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  2. OhHaiInternet95

    If you want to see the rooms he came up with, go to page 38 of the HHN 28 discussion thread on IU (2/10/18).
  3. Thank you very much for your hard work. Going to the events is great but reliving them through the music whenever you want is priceless.
  4. Yesterday
  5. OhHaiInternet95

    Add Legacy to the Bloodengutz one. The reality TV stuff was his idea, I came up with the story and framing.
  6. Alright, thanks! Updated! And now, you can present scare zone ideas!
  7. OhHaiInternet95

    Probably SS 24 (A or B), Fifth Avenue/Delancey Street/South Street (assuming scare-zone), and Sprung tent 2 (lends itself to a queue video much better than tent 1)--respectively.
  8. I love those ideas! But very quickly, where would they be located?
  9. zombieman

    I've long stopped being polite and waiting till a photo finishes. People who decide to stop in the middle of a crowd so they can take a photo of themselves are Darwin Award candidates. I never fail to make a snide comment as I pass them. If they are taking a selfie video (what do you call those?) I always shout so that it will be recorded "Look at me! I'm a moron! Stopping in the middle of a crowd! Wheeeeee!"
  10. That was the original plan yes, but they quickly realised that little Timmy might be too traumatised by Alien and the complaints would pour in very quickly. Plus Alien in the same park as fantasy land was too much for management. They then then went down the more comedic/original route which worked wonderfully. But even with all the warnings outside and constant reminders to parents that maybe little Timmy should sit this one out, they still took kids in and still complained about it. That’s one of the main reasons it was replaced by Stitch, and the less said about that garbage the better. Oh and think I did Alien Encounter when I was 7, and loved it. It was scary and creepy, but quite funny too. My cousins on the other hand (both slightly older) did not love it as much, but look back now and laugh about it. I’d love to do it again one more time. I miss Skippy!
  11. OhHaiInternet95

    This would be a great idea for 30, assuming Jack is the head honcho. Anyways, to be updated: Vampyr: Inquisition (I sort of got this idea from a post back in 2011-12, but I'm expanding on it)--The Spanish Inquisition was actually a breed of bloodthirsty vampires looking for a way to find "new blood." You might think the presence of crucifixes would be lethal to them, but it turns out that is just a myth perpetuated by vampires! (Would be ideal for 30--would contain scenes from past similar houses like the candle and balcony scenes from Gothic, the "squeeze-in-art" from Dracula: Legacy of Blood, and (wishful thinking) the bedroom scene from the original Castle Vampyr.) Nightingales: Blood Splattered Banner (would probably work best as a scarezone in NY)--During the War of 1812, the warring American and British troops were blissfully unaware of a sinister third party: the carnivorous, shapeshifting Nightingales, preying upon the weak in every war throughout history. As the Battle of Fort McHenry rages on, you'll find the bombs bursting in air to be the least of your worries as you have no idea who is fighting with you or who is hunting for you. So, I really liked Legacy's idea of a Reality TV Bloodengutz sequel, but I'm making an explanation as to WHY the segments are this way--remember, the segments in teh first house were already horror movies, so WHY would these TV shows be horror? Plus remember, reality TV is very much a 21st century thing, the first one took place in the '70s. So I took that idea and added some inspiration from the Supernatural episode "Changing Channels": Larry Kurtzberg had been in jail for over 30 years, but finally passed away recently. But upon his death, he has now become a demi-god of sorts and has returned to take bloody vengeance on WKNB. He is now turning the still operating TV station building into a series of horrific reality television shows, with unlucky WKNB employees as the stars!
  12. OhHaiInternet95

    I never got to experience AE (I was eight when it closed, so it would've traumatized me for life if I had), but I've become absolutely enthralled by it ever since I found a POV of it a few months ago. What a wonderful attraction that clearly was. I would love for EITHER: Since it was originally going to be an Alien attraction, for Disney to make just that happen at DHS now that they own the rights to it. Unfortunately, I just see them sitting on the rights to it. OR: For Universal to do a Jurassic Park AE-style show, with a raptor playing the role of the creature. I maintain that Dinosaur still provides a horror influence at Disney (though it would admittedly be better if they changed the name back--does anybody actually remember that damn movie?--and put in the meteor at the end).
  13. PeoriaBJJ

    the fucking selfies that everyone posts has made it harder than hell to get around the park now a days.... yes Ive dont it too.
  14. Im just gonna come out and say it.... Killer Klowns sucks. DO NOT make this a house. It will make Blumhouse look interesting.
  15. Speaking of Disney and horror, I really wish they or someone else would bring back alien encounter (or something similar). One of my all time fave attractions, and so many great memories of my cousins and Auntie screaming to “turn the bloody lights on!”. It was a dark dark day when stitch was put in, and quickly removed.
  16. I don't know. It's just a fantasy I've had that I know will never come true.
  17. how? there´s no material in the film to make a good maze.
  18. This will never happen, but a comedy house for The Happytime Murders would be both hilarious and (hopefully) good!
  19. OhHaiInternet95

    That might actually get me to go to MNSSHP lol. This is a really, REALLY entertaining discussion to get us through the dead period (which generally ends in April).
  20. StupidStupidDan

    I just do not understand people that don't consider Stranger Things to be a horror series. Everyone seems to want Stephen King properties come to HHN, while Stranger Things is extremely influenced by, and very similar to King and his works. Is it just because it doesn't have a slasher running around and cutting people up? ...Also...now I really want to see Disney do a Gravity Falls house at MNSSHP next year.
  21. So, was Halloween not real horror? Slaughter Sinema? Carnival Graveyard? The Blumhouse movies? Poltergeist is rated PG, but is considered a horror classic. But obviously, because Stranger Things showed up, Universal isn't doing real horror anymore. One house shows up that's not "horror" in the traditional sense (even though it's a PG-13 equivalent series), and people are acting like Scooby Doo and Gravity Falls are the feature IPs. There were 9 other houses. Child's Play - R Halloween 4 - R Happy Death Day - PG-13 First Purge - R Trick R Treat - R Poltergeist - PG Killer Klowns - PG-13 Stranger Things - TV-14 HHN has always been PG-13. We can poke around history and find PG-13 rated stuff scattered throughout its history. But for fans to continuously complain that Stranger Things (specifically) is making the event "family friendly" or "not horror" ignores every other aspect of the event - especially the highly requested horror classic that has a lower classification rating than Stranger Things itself. Horror, as a genre is more popular and varied than ever. Universal isn’t interested in making the “scariest” event they can. That’s never been their focus. They want to make money. They want it accessible. Fans either need to recognize that and deal, or find something that is actually scary.
  22. I guess I am a little confused on this whole "adult horror" debate. While some properties may not be as horror driven such as Stranger Things but basing it off of ratings and gore I don't think garner what is a good....or "adult"....I mean yea going with pure R rated horror then we wouldn't have gotten Poltergeist which is rated PG and I see no one using that in their arguments especially since that was almost everyone's number one this year. However on the flip side pure gore hound houses haven't always been well received...I know it is an original but Roanoke: Cannibal Colony is one that sticks out in my mind. Tons of carnage everywhere yet it didn't hit right with a majority of people. So basing it off blood amount I feel doesn't make sense. SAW too from 27, also didn't hit right with most people on this forum. Killer Klowns just falls under the comedy horror which I absolutely adore and I think is needed at the event, no it shouldn't be majority but I think is totally needed. So does "adult horror" just mean takes itself serious ly....? I mean I am not disagreeing, when the full line up was announced for 28 I kinda felt like nothing striked totally terror or fear in the line up...I just think it is worth diving into and isn't as black and white as R vs PG-13 or blood vs no blood. Hahaha posted at the same time but yes this is a good discussion topic
  23. littlegreenghouls

    Listen, I agree with the adult horror. Yet it has been proof that Rated R horror don't make as much as pg 13 horrors. why would you want to limit the money to only the smallest %? * I haven't looked it up but I believe it to be true. we won't get any STRONG HORROR house since there might be stranger things crowd in the mix. According to the creative team they aren't changing their event because of stranger things. I would like to see the next years event plans before I buy my ticket especially Hollywood. I want to see some real horror ip or original stories.
  24. I think drag me to hell, if done right, would make an awesome house. Great mix of scares, comedy, gore and gross scenes. Or, even better, how about an original take on the film where you the guest are cursed by the gypsy woman at the beginning? Then the maze would be you being attacked by the Lamia, and everything that comes with it. And at the end you get “dragged to hell”. I think that actually may work better as there’s a lot more freedom over what you can do and the story you want to tell.
  25. It's always been an "PG-13" event; or - accessible to the "under 18 crowd." They did Fear Factor in 2002. That's less horror than Stranger Things.
  26. I thought it was pretty cute and funny about the child. But, the main point isn't the child, its the direction of the event more and more towards the under 18 crowd. I love comedy horror. KK and things like Drag Me To Hell are awesome. But, houses? No, thank you. I'd prefer the adult oriented HHN.
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