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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey, my bad! The song name was Night and is the version from John Carpenter's Lost Themes: Remixed Album! Two versions of this song play at the maze! The first is the remix at the queue area and the original version plays inside! Sorry for the confusions, but thank you Clash for bringing this to my attention, I have now added the correct information for this album! Thank You again!
  3. Last week
  4. Thank you all for following my audio mixes throughout the years! However, I regret to inform you all that I will no longer be making these unfortunately. As years have gone by, more and more tracks are used at the event where it comes up close to 200-300 tracks a year now. It used to be fun doing these, but now it has become a tedious chore to endure. I will leave you all the past audio mixes here on this website and forums for you all to enjoy. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I will hope you all will understand.
  5. Little project I did for a friend
  6. Earlier
  7. this was the first HHN house I had ever been in, I was 13 and had heard about the event for years but was never into scary things. I remember FvJ being like 180 mins so we didn't do that, RUNs line was less. I was fine in line, but as I went farther into the house I got increasingly scared to the point where when the Roman soldier stepped in front of me, yelling at me, I actually pissed a little. Was pissed about the whole thing and left the parK after like a little bitch. The next year I did TCM and I screamed like a little girl but I actually enjoyed it, now I'm in love with the event.
  8. Hello friends, I hope that there are some really fine scary discussions going on in this Horror section of the Forum. A few days ago I completed my article on 2017's Horror films and made it live on my Blog. I intended to create a fine source for the year's scary films. So, along with crating a Top list; I have also included the complete Horror films' list in the post. And, keep in mind that only those films that had horror as their base genre were housed in the list. You may guess some Top films of the year (IT and Annabelle), but here is the Top list: 10.Alien: Covenant 9. The Devil's Candy 8. The Girl with All the Gifts 7. Annabelle: Creation 6. Raw 5. The Belko Experiment 4. It Comes at Night 3. Split 2. Get Out 1. IT If there is any film that is missed then do mention it. Also, nobody minds to know about you favorites Here is the original article: http://www.filmyearth.com/horror-movies-2017/
  9. Seems interesting that you have started to talk about latest horror films.I too like watching scary and thriller films, will keep my eyes for new videos. Yes, Annabelle Creation is a film which has been shown quite effectively, however the plot isn't interesting. Would you mind to review "The Devil's Candy"? I found it among most impressive horror films of the year.
  10. Hmm, too hard to make a prediction.
  11. Mike did a short film this year. It was for a contest where a team goes from concept to finish product in just 48 hours. It's not a horror film, but he did win some awards for it. It wasn't until the closing credits that I realized an HHN alum we all know is in it. See if you can figure out who before it ends....
  12. Yes, I have been getting so many responses from Horror Fans all over the world... they really want John to make what he wants to. Some are also talking about a Western/Horror and how awesome it would be. Love this guy!
  13. All the spots do not have to be booked. You can do the room with 3-4 people. We had someone recently play all three games by himself. It just depends on the timing. Sometimes you get paired with other people, sometimes you won't. It's certainly doable with 3-4 people. The only reason time slots become unavailable is if they are completely booked (max number reached), or if no one books and it's less than an hour before what would be the game time. If you have questions on game times, you can always call and talk to someone at 407-507-0018. I hope you come and play!
  14. https://ryfyhorror.blogspot.com/2017/09/games1.html
  15. Thanks! I really want a sweatshirt and have heard in years past they sold out quick.
  16. When I first went through it in 23 I was in line with these 3 guys (never met them before). There was one scene where the wolf popped out by maybe some trash cans. They screamed and leapt into the next scene only to be scared by another wolf and then screamed and jumped back towards the first wolf. Great house and one of my favorites.
  17. Hello I am owner of RyFy Zone dot com and I was wondering where is everybody AT? It's like a ghost town in here..... <---PUN? I have no clue? Anywho My creative idea of horror is on Youtube and Blogger aswell as my site. I would like to share more and more as we are BRAND SPANKING NEW. Come one, come all, let's get spooky tonight! www.ryfyzone.com ^please visit Thank You! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! -BIG GIANT PLANET HEAD FROM RICK AND MORTY
  18. lol seriously
  19. Hello! I enjoy this work do you do anything else?
  20. Nice I like it.
  21. Twilight ZONE!!!!!
  22. Hello. I was wondering if you would like to collab? You can reach me at dryandwilson@gmail.com
  23. And with that I've done all of this year's original houses.
  24. Colliseum of Comics at the Fashion Square Mall
  25. That's the problem with like every single movie nowadays, the CGI is just trash. I thought that too haha. This scene in person would actually be pretty creepy but the remake/reboot was good. This movie sold out theater's like crazy. And the lines were insane at movie theaters. I just hate how the "mainstream" people say it's bad or just watch it cause it's a scary movie.
  26. Insidious: Return To The Further - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood (2015): The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood (2015): Insidious Maze Cast Walk Through Universal Studios Halloween: Halloween Maze Michael Myers Comes Home 2015 Universal Halloween Horror Nights: Behind the Scenes Crimson Peak maze Halloween Horror Nights: Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Universal Studios Hollywood Guest Reactions: Insidious Maze Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood: Making of Halloween Horror Nights TV Commercial 2015 Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Preview Universal Studios Hollywood: AVP - Alien vs Predator Maze 2015 Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood: Survive The Purge 2015 Universal Studios Terror Tram Halloween Horror Nights: This Is The End 3D Maze - Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights (2015): Crimson Peak Maze 2015 Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights 2015 - Insidious Maze Universal Studios Hollywood & Orlando: Walking Dead Maze | Universal Studios Hollywood - Halloween Horror Nights: Jabbawockeez Show 2015 @ Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood: JABBAWOCKEEZ show Halloween Horror Nights Ep. 1: JABBAWOCKEEZ show Halloween Horror Nights Ep. 2: JABBAWOCKEEZ show Halloween Horror Nights Ep. 3: JABBAWOCKEEZ show Halloween Horror Nights Ep. 4:
  27. A very special opportunity for Los Angeles-local horror fans to catch a free advance screening of the upcoming horror-adventure film, TAR.WHEN: Thursday, September 7th 2017 @ 7:30PM PTWHERE: Just outside of Universal City (location disclosed with RSVP)There will be free food and drink provided for this early Halloween treat. If you are interested in attending, message here and I can pass along more details. There are limited seats for this event and the guest list is first come, first serve.
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