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  2. Me at The Supposi -- um --- Repository last year. I'm the old guy.
  3. Last week
  4. Thanks for the recommendations! They've all been added to the list. =]
  5. HNN Podcast I'm totally down for it...I mean I made a thread about it lol. If anyone is interested let me know! Mark can you post the idea to facebook and twitter to see if anyone is up for it?
  6. Update: Thanks to another developer who re-wrote the "Who We Are" plugin at the top for the new version of the forum software we are now testing it. Please report if you have any issues such as wrong member name and topics being displayed, or anything else.
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  8. I LOVE the event guides. Thank you!
  9. I am thinking about getting a Tabletop RPG game called Stories form the grave. It is basically a game where you can make stories that are similar to horror anthologies like Tales From the Crypt and Twilight Zone. For this game, I came up with a anthology series called Horror in the Bayou. Basically, it is a series where all the stories take place in Bayou's across the world. The host would be either a deformed hick or a ghostly southern gentlemen. The stories would either involve horrors people fact in the swamp or people getting their just desserts ala Tales from the Crypt. Can I have some help detailing this idea?
  10. Ooo I'll play, but to be fair I'm not the biggest or most knowledgeable Friday the 13th fan. My list would probably look like this: Freddy vs. Jason Friday the 13th Part III Friday the 13th Part 2 Friday the 13th (1980 film) Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th (2009 film) Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Jason X
  11. Any scare actors or fans in Hollywood know this song playing 0:31 after Du haust by Rammstien
  12. This would help make an epic HHN moment
  13. Little logo thingy I did for work... Not even ONE skull
  14. I can't believe they sold out during the last day that deep pocket discount comes in handy. I had to go to like three different stores before finding the twisty shirt and socks. I usually wait until last week to get it. what were you looking for?
  15. Evil dead and the 2013 remake, and It Follows
  16. I went through Krampus and got pull by my friend who was in the first scene.. she pull me backstage and threw out three rooms later. I think it scared the bejesus out of the guests. Halloween 2 closing cast.. they got these scary cats in front of me to drop their phone and refused to finish the maze until myers pick their phone. I was dying. we were the last guests.
  17. See ya
  18. Played it a little over a year ago very good game, under appreciated. I'd play late at night with my headphones on to keep my wife happy, helped up the suspense. Liked the game mechanics very unique gameplay I haven't been able to find too many games like it definitely worth a play for free
  19. i actually like your ideas 1 that would be neat to see since alice and inbetween take place in the same world 2 FUCK YES 3 i don't know since scary movie doesn't have that much material for a maze. how about make it semi original. each room will have a horror movie in a parody manor 4 that would be amazing 5 that sounds amazing. imagine the nightengales infected with the plague. 6 yes 7 it will be a amazing original house 8 silver bullet needs to be in the house 9 reminds me of a ton of the remake of the crazies. would be amazing to see.
  20. I'm a huge fan of Let's Not Meet. For some reason I'm not too crazy about paranormal stories. Lazy Masquerade is my favorite storyteller but your voice is great as well. British accents are perfect for narrating horror stories.
  21. Last video before vacation. Again then i am looking for feedback, so i can improve So if you got a little time to spare to give me some advice, then i would be really grateful! Thanks!
  22. Thank you so much!
  23. And we were all happy it was popcorn.
  24. I believe this could be a geniunely creepy / eerie maze especially with some of these new episodes
  25. Im not ready to completely give up on the Dark Universe quite yet. After all, most folks would have told you that the DC expanded universe was dead in the water just a month ago. Then Wonder Woman swooped in and blew everyone away and future DC movies will probably see better opening weeks because of it. Hopefully Universal will wake up now and realize that it'll take more than big name (mostly has-been) actors to draw people to the theater. These classic franchises deserve GOOD directors and GOOD screenplays. The Dark Universe concept has so much potential that they shouldnt just churn out crap as cheap cash grabs. They might as well sell the IP rights to Platinum Dunes if theyre going that route. Anyways, I hope the upcoming installments are better because I really want to love this franchise
  26. Post to: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmytongue/
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