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  2. Twilight59

    *Looks at page 1 and 2* Yeah i think i remember now.
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  4. So much has happened! Comcast has dropped out of bidding on Fox assets, so it's looking like Disney will be the winner. I say "looking like" because the government is having second thoughts on the ATT/Time Warner merger. Although it was approved by a judge, the current Administration sees it as a too big a monopoly, and is attempting to override it. That will take some time to adjudicate. The idea of Disney buying Fox assets was seen as a gimme because of the ATT/Time Warner merger approval. But with that potentially in peril.... And this isn't a "Trump thing", because Administrations on both sides are wary of monopolies. It's a pendulum I've seen many times over my 51 years. Companies keep merging until some Administration says "enough!". Comcast is not completely out of the picture - they have made it clear that they want to buy 60% of Sky News (I mentioned that earlier). It was pretty clear that Comcast didn't have the finds to purchase Fox AND Sky News. This acquisition has a good possibility of happening. Recall my prior comments on it: Comcast is bidding for 60% of Sky against Fox Fox already owns 40% of Sky News Fox is being bought by Disney, so Disney will own 40% of Sky News Fox cannot just up its bid because it is adding debit to the Disney deal - it is not straightforward Disney can't bid on Sky News for the same reason Comcast couldn't buy both - way too much money and probably would be a monopoly. The UK is opposed to Fox buying Sky News So we could very well end up in situation where Comcast owns 60% of Sky while Disney owns 40%, and Disney owns 100% of Fox. I have been personally rooting for Comcast, mainly because I do not like Disney's practices, but also because I wonder how Disney ownership will affect IP in Universal parks. It seems to me that Fox has been adamant that they don't want to be bought by Comcast, so the deal seemed to be doomed from the get go. The higher price Disney was forced to offer will put the brakes on Disney growth a bit - which I think was Comcast's plan. Gin up the price, and make Disney pay. That Disney closes the deal with substantial debit will definitely have an effect for the next few years. Don't think you will be seeing massive Fox-based projects at the Disney parks soon. That's all my opinion, of course.
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  6. so i know this forums dead but here's some music i found from the wolfman house in a video
  7. WESKER69

    Well yea... houses aren't meant to be lit up like a christmas tree. And also, thats partially the crappy camera quality not having some type of light.. 1st house - "Hell's High" located in Nazerman's. If you pay attention very carefully, you can hear "Voorhees" being called to the principal's office 2nd/3rd house - "Frightanic" located in Earthquake. 2 houses under one theme. If you pay attention at 7:23, you'll see the signs for "Fear in First Class" & "Carnage Crew". You had to choose your path. And yes, they did recreate the bow of the ship (with Jack/Rose skeletons) complete with water!! They do "Fear in First Class", then go back for "Carnage Crew".. The only two houses NOT shown were the soundstage 2-in-1 house "Museum of Horrors"... Yes they had 2 dual run houses that year.
  8. AbeLinkedIn

    This one is a little nontraditional but I love it just the same: Slaughter Sinema https://imgur.com/a/ZVqptu2
  9. Some say he is a saint……others a monster!...Sometimes you need a monster to fight other monsters.....This monsters name is Doctor Leviathan. Doctor Leviathan volume one as a paperback graphic novel and also a $2.99 kindle book for kindle users. My name is Jim Banks and I want to share some of my artwork with you from my graphic novel called Doctor Leviathan volume one. This book took me several months to put together and I finally finished and published it as a kindle book and a paperback graphic novel in 2017. This is a horror superhero graphic novel that I have spent a year working on. I loved working into the late hours at 3am in the morning drawing and writing this book. If you check my book out it is some what graphic but a lot of fun to read. This book consist of three stories that take place in the future. Our world there is overrun with millions of super-powered criminals and no heroes to combat them. Only one man stands against them and some call him a saint…..while others call him a monster. This mans name is Doctor Leviathan. Feel free to ask me questions about my graphic novel or publishing or just let me know what you think of this book. You can even drop me a line and ask me my thoughts on the comic book industry. I have done several conventions from Detroit to Indianapolis so if you have any questions about those comic conventions feel free to ask. You can hit me up on Facebook or email me If you have any questions – customerservice@leviathancomics.com Also I do have a website leviathancomics.com but this site needs to be updated from when it first went up in 2005 and it dose not have my new book that I just published or new artwork. Doctor Leviathan paperback graphic novel - https://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Leviathan-one/dp/0692983341/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1528236284&sr=8-1 Doctor Leviathan on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DoctorLeviathan2017/?view_public_for=236305443489805 https://goo.gl/images/ynxhDr https://goo.gl/images/aFZWRb https://goo.gl/images/VriEw9 https://goo.gl/images/ZPDbzM https://goo.gl/images/N5FrNm https://goo.gl/images/qFRUsu https://goo.gl/images/HrZ9vs https://goo.gl/images/JJmgdj
  10. Hey guys and gals, what are your favorite Tumblr artists?
  11. Dr. Strengoit

    Dr. Strengoit: Strengoit refers to Strengoit Legion from Legendary Truth. Dr. is referring to my Ph.D. But mostly because I thought Dr. Strengoit sounded cool (and my real last name starts with S so it matched well). That and I couldn't let Dr. Jimmy be the only Dr. in here.
  12. Welcome to the future home of the HHN 2018 Music Thread! Happy Haunting, Spooks! We are dying to see you in the fog very soon!
  13. zombieman

    I'm 51, which makes Hunnylvr and me very old - but supposedly very wise. Now you kids get off my lawn!
  14. zombieman

    I can't tell you how many times I have gone to an Italian restaurant and asked the waiter for extra gluten on the side. Usually makes their day; I assume the rest spit in my food.
  15. duh1011

    can someone please go to this on saturday and win for me? I have work that day so i can’t go I gotta say tho, its neat to have a big game show being filmed at universal studios orlando. Reminds me of the old Nick days
  16. Lazaro Gomez ( Sinister Gomez ) Artist | Professional | Varied BOT10 Productions Inc. Bot10 is an Independently owned company founded by myself. The Company was once titled Gomez Studios, the home for Graphics, Web Design and Commercial work. After a 10 year run I decided to call it quits, and change the company to better suit publications of many sorts. My deep love for all things art related led to the creation of this Company and Website. Now BOT10 is the home for Fine Art, Books, Prints, and Consulting. Bot10's website is the spring board to all the projects that I am involved in, from Comics to Movies BOT10PRODUCTIONS.COM holds the key to all those wonderful places across the Internet. For more info follow the links below. BOT 10 Art: http://bot10art.blogspot.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BOT10ART/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/xsinisterx Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bot10art/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VUDUCINEMA/
  17. happy bunny rabbit

    oh FUCK yeah no one told me this costume existed I assume it was made for the Thing remake but still that's sick
  18. Shayne Entity

    HEAVY AIR Clairvoyance is never a guarantee for perfect vision, but sight is relative. It is just a bit past the hour of six in the morning and the sun sits low in the clear morning sky. The countryside is at a standstill with an atmosphere so pure you can smell the morning dew a mile away.We drift to the north of the Rollings district floating on the air's current. We glide from the main road and over the Missionary Baptist Church dodging the crucifix atop the roof. This field is used for the church's weekend football tournament.The money they get from hosting this sport event operates the basic school attached to the main building. We move across the woodland behind the church. This area stretches about seven acres and is home to a huge pack of wild dogs.They have been responsible for numerous attacks on the neighborhood kids but never anything critical. We see the remnants of last night's hunt but no sight of the pack. Beyond the woodland, Red Square seems like a town quarantined and evacuated.No one commutes, no shop owners preparing for the hectic day. The lots are vacant and there is a crow of a rooster echoing on the wind. We flutter on, there is movement in the small police station shared by the Red Square community and the Dun Kirk community. A diminutive man with an enormous belly sits behind a desk drinking coffee and eating donuts. Cliché isn't it? The change in the air's current elevates us twenty feet above the police building. From this spot we can see clearly to the edge of town. Our genial mailman David Brown exits his home and locks his door behind him. He is on his way to the post office. He gets on his bike and pedals beneath us. Little Jonathan Taylor is on route, delivering his morning papers over on 7th Street. The streets of this area all runs parallel with the exception Kings Street which runs adjacent, connecting the roads of the community. https://story2teller.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_6.html
  19. Shayne Entity

    Thanks man
  20. maxfox

    Hm. I do not know exactly how to transliterate it to latin alphabet. Maybe Opyllja is good. Great bear if you are interested but I think noone here had never taste it. It`s good with a dark and mysterious music in vintage stylized pub.
  21. Shayne Entity

    you have interesting stories. I too have a blog and i am looking for viewers to give me some feedback on if i am on the right path or not. i hope you check it out https://story2teller.blogspot.com also if you ever need some one to animate you stories or do some music for you link me up and let us chat. i only have one video so far on my youtube channel but you can check it out to see what my music sounds like, this is the link
  22. paperx

    lol....he stops at the local gas station and uses the restroom while he is saving the world.
  23. JDW

    Sorry got locked out at work and forgot my password. Newest creation: Give me your heart on Valentine's Day. Or I'll come and take it! This is my clown persona... Mr. Squinkles. I'm working on bulking up again. The goal is Hellboy by Halloween. This was last Halloween and I've been beast-mode since.
  24. ryfyzone

    why did you delete your comment you scared........don't be afraid it's only a story.
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