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  1. Yesterday
  2. Given my user name, I would strongly approve of #4.
  3. I think that's pretty much all but confirmed. She's what I've seen on every list of both rumored and hopefuls. Plus, the director worked with her previously on Mama. So, unless they had a tough time together, I'm sure he'd like to have her on board as well.
  4. Speaking of IT... yes please http://variety.com/2018/film/news/jessica-chastain-it-sequel-beverly-1202703189/
  5. IT wasn’t a red herring. But The Thing was a red herring. So the seven could be IT. The scarlet fish could mean The Thing. The 80’s could be either Freddy or Stranger Things or both. Strange little girl though...
  6. That's kind of what I meant. I'm battling a cold/flu and the brain fog I'm experiencing is horrible. He started a countdown with 11 on purpose to mess with people. The question is: did he know about Stranger Things when he began, or was it dumb luck? Stranger Things needs a new acronym. Every time I read ST, my brain says Scary Tales. Suggestions: StTh StrTh
  7. My Ideas Death Note house (based on the anime, just import the escape room from USJ) H.R Bloodengutz sequel Alice cooper house Eddie (pre 9/11) as icon
  8. We've narrowed it down to these 1. The Walking Dead 2. The Purge 3. Hollywood style The Purge with black walls 4. The Disaster Artist 5. Havoc: Derailed: Put Back On The Rail 6. It... Follows 7. Aerosmith house 8. Halloween 3 9. Bioshock 10. Luigi's Mansion/Ghostbusters crossover 11. we're finally getting it, the Night at the Museum house! ben stiller is gonna actually work as a scareactor every night!
  9. either that or with the stranger things clues, he used to say shit about eleven and people were like "omg stranger things eleven!!!111"
  10. Then he's telling us he purposely created a red herring (scarlet fish) with the IT clues.
  11. Could the seven actually be the IPs this year? Lots of people are speculating a 7/3 IP/original split this year. Either way stranger things will be pretty cool. Just hope that gets announced early!
  12. “The seven” possibly yes
  13. What will be the houses for HHN 28?
  14. The first set of clues is IT, right?
  15. Could 80’s be Stranger Things or Freddy? The seven is obviously IT.
  16. Last week
  17. Oh yes, definitely cool, but like you said, not scary. A few jump scares if you were lucky, but other than that nothing special.
  18. Exactly. I thought the house was super cool, just not scary at all.
  19. I tried no luck on Ebay or Amazon.
  20. Hello everybody!I know that one of the most annoying things is when ppl just randomly promotes their own videos But i would really appreciate some feedback on mine... I don't have that many views yet, and i am not sure if it is due to bad quality content, or if i should just keep doing what i do.Here is a link to my newest video: https://youtu.be/LxVuWK5dyAE Hope you're having a great day!
  21. Hey all I am looking to buy the pins from this year let me know if anyone has any ! thanks ! or any pins from any of the years from Orlando hhn!
  22. I understand why you took a hiatus but what’s (looking like it’s) changed for you, that’s making you consider coming back?
  23. The Most Dangerous Game: Zaroff's Island After falling off the ship in a horrible fog, you've found yourself on a beautiful island, complete with a nice mansion. Heck, the owner is willing to let you stay the night. The catch is that, on the morning, he, his giant mute of a henchman, and his army of dogs are going to hunt you as soon as the sun rises. So you better get ready to run, for General Zaroff is on the hunt... The Facade is the mansion. Something period appropriate, seemingly nothing to betray the dark secrets within. Room one has you meet Zaroff in his dining room. Ivan watches, and the General will interact with guests. The next room is Zaroff's Trophy Room, featuring several heads, skulls, and miscellaneous gear and body parts. Then you pass the dogs, slamming against the bars to get to your flesh. Then you enter the jungle. Zaroff and Ivan will hide behind the foliage in many of the rooms, brandishing machetes or guns. One room will feature them in silhouette, with Zaroff firing his rifle in the conga line's direction. At one point, Rainsford will appear, fending off a giant dog (think the scaracters who dealt with Xenomorphs). A set of rooms will deal with his traps. The first will have Zaroff trigger the Malaccan Man-Catcher. A log will fall close to both him and the guests, before the hunter mocks his prey. The second would have one of the recurring dog animatronics lunge at the guests, only to fall into the tiger pit. Finally, guests pass the Ugandian Knife Trap, which stops a few feet away. In the transition, Ivan lunges out, the knife lodged firmly in his chest, before slumping over. Finally, after the dogs, traps and flying bullets, you wind up in Zaroff's Bedroom. Rainsford will lunge from behind the curtains, calling Zaroff a slew of phrases that may or may not be appropriate for Halloween Horror Nights. Finally, as guests exit, they pass the exterior of the bedroom. A gunshot will sound, glass will break, and a Zaroff dummy falls out the window, close to guests.
  24. A tentative welcome back, my friend.
  25. But hopefully much better than the Saw house from this year. I was not impressed. I'm not sure what else I really expected lol.... but it just didn't work for me. I don't find Saw to be scary in the first place, it's more along the lines of gross scary if that makes sense. The guys in pig costumes aren't exactly frightening to me.
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