I would like to print them and hang them on the display. Thanks.
  19. mystiquephreeq

    We don't seem to have an RIP thread so... On 7/30/18, my grandmother passed away. She was my introduction to horror movies and all things spooky. She instilled in me my love of Halloween. From watching the old black and white classics (Them! was my first horror movie at about 5)and watching Dr. Paul Bearer's Creature Feature, to being with me going through my first haunted house (Pinellas Square Mall), to her annual Halloween bash, she fostered and created my love for horror and Halloween. I miss her deeply. This Halloween will be hard as the annual tradition will be broken. Rest In Peace, Grandma. I love you.
  20. mystiquephreeq

    I never shared mine. I've been using this name since 1998. It comes from the stories I write that will probably never get published. As the cocreator of a fictional world, I am the epitome of a Mystique (world's name) Phreeq (fan/freak).
  21. So a few weeks ago, when I went and set the world record for ET Adventure, I visited a store I’ve been dying to visit for a while Williams Hollywood Prop Store. I love collecting props. Whether it’s game used sports memorabilia or movie used props I love collecting history. So I asked the shop keeper if he had anything of ET and he said just some cards. So I bought the cards. Later when I get back to Miami, I’m rewatching the video when I recognize a small truck sitting in the corner of the store. It was the toy truck from the ET Adventure store. I was furious with myself and I didn’t know how I didn’t see that when I was there. So, not wanting to live with the regret that I missed out to own a piece of ET history (I already have enough regret not buying the Jack mask at HHN a few years back) I contact a guy on eBay who buys all types of props from the store (and luckily for me that day I had sold a Lebron jersey for $100). We came to an agreement and he went to Universal and bought the truck and a lanyard. So now I own a piece of my favorite ride. Now I have one question, WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL AM I GONNA PUT THIS? Lmao it’s a lot bigger than I expected.
  22. I noticed that there was no longer a thread for the music from Halloween Horror Nights 17: The Carnival of Carnage. I think that out of all of the years that were recovered, this was the only one that did not come back. So, if no one minds, I'll just put the music from that year down here using the old thread, old recordings, and Reaper's + Gambit's audio mixes as a basis. If anything needs to be either changed or added, please let me know so I can update it. Main Gate: The Legend by Graeme Revell Jason's Surprise Attack by Graeme Revell (Both of these songs are from the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack by Graeme Revell) Houses: Dead Silence: The Curse of Mary Shaw Main Title by Charlie Clouser Mary Shaw by Charlie Clouser Family Album by Charlie Clouser (All of these songs are from the Dead Silence Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dreamwalkers Dream Attack by Charlie Bernstein (This was in the queue video) Sleep Clinic by Charlie Bernstein Prologue by Charlie Bernstein Main Titles by Charlie Bernstein Run Nancy by Charlie Bernstein (All the music is from Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Friday the 13th: Camp Blood Overlay of Evil/Main Title by Harry Manfredi - Friday the 13th (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Virtual Crystal Lake by Harry Manfredi - Jason X OST Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds Insect Eyes by Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands Birth by Steve Jablonsky - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning OST Main Title by Steve Jablonsky - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning OST Psychoscareapy: Home for the Holidays Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano Jack's Funhouse in Clown-O-Vision Main Theme (Music Box) by Phillip Glass - Candyman (The version I use on Spotify is by Halloween Scream Theme Team from their Halloween Scream Themes album) Waltz of the Ghouls by Verne Langdon - The Phantom of the Organ: The Vampyre at the Harpischord Carnival of Souls by Verne Langdon - The Vampyre at the Harpsichord Flight of the Vampyre by Verne Langdon - The Vampyre at the Harpsichord Vampyr: Bloodbath Blackest Rose by Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt The Thing: Assimilation Main Theme (From "The Thing") by Gareth Williams - The Essential John Carpenter (If you're a purist who wants the original piece, it's called "Main Theme - Desolation" by Ennio Morricone) Streets: Troupe Macabre Living Dolls by Nox Arcana - The Carnival of Lost Souls album Caliope by Nox Arcana - The Carnival of Lost Souls album The elephant man theme by John Morris - The Elephant Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) The Ferris Wheel The belgian circus episode by John Morris -The Elephant Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Parkwide Ghosts of the Midway by Nox Arcana After Hours by Nox Arcana Madame Endora by Nox Arcana Hall of Mirrors by Nox Arcana Dr. Treves visits the freak show and elephant man by John Morris - The Elephant Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Haunted Carousel by Nox Arcana (All of Nox Arcana's music throughout the park is from The Carnival of Lost Souls album) Shows: The Carnival of Carnage Pre-Show Dark Carnival by Paul Roland - Pavane album (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult - Agents of Fortune album Within by KISS - Psycho Circus album Show Intro by Korn - Untitled album (The first scene in the show where the girl and the security guard are looking for her friends) Psycho Circus by KISS - Psycho Circus album (Jack the Clown's first appearance) A Party for Me by Marc Shaiman - The Addams Family (1991) Soundtrack (When Jack introduces his "Troupe" and the "Security Stretcher" scene) Circus Music by Richard Bellis - Stephen's Kings IT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (When Jack tells Tiny to drag "Zac Effron's" ass out of the cage) Be a Clown by Judy Garland & Gene Kelly - The Pirate Musical (Paint the "volunteer" into a clown) Unknown song playing when Dr. Panetti is searching for the laughing place There's also another song I can't find that plays when Jack asks for the victim's opinion on the show as well as when he catches Dr. Panetti playing doctor with Chance. Main Title - Stephen King's IT by Richard Bellis - Stephen King's IT: Soundtrack from the Television Motion Picture (Plays when Jack picks the second card and drags out the next "volunteer") Unknown Circus/Carnival type music playing duriing the "Woodchipper" bit Big Bad Clown by Richard Bellis - Stephen's Kings IT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Jack breaking the jaw of the chivalrous "volunteer") Storm by Nox Arcana - The Carnival of Lost Souls album (plays during the "Hammer Time" scene) Trust by Megadeth - Cryptic Writings (plays when they're preparing the Aztec Spikes of Death) Post-Show Blood by My Chemical Romance -The Black Parade album If there is anything that I'm missing, feel free to add on to the list!
  23. Dr. Jimmy

  24. Kurseddragon

    Hello, Very random topic but I'm kinda desperate. My dog got ran over by a car and shattered his leg on July 27th. I'm still just a college student so obivously money is non-existent for me. The vet bill ended up being $7,000+. All the details are in the GoFundMe link. I'm not asking for donations, but if someone were to, it'd be greatly appreciated. All I'm asking is for a read and a share to get the page out there. I can answer any questions if they're not answered in the link. Thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/5vo2qiw
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