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  2. For real, I was positive Poison would be AHS but I’m seriously beginning to wonder if it may be The Lost Boys.
  3. Welcome to the boards! Blood and Bone is what I had heard. The coloring of the marketing shows Blood and Bone were originally intended. The red fading to a silvery white. Bone is a perfect example of why marketing and the resistant higher ups just need to give into icons. We made him the icon anyway. We demanded his name. We call(ed) him the icon. We will elevate those we wish to that level. Especially, when it is/was quite obvious he was suppose to be the (or one of the) icons. Just give up and join us. Icons are all the rage. You have the codenames. Welcome to 2008. That's where we started the spec game. The codenames were a little easier to figure out (Creatures was Creatures, Scary Tales was Scary Tales), but they were originals, so it was a little harder to determine what would be in the houses. You just have to figure out how A&D links the names. So many possibilities.
  4. ~MAZES~ Six Flags Magic Mountain had an impressive 7 mazes for their event, even if their locations are all on one side of the park. Now I didn’t do the mazes as many times as I would have liked, but that's what happens when you have great coasters with no waittimes! Easy distraction lol. Anyway, I was very curious to see what kind of quality I’d find from the mazes at this event since most of my haunt experience has been at Universal’s HHN event for the past 13 years. The closest thing to Fright Fest I had been to was Cedar Point’s “Halloweekends” back in 2003 (which I did enjoy). So I was looking forward to experiencing the Fright Fest mazes. For the most part, I was NOT disappointed at all... VAULT 666 (3 times) This was a really cool maze that actually pulsed the line due to two “pre-show” rooms. It was meant to be a genetics lab where they were creating hybrid creatures or whatever. I don’t exactly remember the backstory, but I liked it a lot. It reminded me of HHN Orlando’s maze “HAVOC: DOGS OF WAR” in 2010, only this was less “super-soldier milItary” & more “Resident Evil Umbrella Corp”. The set details were pretty great & had some fun effects, as well as a lot of air blasts. Definitely one of the better mazes & had some decent scares. TOYZ OF TERROR 3D (3 times) Oh no, the dreaded 3D maze of doom! This actually was one of the better mazes at the event, as well as one of the better traditional 3D mazes I’ve ever been through. Like VAULT 666, this maze featured a “pre-show” room before letting you loose. The set details were amazing, even all the artwork on the walls (as well as floor) was amazingly well done. It was very impressive. THIS HAD A SPINNING VORTEX TUNNEL OF DOOM!!!!! There was even a few ramps & lopsided tilted floors too! There were a few scenes that reminded me of HHN Orlando’s 2009 maze “Child’s Play: Friends Till The End”. I really enjoyed this maze a lot. A few good scares to be had too! RED’S REVENGE (2 times) This maze was tucked away backstage, but the quality of it was pretty damn awesome! There was so much set detail to be found within this maze it made me want to do a photo-tour . Like the other two mazes, this one also had a pre-show room, which was a fun little backstory video. This maze was so twisty as far as its pathway goes, it was a little disorientating, but in a good way. Quite a few scares, but so much set detail! The ending was very similar to HHN Orlando’s maze “Scary Tales: Once Upon A Nightmare” from 2008. Instead of encountering the Evil Queen looking down upon you from her tower, it was Little Red Riding Hood herself. I absolutely loved it! Wish I had done this maze more times. DEAD END (1 time) So this was the NEW maze for this year and it was trying a new-ish concept. It was a maze in complete darkness with only an effects-driven flashlight that would turn off at times, become a blacklight, red light etc randomly. I know Knott’s Scary Farm attempted something similar with their “Trick or Treat” maze this year, but I didn’t get a chance to go down to their event this year HHN Orlando had done something a little similar with two of their mazes in the past (2005’s “TERROR MINES” & 2006’s “PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS: UNDER CONSTRUCTION”), except instead of a flashlight it was a construction helmet with a light. Basically a very early version of what was attempted with this maze. I only did this maze once & while it had a few good scares here/there, I wasn’t that impressed with it. I know that if they tweaked it heavily for next year, it might be better, but it was something “new” they were trying. It almost reminded me of HHN Orlando’s scarezone “NIGHTMAZE” from 2011, only as a maze. WILLOUGHBY’S RESURRECTED (3 times) This maze had a decent facade and some pretty great set details. The scareactors were good too, some more interactive than others. One scareactor reacted to my HHN Hollywood event hoodie that says "Come Play With Us" by saying "Stay! We'll play with you!" Got a few scares here/there. Due to its “mansion” setting, it reminded me of HHN Orlando’s maze “SCREAMHOUSE: RESURRECTION” from 2006. This maze had some nice tall sets, but a few empty spaces that could’ve been retooled. CHUPACABRA (2 times) This maze was probably the weakest, but maybe slightly better than “DEAD END”. It felt like it suffered from a budget cut, but still had a few decent set details while the rest of the maze was like an after thought. I did however get a few good scares while going through, but as I said this was kinda “meh”. I’d say this will be replaced next year. AFTERMATH 2: CHAOS RISING (4 times) OMG! This maze was THE BEST maze of the event! It was by far my favorite! It was an outdoor maze with some really great set details! Great lighting, effects & a flamethrower! This was a virus outbreak zombie maze set in the city of Ash Valley & it even had a military vibe too. It even had a few alternate pathways! A little disorienting like Red's Revenge! It was a LONG maze with great scareactor talent. I would’ve killed to do a photo-tour of this maze. I hope this is back again next year because it really was amazing! ~SHOWS~ So the event had two shows & a DJ area (Club 6-Feet Under)... Now I never did make it over to the DJ area, but each time I passed by, it was pretty uneventful over there. It was tucked away in the corner next to “Battle For Metropolis”, so it was fairly easy to miss. They also offered a new “Ghoulish Grub at the Pub” dining experience, but only 4 select Saturdays in October, so didn’t get to check that out either night. There was a “hypnotist” show in the Golden Bear Theatre, but I skipped it. As for the entertainment that was NOT to be missed... VOODOO NIGHTS This was by far one of the best entertainment offerings for a haunt event & it was continuous throughout the night! It featured a DJ, a live drummer, dancers, & occasionally a live band. Now I never got to see the band perform, BUT I did get to enjoy the “Voodoo Dolls” do their thing. They even had costume changes. The guys were hot, the girls were sexy, and the music was enjoyable. It was very much a party atmosphere. I loved this continuous show. Was able to get a pic with the Voodoo host & the drummer! ~OVERALL THOUGHTS~ Even though I only got to attend the event two nights, I definitely enjoyed my first “Fright Fest” experience. Can’t wait to go again next year! Now due to my unfamiliarity with the event, I did miss “THE SURGE” where the monsters are let loose at the beginning of the event back in the DC Universe area. I also missed “ESCAPE”, similar to HHN Hollywood’s “Chainsaw Chase-Out”, but with all the monsters invading Demon’s Door for you to pass through on your way out. The great thing about Fright Fest though is that only the mazes require an upcharge fee, so it’d be very easy to just go & enjoy the streets a few nights since the event is included with park admission (minus the mazes of course). I’m bummed I didn’t get a hoodie or a tshirt, but I definitely will next year. While a haunt event at a Six Flags park tends to be the butt of every joke, I will say that I was very impressed with what I experienced. Definitely a worthwhile way to spend a night or two during Haunt Season! My only real complaint, aside from the lighting that I mentioned earlier, is the complete under staffing as far as scareactors go. Obviously its not easy to staff events like this, especially when you have bigger competing haunt events needing scareactors too. Then of course there is budget. If Magic Mountain could double the amount of scareactors, they’d definitely be set. The event itself is well done for what they have to work with. Hopefully with the park becoming a year-round park, next year’s event can get the bigger budget it deserves. Eitherway, I will most definitely be making a few visits to Fright Fest 2018!
  5. SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN: FRIGHT FEST 2017 REVIEW One dark and stormy night, at an abandoned park up on the mountain of magic, a portal opened unleashing goblins & ghoulies from last Halloween, as well as demons that will make you scream! ....Okay, maybe not, but it sure sounded good! So after living in California since Summer 2014, I FINALLY got the chance to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain (childhood dream), but more importantly, for their “Fright Fest” event (thanks to my friend/coworker). It was so much fun! So lets skip the foreplay & get right into the review of this wickedly fun event full of fright! Having never been to the park before, I was completely unfamiliar with the layout, so I couldn’t find my way back up to the top of the Ninja hill! (womp womp) I had gotten the “Maze Pass with Express”, thinking that I’d be doing all the mazes multiple times like a typical night at Universal’s HHN event. Sadly I was mistaken because not being familiar with the park & the event map being a little vague on maze locations made my adventure of doing things take the entire night, AND I STILL MISSED ONE OF THE MAZES!!! (Epic Fail)... Thankfully I was able to go to Fright Fest a 2nd night in early October, this time without express, but with familiarity of the park (and maze locations). As I said, I had never been to the park before, it had been years since I had been on a legit coaster (sorry Mummy & Hippogriff) since moving here. Technically longer since I had been to Cedar Point, so while I was there for Fright Fest, my thrill ride nerd self kicked into high gear of “OMG!!! LOOK ITS ______! OH I HAVE TO RIDE THAT! OMG A REAL COASTER! OMG OMG!”. Obviously rides are a forbidden thing when attending a haunt event.... So yea, I was torn between doing rides & haunt stuff! I found a nice balance, but now I’ve had the taste of real non-3D simulator rides again and well... that monster has awoken! Anyway, back to Fright Fest... ~SCAREZONES~ I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Six Flags decorated for the haunt season, even in non-scarezone areas, even if it was just giant cobwebs. The fact that they made effort was awesome. I liked the set details, even if some scarezones were more minimal than others. A lot of the scarezones relied on blacklight effects, which was actually quite cool. There were 5 scarezones total, which isn’t a lot for a park of Magic Mountain’s size... The park itself definitely suffered a bit from being “too dark” in non-scarezone areas, which isn’t exactly safe for a park that is full of hills and/or stairs. I feel some atmosFEAR lighting would’ve gone a long way, as well as not make the 5 scarezones feel so far apart. As for the scarezones themselves, the lighting wasn’t too terrible, but could’ve been improved. To me, “darkness” doesn’t exactly equal scary, just annoyance. Don’t need it to be bright as day, but just not black as night. (yes I just Green Lantern'd this review). That is really the only issue I had in regards to the streetmosfear... DEMON’S DOOR This was the entrance scarezone. It featured two big demon statues & some rockwork style pillars. Very minimal as far as scenic goes. However, the scareactors found here were pretty great. Loved the prosthetic makeup & the fact that a few of the demons were sliders! The scareactor talent was very interactive & didn’t mind stopping for a photo before or after their next scare. I’d love to see flame effects in this scarezone because the random fame burst in the main fountain just wasn’t enough. TERRORTORY TWISTED This scarezone was steampunk inspired, obviously a nice fit for the new Twisted Colossus coaster, which also shares the same theme. There was some pretty nice gory props within the area. It reminded me of HHN Orlando’s “Saws N Steam” scarezone from 2010, only minus the chainsaws. It was a fairly decent scarezone, but it definitely needed more scareactors. Honestly, the normal name for this section of the park is "Screampunk District", so it already had a haunt style name lol.. SUICIDE SQUAD EXPERIENCE This was located in the DC Comics Universe area of the park, obviously. While it wasn’t much of a scarezone as it was a glorified photo-op with 4 of the characters from the film, they did have a few burned molten zombie-esque scareactors roaming around. They had a few wrecked/vandalized cars, some projection mapping & lots of fog scattered throughout the land. It was almost like HHN Orlando’s scarezone “Island Under Siege” from 2002, except lacking in the “scare” department (and NOT having a maze based on one of the villains). The characters themselves had designated photo-op areas too. You were able to get a pic with The Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, & Katana. All four were great portraying their respective characters. DAMNED ‘N DISGUISE So this scarezone was located in the Metropolis plaza directly infront of the new “Justice League: Battle For Metropolis” ride. It had a gimmick where it would “change before your eyes”, this of course was mostly pulled off with lighting, especially blacklights. While I was really excited for this scarezone concept, it left something to be desired. The scareactor talent was great & very interactive, but I just wasn’t impressed with the scarezone itself. If they bring it back next year, I think some tweaking to it will help. I was expecting something along the lines of HHN Orlando’s “7” from 2011 where the scareactors would evolve throughout the night with each set change. EXILE HILL The designated zombie scarezone on Ninja hill, aka "Samurai Summit"... Once again, the scareactor talent was very interactive. Yay for more sliders! There was even a hearse photo-op with the “Willoughby Zombie Chauffeur”. This scarezone was pretty much devoid of scenic, only giant cobwebs and minimal lighting & fog. NIGHTMARES- A TWISTED FANTASY This scarezone was definitely the most “themed” and was a blacklit glow-in-dark scarezone. It reminded me of HHN Orlando’s scarezone “Fractured Tales” & “Asylum in Wonderland” both from 2008. I really loved the scenic details of this scarezone & the scareactors were very interactive. It was awesome. I’d say this was probably my favorite & even when passing through without scareactors, it was still enjoyable. ...maze and show review below..
  6. Looks like a King-Universal connection is happening somewhere, at least. The novel is a bit of a mess, but there are enough decent ideas to make a great film. http://deadline.com/2018/04/tommyknockers-movie-stephen-king-james-wan-universal-1202372930/
  7. omg, I'm definitely gonna have to pick up that Scarecrow shirt.
  8. Does anyone happen to know a source for Stephen King saying he doesn't like haunted houses? Is this a definite thing, or just something everyone has agreed upon? I find it super strange. I get if HHN did some weirdness last year, but I never would have pegged King as against haunted houses. Just curious. I'd like to read it for myself if it exists.
  9. Yesterday
  10. If we're sold on "coach" as a clue, then keep in mind that Cinderella is famous for riding in a coach. Cinderella, Cindy. Just a thought.
  11. Nope, Philly. Well every Eagles game I’ve been to they’ve won...and I’ll be at that game! Enjoy Vinny Curry & Beau Allen, and I hope DeSean is working out for you as well!
  12. We're upsetting you in week 2.
  13. don't have NFL but NOLA?
  14. Ding ding ding ding ding!!! I’m not an 80’s kid, however I was an 80’s baby so that may make me not old enough. Though I live down here now, I’m definitely not from Central Florida. My avatar might give away (to some) where I’m from but a big hint would be-one of the greatest moments of my life, something I genuinely prayed that I’d get to see before I die...is currently replaying on the NFL network lol
  15. TWD is the living vs dead. Living flesh vs death? Idk
  16. One thing that hasn't been solved is the abundance of "something v something else" in @mystiquephreeq's huge hint post. Seems like it might have some significance tbh.
  17. Welcome to the forums! What a first post!
  18. Any info as to why this companion was cut? Any info why Bones wasn't an icon? What even was last year's marketing, lol.
  19. I thought of that, but wasn't sure how they'd do a blood character. Seems sloshy.
  20. The description of the Festival zone last year mentioned blood and bone.
  21. Bloodsugarsexmagic? Anthony Kiedis? Actually, Flea would be better. Flea would kick ass! I could see some menace in Boneless Pizza though. Why did the pizza have bones to begin with?
  22. Broth? Cancer? Marrow Biopsy?
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