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  2. Twilight59

    A question for themazethinker if there was a sequel to doc's Youtube Dead idea how would you treat it?
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  4. The main truth I wanted to get across was the fact that A&D did not want "Fear" as the icon. Yes, Cindy was the sacrifice to bring all of the icons to life with the "roots of evil," but that wasn't the point I was making.
  5. WESKER69

    @Gambit You should go one step further with the Slaughter Sinema wallpaper. Instead of VHS' for the other houses, you should make each VHS next to the tv be for one of the B-Movies. That'd make it more exclusive & unique
  6. WESKER69

    Funny story about TenThirtyOne... (first of all, i skimmed that article, but not surprised by what i read)... so in 2015, I saw a scareactor audition ad for LA Haunted Hayride. The event had a cool looking logo & the map made it seem like a decent haunt event So before I passed the audition process & got cast, I did a quick brief interview for a "STAFF" position as well just in case I didn't make the cut. That is where the epic lies began. The dude doing the interview hyped the shit out of the LA Haunted Hayride event & got me all excited. It was complete trash.... So my "costume" fitting was at a storage space in Glendale. They didn't exactly have a wardrobe that fit. They said they'd take jeans & stuff in for a better fit. Didn't happen. I ended up having to use a safety pin to make the pants fit. On top of that, they did NOT wash these costumes every night like other haunts would. So if you sweat a lot that night, guess what? by the time the weekend was over, your costume would smell rank. As for the haunt itself... ugh. Only 2 "rehearsal" days. However, that first rehearsal day consisted of nothing outside of seeing the different maze locations & whatnot. But thats not even the best part. The event started THAT weekend and NOTHING was even remotely close to being completed. Worse than what we've seen at HHN with last minute stuff. I wish I had taken pics because it was mind-blowingly beyond amateur hour. The maze I was cast in was "Trick or Treat" (not to be confused with the maze we're getting at HHN this year). It was a legit circus style picnic tent (not the quality tents we see at HHN or other haunts). Our maze was supposed to be a neighborhood consisting of front doors... You'd think John Murdy created it because it was all just plain black walls & front doors, literally one big loop around the inside of the tent with 8 doors in the center. It had an "alley" (which was my terrorory) to get to the other 4 doors.. Our maze lacked set details & scares. The worst part was, the event began in like 4 days. Our 2nd "rehearsal day" was the day before the event started and NOTHING was still finished. The entire event was pathetic. We still lacked set details except for a few minor cheap halloween decorations here/there but nothing exciting. I could've easily gone to Party City and spent about $20-30.. and it would've improved our maze 100%. The entire event was terrible quality. The people who run it are a complete joke. Also, we were all the ONLY cast for each maze & the hayride itself. So we had no set times with someone to tag us out every 30-45mins. If you had to go to the bathroom, you had to run to the porta-potty & run back. Thats how it was every night. We didn't get breaks. It was a terrible experience. And the prices they charge for the event is ridiculous. I'll see what pics I have & make a thread. But yea... TenThirtyOne... ugh.. OKAY NOW BACK TO DARK HARBOR
  7. hgwy407

    "Dark Harbor reminded me of the old OLD days of Knotts Haunt if you were around. I'm talking early 2000s." LMAO over this, and not in a bad way, but to hear the old days and the 2000's mentioned is hilarious to a guy who has been going to Knott's Scary Farm since day one in the 70's. I love it and thanks for making me smile this morning.
  8. littlegreenghouls

    We didn't get anything for silver screams, or anything recently beside the regular line old school hhn stuff. last time, we had a line video was back in 25 for Run and 23 for cabin in the woods. 26 and 27 didn't get again unless you count blumhouse intro videos.
  9. Happy death day is good for about a scene or two. I'd be shocked if there wasn't a scene from the new purge as well. There are a couple decent scenes from truth or dare that could be used too.
  10. Actually... thats not true. A&D planned on having Cindy be the icon for HHN XX... Hence why she finally had her own house. It was all centered around her bringing the icons back for the 20th anniversary. ....Howl-o-Scream has had shirts for their original houses in the past. Universal still hasn't learned this concept. Notice how they'll also neglect scarezones as well?
  11. Back when the Simpsons ride was being created, FOX & company wanted to do a Halloween version (aka- Treehouse of Horrors-esque) so that the ride could have a new overlay experience during the haunt season. Universal apparently told them "NO", because they wanted to wait until the popularity of this new ride died down before doing anything "extra". Naturally, the hype for the Simpsons ride died a horrible death within a month after opening (it wouldn't get a 2nd wind until Kang/Kodos & Springfield was added). Sooooo what I'm saying is, you can thank Universal for killing the haunt season version of The Simpsons Ride. FOX wanted to do it, but Universal wasn't thinking ahead (like always). The ride was also meant to be 3D, but clearly that conversion hasn't seen the light of day. Womp womp.
  12. themazethinker

    i'll make sure to do this tomorrow i promise.
  13. Twilight59

    Facade: Carey Arcade Scene 1: Polybius Scene 2: Mr. Mix Scene 3: Fallout 3: Numbers Station Scene 4: Jack the Ripper Game Scene 5: Mr. Bones' Wild Ride Scene 6: The Grey Man Scene 7: Who Are You Running From? Scene 8: The Theater Scene 9: NES Godzilla Creepypasta Scene 10: Jvk1166z.esp Scene 11: Ben Drowned Scene 12: Herobrine Scene 13: MARIO Scene 14: Pale Luna Scene 15: Pokemon Creepy Black Scene 16: Playing God Scene 17: The Perfect Video Game Scene 18: Knob.exe Scene 19: Super Mario 128 Scene 20/Finale: A glitchy landscape with characters from previous scenes attack/scare guests Video Games Creepypastas house idea layout
  14. themazethinker

    go right ahead, but i suggest refraining from bad video game ones like sonic.exe
  15. Twilight59

    Also can i do a layout of the video game themed creepypasta house idea?
  16. Twilight59

    Thanks for using my plot for the video game themed creepypasta house idea you had!
  17. themazethinker

    originally the title was something i made due to me not knowing a good name but yeah the house will be about your plot now
  18. Twilight59

    Good job for fixing it again. Also is the creepypasta arcade about all the video game creepypasta coming to life and invaded an arcade?
  19. themazethinker

  20. Twilight59

    *pats themazethinker* Good Job for fixing it. Also don't forget persuaded in the market street scene and the cameo of prisoner 959 in the Carey Police Department scene. (Not to be rude or anything)
  21. themazethinker

    shit hang on alright fixed
  22. Twilight59

    Very Good! Also what about Sid?
  23. themazethinker

    Creepypasta : escaped Location - soundstage 24 Facade: as you enter the soundstage you see the lab from creepypasta - error 404, but this time the doors are busted open and there are multiple clawed footprints on the ground. Subject cell hallway - as you enter the lab you see the window to multiple subjects cells. You see a tall humanoid creature looking at guests [harbinger experiment], and a zombie like creature banging on the glass [blood freezing experiment]. But you see that some cells have there doors busted open. Forest - you exit to a forest now. Here you see multiple broken down trees by some or more entities. Suddenly the goatman will come out from behind some trees and scare guests. As guests back up bob will pop out behind them. As you enter into the next forest room you see a trashed campsite. Right next to the campfire is the rake brutally slashing a man [dummy] to bits. As this distracts guests slenderman will pop out and try and scare guests. Carey Streets - you enter to the streets now and it’s pure chaos, cars are flipped over, multiple military helicopters are down, etc etc. as this happens you see a woman walking down towards you. All of a sudden she pulls down her skin to reveal multiple tendrils on her [thing wearing mommy’s skin ]. As guests back up the glutton [animatronic] will break through a window and try to grab guests with its tentacles. Italian Restaurant - you enter inside a wrecked italian restaurant. You can see multiple wrecked tables and kitchen knives on the floor. On one table is funnymouth slitting a mans throat and licks up the blood. As guests are distracted the seedeater will emerge from the kitchen doors. Carey Sewers - you descend down to the sewers, here there will be smells of urine and feces here. Hell you might actually find a chocolate bar floating about.not just that but a camera is seen floating about covered with a bloody handprint [ted the caver]. Out of nowhere a sewer worker will come out saying “ please help me, i gotta get out of here, there’s these things and they killed my crew. Please help. “. after he says it he is pulled back from a tentacle from the glutton. Not just that a cave children wil claw at his face before he is finally pulled into the darkness. Alleyway - as you exit through the alleyways you see a man smiling painfully. He is seen dancing across the alleyway as he turns a corner. Then suddenly the goatman will pop out from that corner wearing the mans ripped clothes revealing he was the goatman in disguise. Market Street - you are now in what seems to be a market street. In here you notice mr widemouth [animatronic] pushing a womans [dummy] head into a cash register. As guests are distracted a man suffering from the funnymouth curse will pop out gurgling for help. as guests walk towards the meat product area there will be multiple persuaded victims chewing on pieces of the cooks flesh Shady Oaks Cemetery - you exit the market street and are now in the cemetery. As you walk by the gate the thing that stalks the fields will be seen staring at guests. As you enter into the cemetery you see a huge pile of body parts, someone spray painted on the bodies the words “LEFTOVERS FOR DINNER TODAY KIDS”. The mothman [statue] can be seen on top of the bodies. As you turn the corner the slenderman [animatronic] will be there pulling a man apart with his tentacles. This room would not have any actual scares. Just creepiness and dread. WKNB Studios - you are now in a small news station. Here you see a dead news reporter on the table, slashed to pieces. As you walk by the tvs in the room they will turn on revealing multiple smiling heads [wyoming incident] and rarley there will be one of a smiling demon like teenager [sid]. This will distract guests to let mr bear come out from behind with a hatchet. Carey Memorial Hospital - you enter into the front doors of the hospital. As you enter you see multiple bodies on the chairs. As you enter into a patient's room you see a young teenager with long black hair and a hoodie, getting brutally mauled to death by the expressionless. It will rip out the teenagers femur and lick off the bone marrow spraying blood [water] over guests. Hollywood Drive-In - as you enter outside to the drive in theater you see the ticket taker from “the theater” game banging on the window to the ticket booth. As guests enter they see a huge screen with multiple crushed cars parked by. On the screen are multiple people with there eyes bleeding since zalgo has hijacked the projection. As guests walk by the cars one will actually have a man start turning into a dogman since he was bit. He will growl at guests but beg them to leave. Carey State Penitentiary - you are now in a room in the penitentiary filled with cells. Here there will be multiple references to the holders like, in one opened cell is the holder of the end curled up in a ball, holder of the beginning cradling something, etc etc. in one cell is a inmate [dummy] sitting next to the wall. Suddenly a persuaded infected will break from the cell wall and rip the inmates head off. meetz meats - you are now transported to meetz meats. Here you enter into the meat hook room where you have to pass tons of animal bodies [some actually look human]. Out of nowhere a seed eater will pop out from behind one of the meats. A meetz meats employee will then come out with a chainsaw and try and fend back the beast but b.o.b will come out behind him and bite him in the neck. Carey Police Department - you are now in the lobby area of the police department. Here you see the Michigan dogman and the beast from he hunts ripping a man [dummy] to shreds. The dogman takes the torso while the beast takes the legs. The man will occasionally twitch and spit blood [water] at guests. as guests are distracted a prisoner with a knife saying " you don't deserve to live". 19 Hemingway Lane - here you are transported to a neighborhood. Here you find a news truck flipped over blocking your path. As you traverse the neighborhood multiple skinwalkers will pop out from behind multiple bushes scaring guests. As guests near the exit a car taken over by the hairy hands trying to run you over. Carey Skyline - you are now at the top floor of a skyscraper. Here out the open window is red [projection] peering over you with it’s black eyes. It then roars at guests spraying saliva [water and air] at guests. The roar gets the monsters attention as every monster from previous rooms try and get guests for one last scare.
  24. Twilight59

    Ok man i'm just gonna be patient for the creepypasta monster house idea.
  25. themazethinker

    patience my friend
  26. Twilight59

    Ok just checking also are you done yet with the monster creepypasta house idea?
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