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  2. littlegreenghouls

    I think they signed a deal or something. I mean it's teamwork.. producer of films and then the theme park event which is free ad from the film studio or the film.
  3. Yesterday
  4. DocNiktMarr

    That's an awesome idea, now I want to see it done.
  5. themazethinker

    i always want to see a terror tram themed to cryptids and urban legends. have the backseat murderer and the hook man in the psycho area, bigfoot and the jersey devil in the trail, escaped aliens from area 51 in wotw, kidney theifs in the indoor maze, stuff like that basically.
  6. I saw HDD2U last night and I don’t really think it’s HHN house worthy(even more so then HDD last year). Sadly I’m almost sure it will be there because it’s by Blumhouse and Universal.
  7. DocNiktMarr

    It's been a while, forgive me for necroing this thread. Terror Tram Presents: FALLOUT: Enter the Wasteland Okay, I admit that the Fallout name has been turned to mud, what with 76 and all. BUT, I've been playing Fallout 4, I love it, I've been beating people with a baseball bat covered in razors while dressed as a pulp detective from a radio show. And to be honest, I'd rather a Fallout house, spanning the whole series (Only played 4, but I'm aware of the likes of The Master, Frank Horrigan, The White Glove Society (I need to stop relying on cannibals), The Scorched... plus I imagine a house would be the best place to have a Deathclaw), but I don't know enough of the lore to lay one out. Thus, I'm posting an idea for a Terror Tram. Also, the soundtrack is a Diamond City Radio-type broadcast. Because if Fallout has anything to brag about these days, it's taste in music. SECTIONS: Loading: The loading area for the trams are modeled after Vault-Tec vaults. I want to give it the official designation of Vault 31 or Vault 666, but both sound corny (I did research, both vaults exist in Fallout Shelter, but one is a limited-time Halloween event and the other is just some idiot claiming he's the devil so let's not go with those). Some scaracters are wearing Power Armor, ushering guests onto the tram. Tram Tour: As guests start, the guide (playing the Vault Overseer) gives a briefing on the history of the vault and a mission to scout out the ruins of the Universal backlot. The monitors on the tram will show a mix of Vault-Tec animations, such as the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. series. Exiting the Tram: The dropoff point features members of the Brotherhood of Steel, including a power armor-wearing Paladin, warning guests of what's to come. Whoville: As guests walk the path along the Grinch set, feral ghouls prowl the path. Bates Motel: The Motel scene has been turned into a barricaded raider camp. Raiders will attack, and imprisoned wanderers are locked in cages. Dirt Path: The previous scenes are combined, somewhat, as another raider camp is attacked by Feral Ghouls, including a Glowing One near the end. Outdoor Maze: The maze is turned into a ruined building. Protectrons will guard the rubble-filled halls. (My research states that they're a Fallout 4 addition to the series, but I don't want it to be a repetitive mess of raiders and ghouls.) Psycho House: The lighting is green and a Geiger counter's crackling can be heard. Apparently the mansion has something radioactive in it. On the stairs, is a Glowing One in Norma Bates' dress and wig. War of the Worlds: The set designed to look like the ruins of civilization has been turned into another camp - but there's a heck of a lot of meat bags set up, giant cauldrons where no one can get to them - oh no. Wandering the crash are Super Mutants, some have rifles, others clubs. The brutes brag about being superior to humans, and inheriting the wasteland. Mummy Tunnel: As guests enter the pickup, an Enclave soldier in Power Armor will attack, going on a spiel about eliminating the mutants from the Wasteland. I could have sworn I had another layout for a terror tram posted, but I guess not.
  8. For some reason I do not want a Blumhouse house again but I love the idea of it for a street!
  9. littlegreenghouls

    I think we would get Universal original monster house/ maze this year or next for thirty years. I prefer this year while I am still employee with the company, hopefully can do filing role for that house. I love wolfman and frankenstein's monster despite being too short. I just saw Happy Death 2u, I seen some active scene during a haunt. ( lab death, gym backstage, hopsital scene again, ) I feel like this is going to be apart of 2019 house. if not maybe blumhouse street. I feel they could get way with blumhouse street. purge tv, maybe purge film, happy death day baby killer, maybe if possible get out character? or us character? or hulu pokah character? I love creepy pokah character.
  10. i'll kill for a actually planned ucm maze in a soundstage. you can have the ones you expect (dracula, frankenstein, wolfman, etc etc), but you can have some lesser known ones to (the man who laughs, werewolf of london, the mole-people, dr jekyll and mr hyde).
  11. OhHaiInternet95

    Well, I was mainly thinking that the torture would be happening on the TVs, the segment rooms would be actual scenes from the CM movies--like the first BNG house. But either way, your idea is great. You could also do a Nightingales scarezone in either NY where KKFOS was (War of 1812--"Blood Splattered Banner") or in Central Park (Revolutionary War, specifically Battle of Saratoga or King''s Mountain--"War of In-DIE-pendence").
  12. and for the wolfman, you can have a room of the guard dogs mauling a guard to bits.
  13. THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!! I hope we get some type of slasher this year since hellraiser is out of the question
  14. OhHaiInternet95

    I'm personally hoping for that to happen at 30. There's been talk that the Orlando team was really impressed with Hollywood's UCM house, so combined with 30 coming up and with Blumhouse taking over the UCM it would be a surprise if we don't see the UCM incorporated a lot in the event's future. One idea I had was for HR to incite a riot in prison (Hellgate, of course) and to take the guards hostage and run a UCM marathon (make that a "MURDER-thon!"), torturing guards in the style of different classic monsters. Stabbing their neck for Dracula, bandaging them for Mummy, drowning for Creature From Black Lagoon, and of course, Old Smokey for Frankenstein. So you would have a crossover of Bloodengutz, UCM AND Hellgate!
  15. Last week
  16. I feel like the thing is a fall back house incase a IP falls through. I do kind of hope the thing gets a house soon because that is one of my all time favorite movies! But if hollywood gets Holidayz in Hell maybe H.R Blood n Guts could make a return?
  17. OhHaiInternet95

    Tell me about it. I lost count of how many IPs Legacy swatted down before Poltergeist was even mentioned. The Thing was also thrown in when Murdy said there would be a "snow house," but it's looking more like Holidayz in Hell.
  18. Those are fair points. Also have we had any speculation for what that 5th spot could be this year? I remember last year the rumors for poltergeist practically came out of nowhere lol
  19. OhHaiInternet95

    "Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who's been nibbling on my house?" "It's so yummy in my tummy!" A good portion of Slaughter Sinema (Pumpkin Guts, Barber Chop, Midnight Snack). The finale of DE2. Luv Shak. Honestly I remember 26 being less gory, and 27 being about the same level. Disclaimer, I (purposefully) missed both AHSs, TWD and LP3D.
  20. I completely forgot about the in between! It could work but I hope universal gives us a really gory house this year. I can’t think of any house last year that had a really gory scene.
  21. OhHaiInternet95

    The silver lining is that an In-Between sequel could be more likely (thematically very similar--a box opening a new dimension)? Guessing the three "banner" IPs will be: ST2 HoHH HDD2U With KKFOS being the "cult" IP. Which leaves us with god knows what for the fifth slot--Poltergeist was on literally no one's radar until May.
  22. according to hhn unofficial hellraiser is confirmed to not be at the event this year
  23. Legacy

    It’s not a forum like it was. They seem to be focused on original content.
  24. littlegreenghouls

    I have plan to attempt to reboot Bill & Ted Excellent halloween adventure in Fringe form if possible. I would need to do fundraiser tho cause my friend show is playing about 5 days in two week span, he paid something like 500 for total amount of days. After, paying for 7? shows and paying for the costumes and talent If I can maybe get the Universal Actors if they aren't in another Fringe show.. Something like 300 for props and practice and whatnot.. In theory, would any of ya be interested in watch it? IF you could maybe see 2019 feature of Bill and Ted non heinous cancelled tour, who would you see in there? I have my core plan, but it would be interesting to see if we have some people in common.
  25. zombieman

    HHNVault is where everything began. It was for all intents and purposes the first HHN fansite. Pretty cool article here that should put it into perspective. So great to see it coming back to life. It will be neat to see what they do to distinguish it from all the others at this point, because everything else has been in the image of HHNVault. HNNNightmares made many of us feel at home when the Vault closed. I still wear my Vault shirt occasionally to HHN and usually get extra attention in houses.
  26. Twilight59

    DEVASTATED WORLD OF TOMORROW Facade: World of Tomorrow Entrance World of Tomorrow: As guests enter the Zeerust-like park/city they are greeted by a malfunctioning loudspeaker that welcomes the guests to the park/city itself accompanied by the park/city turning on by itself along with a few killer robots Tomorrow Museum: Guests then enter into a Zeerust-like museum where they are greeted by a malfunctioning museum tour guide robot in which while welcoming guests to the Zeerust-like museum itself will sometimes attack guests and as guests go through the decaying exhibits itself robot guards hide to attack guests Virtual Reality Dome: As guests exit the decaying museum they go through a Zeerust-like virtual reality dome where the dome looks abandoned and is about to fall apart and in the dome hides some killer robots along with a few corrupted virtual reality avatars Cars of Tomorrow: Guests then go into a showcase of what our cars would look like in our Zeerust-like future however in the showcase hides a few killer robots along with a few Zeerust-like cars honking at guests Monorail of Tomorrow: Guests then go to an abandoned Zeerust-like monorail where it looks like it hasn't been used in weeks suddenly it turns on by itself and looks like it's going at it's destination to the Mall of Tomorrow however unknowingly to the guests the Zeerust-like monorail itself hides a few killer robots while guests are going into the Zeerust-like monorail itself Mall of Tomorrow: Guests then go to a Zeerust-like mall where it almost looks like the mall from Dawn of the Dead (1978) but looks like if it was abandoned and in the mall hides killer robot mannequins Tomorrow Cinema: After that guests then go inside a Zeerust-like cinema where a malfunctioning robot usher will welcome guests to the Zeerust-like cinema before attacking guests and inside the cinema hides a few killer robots then when guests go into one of the holo-screening rooms that plays Metropolis (1927) a killer robot will hide from behind one of the chairs and attack guests Creator's Bunker: As guests exit the Zeerust-like cinema they then see a bunker and once they enter it reveals to be an abandoned mad scientist's lair and that the rumor of the creator being a mad scientist was true and while guests looked around they hear alarms blaring before dying down along with a few loudspeakers warning guests that they should not enter here and before guests exit out of here a messed up/fleshy humanoid robot of the creator/mad scientist of this park will attack guests along with a few of his very own killer robots.
  27. BoSoxFan1022

    I just, registered, what exactly is it?
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