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  2. Friends! Ive gone to HHN for 10 years now but coming from out of state I can only afford to go one night a year (I'm going this saturday). Imagine how nerve wracking it is to only be able to go one night (its scarier than HHN) I always need to be as prepared as possible. If ya'll could help me out with these questions I will send you a large virtual hug: Can anyone link me to a map for this year so I can plan my attack?! what order do you suggest I do houses this year? what houses do they open first for stay and scream. what are the wait times like (is there a house with the longer waits) and most importantly do all the soundstage houses do that thing where they let you out super far away from the entrance? I hear it's bad this year!!!
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  4. littlegreenghouls

    I think it's possibly. Reboot of legendary truth? That's a hard shift between movies. .. WB took back It, but thankfully let us do the contract of Trick R treat, Please let it be known it Legendary / WB release. With all this tech. How come we don't have live action lazer tag or something cooler than the world of color skull color changer?
  5. By that logic I demand a ghostbusters comedy house next year.
  6. ToxicodendronHEDERA92

    YES!! Sitting in finnegans now and was JUST saying this!! just got through a line with sour apple being spewed my way the whole time shit made me genuinely nauseous!
  7. OhHaiInternet95

    Since Legacy said they had It back in December, Poltergeist miiiiiight've been It's replacement?
  8. Dear god... can it please be acceptable to snatch a vape out of a persons hands and smash it against their face? PLEASE? When did it become ok to smoke (whatever) out everyone around you?
  9. themazethinker

    fun fact - this is the first time the f world is used in a house. it's in the unfriended projected into. "alright..let's stop f###ing around hands up, who's doing this?"
  10. The-Autistic-Prince

    My idea for a fifth Scary Tales house: A "femme fatale" storyline where the female characters have taken over, and the male characters have either been enslaved or slaughtered in ways that allude to each story; Examples: Hansel cooked in the witch's oven, Prince Charming is lacerated to death with shards of Cinderella's glass slippers, the Beast is hunted by Belle, etc. Here's another cool concept: Rapunzel snatching the "wigs" of her princes.
  11. OhHaiInternet95

    Shakespeare and Aesop's Fables come to mind. It's never going to happen because copyright hell and how obscure his books are aside from Chocolate Factory--and even then it's more of a Shining case where the movie is so different from the book that people barely recognize the book version anyways--but a Roald Dahl compilation house would be a dream come true for me.
  12. ToxicodendronHEDERA92

    Ehh we had the remake more recently than the Thing tho and we also had ash vs evil dead nah give us the Thing first ;0P
  13. themazethinker

    a story that is never used in either scary tales house is jack and the beanstalk. just use this prop in a short scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qVRJXdX0mo
  14. The-Autistic-Prince

    Throughout the years, Universal has featured horror-themed versions of classic fairy tales and folklore at Halloween Horror Nights. Now here's a question for fans: What's your favorite iteration of Scary Tales? If you had to create your own Scary Tales house, what stories would you include?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Harlequinofhorror26

    Has anyone done the scareactor dining yet this year? I’ve only done it once in 2016 just wondering if it’s worth doing again! The Wicked Witch and Sam are tempting me.
  17. DTH316

    Stranger Things labortory entrance elevator death I guess these little bits. I wish there were better scares here, but the sets are great. Poltergeist "YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES" Easily this part. Highest in scares, claustrophobia, and set design. Halloween 4 electrical substation THIS PART WAS SOOOOOO COOOOOOL. Universal Monsters morgue/little maria blood feast This one is hard. I guess I'll go with these two. Trick R Treat emma's corpse werewolf feast stairway/sam upside down Man, GREAT maze, so it's hard to pick these, these were all great. The First Purge [never saw the movie so sorry about names of rooms] mannequins This is the only worthy moment in that entire maze. Horrors Of Blumhouse the failed mission/killer nun blender death/fruit smoothie abandoned hallway. Oddly a really good maze, had to pick 3!
  18. ToxicodendronHEDERA92

    The booth was there last night just not running, saw it over by trick r treat and seeds entrance!! No if we get anything else from there it better be the thing lmao the poster was right in the first episode on a wall and it's been rumored too long!! I missed the first one which wasn't technically based on the movie so I NEED that I love that movie :0)
  19. Tman875

    The A/C was fixed in here over the weekend. It is much cooler in there now. and we thank them for that!!!
  20. littlegreenghouls

    Has anyone experienced their new maze? The depth? I think its the only new house worth going too. How is the merch looking like?
  21. JDW

    It's the exit to the Hawkins lab room with the vines. The rim glows and shifts in color
  22. im remaking dth 2012 thread. but instead of it being a poll it's gonna be a thread so you can say what different maze scenes were the best. here we go [blank hallways do not count, most have props in it] Stranger Things forest/will's house facade living room/"r.u.n" will's bedroom/"should i stay or should i go" shack and fort byrers upside down woods labortory entrance elevator death the gate the void school hallway/demogorgon entrance classroom battle Poltergeist living room/there here tv static kitchen/maggot meat bathroom/face peel bedroom 1/tree attack closet/skull underground bedroom 2/clown attack the beast "YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES" Halloween 4 workshop boiler room diner fences/trick or treaters sheets living room bedroom backyard electrical substation Universal Monsters cementary morgue/little maria castle entrance film reel invisible man phantom of the oprea hanging bodies "children of the night, what music they make" blood feast collection room igor "we belong dead" Trick R Treat emma's corpse charlie's death werewolf feast school bus massacre kriegg's entrance stairway/sam upside down bedroom trick r treat The First Purge [never saw the movie so sorry about names of rooms] fence scare apartment manequins swing scare alleyway catwalk gas mask killers secretary death office doors bomb apartment Horrors Of Blumhouse truth or dare entrance chruch entrance statues the failed mission/killer nun the failed ritual/tongue cut/throat slit unfriended intro blender death/fruit smoothie hairdryer death knife to eye death screen scare the girl poster blumhouse intro abandoned hallway.
  23. littlegreenghouls

    you know the only reason we got poltergeist this year is because they mention it in stranger things. I think if they do stranger things again next year; we will get another myers house because someone dress up like myers in the show. I think the only thing that is worth snackin on is the frozen drink. It doesn't fill you up, but it sure taste great.
  24. HambergurPimp

    Here are some opening night monochromatic images:
  25. UO confirmed on Facebook that Twisted Taters are returning tonight and they’ll be near the Pizza Fries location.
  26. Carnies & Clownsaws Horde (Exact Order): "A Clown's Lost Love" by Hollywood TV Music Orchestra – Freak Show: Carnival Curiosities and Creepy Circus Music "Haunted Carnival" by Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter – Spooky Halloween *Unknown Distorted Circus Sound Bite* "Three Ring Circus" by Dance Squad – Dance Studio Music for Juniors "Liberty Bell March March" by Circus Band – Die Musik Zirkus Vol. 4 (There's a lot different albums from Circus Band this song's in, I just chose the German one for fun) *The Universal Orlando Original Song Track for Carnival Graveyard* (I'm pretty sure) "Clown Special Effects" by Cirque Du Soleil – IRIS album "Carnival Of Souls" by Music For Zombies – Music For Zombies album (also in Out of Love album) "We're All Mad" by The Circus Contraption Band – The Half-Wit's Descent "Fun Time At The Fair" by The Big Top – Circus Music album (Becomes distorted near the end) "Big Top Suite, Part 2: Clowns" by Beat Circus – Beat Circus: Ringleaders Revolt "Entrance of the Gladiators" by Tangley Circus Troupe – Brass Whistles on Parade "Evil Night Together" by Jill Tracy – Diabolical Streak "People Are Strange" by Johnny Hollow – Dirty Hands *Another Unknown Distorted Circus Sound Bite* "No More Room" by The Scarring Party – Come Away from the Light "Demon Kitty Rag" by Katzenjammer – Demon Kitty Rag - Single "Angels In Cages" by Caravan of Thieves – Bouquet "Something Wicked (That Way Went)" by Vernian Process – Something Wicked (That Way Went) - Single "Mr. 9 O'Clock" by New Orleans Klezmer All Stars – Fresh Out of the Past "Russian Dance" by Tom Waits – The Black Rider
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